Sally Kirkland

Sally Kirkland (born October 31, 1941) is an American film and television actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Sally Kirkland Filmography

movie 2015 Evil Voices as Alfreda Puckett
movie 2015 The Garden Left Behind
tv movie 2014 All I Want for Christmas as Gwen
movie 2014 Buddy Hutchins as Bertha
movie 2014 Mystical Traveler as Herself
movie 2014 Suburban Gothic as Virginia
movie 2014 Tom in America as Betty
movie 2013 Awakened as Harriet Bendi
movie 2013 Killing Happy as Rose
movie 2013 The Visitor from Planet Omicron as Jen
tv series 2013 Bennington Gothique as Grand Wentworth
movie 2012 Archaeology of a Woman as Margaret
movie 2012 Broken Roads as Mrs. Wallace
movie 2012 Curse of the Sunset Starlet as Gigi
movie 2012 Midnight Scorpion as Grandma Diana
movie 2012 Posey as Posey
movie 2012 Stars in Shorts as Madame Ulaila
movie 2011 A Bag of Hammers as Older Jewish Lady
tv movie 2011 Actors Anonymous as Sally Kirkland
movie 2011 African Chelsea as Anna
movie 2011 Among the Rugged Peaks as Narrator
movie 2011 Division III: Football's Finest as Crystal Vice
movie 2011 Hoarders: Untold Stories Tori as Hoarding Specialist
movie 2011 Jack the Reaper as Harold's Nana
movie 2011 The Last Gamble as Sally
movie 2011 The Wayshower as Jeena
movie 2011 The Wish Makers of West Hollywood as Mary
movie 2011 When Sally Met Rascal... as Sally
video movie 2010 Flexing with Monty as Lillith
movie 2010 House Under Siege as Pat Mazur
movie 2010 Lights Out as Rose
movie 2010 Not Your Time as Madame Ulaila
movie 2010 Urgency as Mediator
movie 2010 Wish Makers of West Hollywood as Mary
movie 2009 Come What May as Gloria Wellington
video movie 2009 Comedy Is Pain as Herself
movie 2009 Devil's Land as Sarah Murphy
video movie 2009 Devil's Land: The Making as Herself
movie 2009 Film Hustle as Herself
video movie 2009 Odds & Ends as Herself
movie 2009 Redemption as Mrs. Allport
movie 2009 Remembering Nigel as Herself
movie 2009 Secrets of Life as Herself
movie 2009 Who Are You as Queen
movie 2008 Bald as Mrs. Elise Stern
movie 2008 Oak Hill as Elizabeth St. James
movie 2008 Richard III as Queen Margaret
tv movie 2008 Stand Up to Cancer as Herself
movie 2008 The Ear of the Beholder as Marlena
movie 2007 Big Stan as Madame Foreman
movie 2007 Blind Spot as Penelope Denmore
movie 2007 Resurrection Mary as Lois
movie 2007 Spiritual Warriors as Realtor
video movie 2007 The Brewing of Coffee Date as Herself
movie 2006 A-List as Olga
movie 2006 Coffee Date as Mrs. Muller
movie 2006 Factory Girl as Grandma Sedgwick
movie 2006 Fingerprints as Mary
movie 2006 Hollywood Dreams as Minster at Wedding
movie 2006 Mothers and Daughters as Nana
movie 2006 Off the Black as Marianne Reynolds
movie 2006 The Big Red Cotton Show as Fanny Kirkwater
movie 2005 Adam & Steve as Mary
movie 2005 Chandler Hall as Sally
movie 2005 Encore as Iris
movie 2005 Me and Graham: The Soundtrack of Our Lives as Herself
movie 2005 Neo Ned as Shelly Nelson
movie 2005 What's Up, Scarlet? as Ruth Zabrinski
tv movie 2004 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards as Herself
movie 2004 An Eye for an Eye as Rachel
movie 2004 Bloodlines as Joyce
movie 2004 Mango Kiss as Emilia
tv movie 2003 9th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards as Herself
movie 2003 Bruce Almighty as Anita
tv movie 2003 The Award Show Awards Show as Herself
tv movie 2002 Another Pretty Face as Sylvie Tucker
video movie 2002 Boxer Shorts as Raissa
movie 2002 It's All About You as Herself
tv movie 2002 Night of the Wolf as Rose Handy
tv movie 2002 ShirleyMania as Herself
tv movie 2002 Still Cher as Herself
movie 2002 The Rose Technique as Helen
movie 2002 Wish You Were Dead as Penelope Wilson
tv series 2002 The Clint Howard Variety Show as Herself
movie 2001 A Month of Sundays as Katherine St. Croix
movie 2001 Audit as Raissa
movie 2001 Circuit as Club Cashier
movie 2001 Out of the Black as Elizabeth Malby
movie 2001 Thank You, Good Night as Doreen
tv movie 2000 Another Woman's Husband as Roxie
movie 2000 Men Named Milo, Women Named Greta as Herself
movie 2000 The Boys Behind the Desk
movie 1999 Edtv as Jeanette
video movie 1999 Edtv: Caught in the Camera's Eye as Herself
movie 1999 Starry Night as Detective Brook Murphy
movie 1999 Twinkle Toes
tv movie 1998 Brave New World as Linda
movie 1998 Paranoia as Dr. Kurtzwell
movie 1998 The Island as Marilyn Monroe
movie 1998 Wilbur Falls as Roberta Devereaux
movie 1997 Amnesia as Charlene Hunt
movie 1997 Excess Baggage as Louise
movie 1997 Little Ghost as Mother Ghost
movie 1997 Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's as Herself
tv movie 1997 The Westing Game as Sydelle Pulaski
tv movie 1996 The 10th Annual American Comedy Awards as Herself
