Sam Hardy

Samuel (Sam) Hardy was a former England-international (football) goalkeeper. ... more on Wikipedia

Sam Hardy Filmography

movie 1935 Break of Hearts as Marx
movie 1935 Hooray for Love as Mr. Ganz - aka Abbey
movie 1935 Powdersmoke Range as Big Steve Ogden
movie 1935 Man on the Flying Trapeze
movie 1934 Aunt Sally as Michael 'King' Kelly
movie 1934 I Give My Love as Pogey
movie 1934 Little Miss Marker as Benny the Gouge
movie 1934 Night Alarm as Editor Stephen Caldwell
movie 1934 The Gay Bride as Daniel J. Dingle
movie 1934 The Hollywood Gad-About as Weight Guesser
movie 1934 Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round as Jack Summers
movie 1933 Ann Vickers as Russell Spaulding
movie 1933 Curtain at Eight as Martin Gallagher - Captain of Detectives
movie 1933 Face in the Sky as Triplet The Great
movie 1933 Goldie Gets Along as Sam Muldoon
movie 1933 King Kong as Charles Weston
movie 1933 Stolen by Gypsies or Beer and Bicycles as Sinclair Sable
movie 1933 The Big Brain as Slick Ryan
movie 1933 Three Cornered Moon as Hawkins
movie 1932 Make Me a Star as Jeff Baird
movie 1932 Rule 'Em and Weep as King Frenzi
movie 1932 The Dark Horse as Mr. Black
movie 1932 The Phantom of Crestwood as Pete Harris
movie 1931 Annabelle's Affairs as James Ludgate
movie 1931 Framed!
movie 1931 June Moon as Sam Hart
movie 1931 Kane Meets Abel
movie 1931 Peach-O-Reno as Judge Jackson
movie 1931 The Champion
movie 1931 The Lady Killer
movie 1931 The Magnificent Lie as Larry
movie 1931 The Millionaire as McCoy
movie 1931 The Miracle Woman as Bob Hornsby
movie 1930 All for a Lady
movie 1930 Borrowed Wives as G.W. Parker
movie 1930 Burning Up as Windy 'Wally' Wallace
movie 1930 Hammer and Tongs
movie 1930 Kid Roberts
movie 1930 Reno as J.B. Berkley
movie 1930 Song of the West as Davolo
movie 1930 The Comeback
movie 1930 The Florodora Girl as Fontaine
movie 1930 The Knockout
movie 1930 The Leather Pushers
movie 1930 The Mardi Gras
movie 1930 True to the Navy as Brady
movie 1930 You Said It, Sailor
movie 1929 A Man's Man as Charlie
movie 1929 Acquitted as Frank Egan
movie 1929 Big News as Joe Reno
movie 1929 Dear Vivian as Sam
movie 1929 Fast Company as Dave Walker
movie 1929 Mexicali Rose as Happy Manning
movie 1929 On with the Show! as Jerry
movie 1929 Rainbow Man as Doc Hardy
movie 1929 The Rainbow as Derbyy Scanlon
movie 1929 When Caesar Ran a Newspaper
movie 1928 Burning Up Broadway as Spike
movie 1928 Diamond Handcuffs as Spike
movie 1928 Give and Take as Industrialist
movie 1928 Outcast as Jack
movie 1928 The Big Noise as Philip Hurd
movie 1928 The Butter and Egg Man as Joe Lehman
movie 1928 The Night Bird as Gleason
movie 1928 Turn Back the Hours as 'Ace' Kearney
movie 1927 A Texas Steer as Brassy Gall
movie 1927 Broadway Nights as Johnny Fay
movie 1927 High Hat as Tony
movie 1927 Orchids and Ermine as Hank
movie 1927 The Life of Riley as Al Montague
movie 1927 The Perfect Sap as Nick Fanshaw
movie 1926 Prince of Tempters as Apollo Beneventa
movie 1926 The Great Deception as Handy
movie 1926 The Savage as Managing Editor
movie 1925 Bluebeard's Seven Wives as Gindelheim
movie 1925 The Half-Way Girl as Jardine
movie 1925 When Love Grows Cold as William Graves
movie 1923 Little Old New York as Cornelius Vanderbilt
movie 1923 Mighty Lak' a Rose as Jerome Trevor
movie 1922 The Recoil
movie 1922 The Scourge
movie 1921 Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford as J. Rufus Wallingford
movie 1919 Almost Married as Lt. James 'Jim' Winthrop, Jr.
movie 1919 His Father's Wife as Lieutenant James 'Jim' Winthrop Jr.
movie 1918 A Woman's Experience as George Roydant
movie 1918 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Simon Legree
movie 1917 At First Sight as Hartly Poole
movie 1915 Judy Forgot as Freddy
movie 1915 Over Night as Percy Darling

Sam Hardy on Youtube

Thu Vlog ! In this Vlog I talk about: --- World War Z Trailer - --- Tom Hardy to play Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell Movie --- Transformer...

Sam's 1st fight at Pro-B against Steve Trembath at Samurai Fight Night.

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