Sal Rendino

Sal Rendino Filmography

movie 2014 25 as A. Eichmann
movie 2014 Lazarus Rising as Dallen
movie 2014 Pinwheel as Jacob
movie 2014 Respect the Jux as Cptn. Anderson
movie 2014 Tangled 8 as Vincent Anthony Conti
movie 2014 What You Sow as Frank
movie 2013 A Different Night as Isaac Hartman
movie 2013 Alone in the Dark as Dr. Thornton
movie 2013 An Inappropriate Affect as The Great Staggali
movie 2013 Guard as Dad
movie 2012 A Dangerous Place as Greenfield
movie 2012 Blue Collar Boys as Detective Reilly
movie 2012 Devoured as Henry
movie 2012 Flush as Charlie
movie 2012 The Perfect Wedding as Zach
movie 2011 Grave Encounter as Otis
movie 2011 Under Jakob's Ladder as Bruno
movie 2010 Code Blue as Kowalski
movie 2010 The Sandman as Dr. Soloman
movie 2009 Across Dot Ave. as Owen Laughlin
movie 2009 Blood Night as Mary's Dad
movie 2009 The Sunset Sky as 'Cowboy'
movie 2008 Clan McCormack as Brian McCormack
movie 2008 Drifter as The Stranger
movie 2006 Leaving L.A. as Grady
video movie 2003 'Weird Al' Yankovic: The Ultimate Video Collection as John Wayne Bobbit - Headline News
movie 2002 The Moment After as Ned
movie 2002 Two Altercations as Policeman
movie 2001 Squint as Smiley
movie 1999 Trippin' as College Recruiter
movie 1997 Movies 'Til Dawn as Cabbie
movie 1997 Volcano as Chuck
video movie 1996 'Weird Al' Yankovic: The Videos as John Wayne Bobbit
video movie 1996 Bad Hair Day: The Videos as John Wayne Bobbit
movie 1996 Kissing a Dream as Keith
movie 1994 Renaissance Man as Laundry Private #2
movie 1992 Miami Beach Cops as Jeff Rodgers

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