tv series 1996 Women: Stories of Passion
movie 1995 Guns and Lipstick as Danielle Roberts
tv movie 1994 Golden Globes 50th Anniversary Celebration as Herself
tv movie 1993 Comic Relief: Baseball Relief '93 as Herself
tv movie 1993 Double Deception as Anita Cortez
movie 1993 Double Threat as Monica Martel
movie 1993 Eye of the Stranger as Lori
movie 1993 Forever as Angelica
movie 1993 Gunmen as Bennett
movie 1993 Paper Hearts as Jenny
tv movie 1993 The 53th Annual Golden Apple Awards as Herself
movie 1993 The Black Cat
tv movie 1993 The Woman Who Loved Elvis as Sandee
movie 1992 Blast 'Em
tv movie 1992 Circus of the Stars and Sideshow as Herself
tv movie 1992 Double Jeopardy as Detective Phyllis Camden
movie 1992 Hit the Dutchman as Emma Flegenheimer
tv movie 1992 In a New Light: A Call to Action in the War Against AIDS as Herself
movie 1992 In the Heat of Passion as Lee Adams
video movie 1992 Oscar's Greatest Moments as Herself
movie 1992 Our Hollywood Education as Herself
movie 1992 Primary Motive as Helen Poulas
movie 1992 Stringer as Joan
tv movie 1992 The 21th Annual Friends of Tel Hashomer Gala as Herself
tv movie 1992 The 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards as Herself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV
tv movie 1992 The Bulkin Trail as Selma Bulkin
movie 1992 The Player as Herself
movie 1991 JFK as Rose Cheramie
movie 1991 Schneewei├črosenrot as Herself
tv movie 1991 The Haunted as Janet Smurl
tv series 1991 Harvey Shine Presents as Herself
movie 1990 Bullseye! as Willie
tv movie 1990 Commitment to Life IV: Los Angeles AIDS Project Benefit as Herself
movie 1990 Due occhi diabolici as Eleonora
tv movie 1990 Heat Wave as Mrs. Canfield
tv movie 1990 Largo Desolato
movie 1990 Paint It Black as Marion Easton
movie 1990 Revenge as Rock Star
tv movie 1990 Steel Magnolias as Truvy Jones
movie 1990 Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol as Herself
movie 1989 Best of the Best as Catherine Wade
movie 1989 Cold Feet as Maureen
movie 1989 High Stakes as Bambi
tv movie 1989 The 6th Annual American Cinema Awards as Herself
movie 1989 White Hot as Harriet
tv movie 1988 Hello Actors Studio as Herself
tv movie 1988 The 45th Annual Golden Globe Awards as Herself - Winner: Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama
tv movie 1988 The 60th Annual Academy Awards as Herself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Leading Role
movie 1987 Anna as Anna
movie 1987 Talking Walls as Hooker
movie 1984 Fatal Games as Diane Paine
tv movie 1984 Summer as Mother
movie 1983 A Rose for Emily as Gossip
movie 1983 Double Exposure as Hooker
movie 1983 Love Letters as Sally
movie 1982 Human Highway as Kathryn
movie 1982 Savannah Smiles
movie 1981 The Incredible Shrinking Woman as Store Cashier
movie 1980 Private Benjamin as Helga
tv movie 1980 The Georgia Peaches as Vivian Stark
tv movie 1980 Willow B: Women in Prison as Kate Stewart
movie 1979 Hometown U.S.A. as Gwen
movie 1979 La ilegal as Don Tony's Girlfriend
movie 1977 Flush as Janet
tv movie 1977 Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model? as Della Bianco
movie 1977 Tracks as Train Passenger
movie 1976 A Star Is Born as Photographer
tv movie 1976 Griffin and Phoenix as Jody
movie 1976 Pipe Dreams as Two Street Betty
movie 1975 Bite the Bullet as Honey
movie 1975 Breakheart Pass as Jane-Marie
movie 1975 Crazy Mama as Ella Mae
tv movie 1975 Death Scream as Mary
tv movie 1975 The Kansas City Massacre as Wilma Floyd
movie 1975 The Noah as Friday-Anne
movie 1974 Big Bad Mama as Barney's Woman
movie 1974 Blazing Saddles as Cashier
movie 1974 Candy Stripe Nurses as Wife in Clinic
movie 1973 Blume in Love as Party Guest
movie 1973 Cinderella Liberty as Fleet Chick
movie 1973 The Sting as Crystal
movie 1973 The Way We Were as Pony Dunbar
movie 1973 The Young Nurses as Woman at Clinic
movie 1971 Going Home as Ann Graham
movie 1971 Jump as Lou
movie 1970 Brand X as Patient
movie 1969 Coming Apart as Joann
movie 1969 Futz as Merry Lee
movie 1968 Blue as Sarah Lambert
tv movie 1968 Fade-In as Herself
movie 1964 The 13 Most Beautiful Women as Beautiful Woman
tv series 1963 General Hospital as Brenda
movie 1961 Hey, Let's Twist! as Dancer
movie 1960 Crack in the Mirror as Bit Part
movie Alice Stands Up as Alice

Sally Kirkland on Youtube

Sally starring in probably her steamiest and hottest role.

This is a trailer of award-winning filmmaker Ray Arthur Wang's "When Sally Met Rascal...", starring Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland and Rascal The World's Ugli...

Sally Kirkland as a rockstar in short black leather dress.

A trailer for the Action International Pictures movie Double Threat (1993) Starring Sally Kirkland, Andrew Stevens, Anthony Franciosa, Richard Lynch, Sherrie...