Sam Newfield

Sam Newfield Filmography

movie 1964 The Long Rifle and the Tomahawk
movie 1958 Flaming Frontier
movie 1958 Wolf Dog
movie 1957 Along the Mohawk Trail
movie 1957 The Pathfinder and the Mohican
tv series 1957 Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans
movie 1956 The Wild Dakotas
movie 1956 Frontier Gambler
movie 1956 The Three Outlaws
movie 1955 Last of the Desperados
movie 1955 Thunder Over Sangoland
movie 1952 The Gambler and the Lady
movie 1952 Lady in the Fog
movie 1952 Outlaw Women
movie 1951 Fingerprints Don't Lie
movie 1951 Leave It to the Marines
movie 1951 Lost Continent
movie 1951 Mask of the Dragon
movie 1951 Skipalong Rosenbloom
movie 1951 Sky High
movie 1951 Three Desperate Men
movie 1950 Hi-Jacked
movie 1950 Motor Patrol
movie 1950 Radar Secret Service
movie 1950 Western Pacific Agent
movie 1949 State Department: File 649
movie 1949 Wild Weed
movie 1948 Lady at Midnight
movie 1948 Miraculous Journey
movie 1948 Money Madness
movie 1948 The Counterfeiters
movie 1948 The Strange Mrs. Crane
movie 1947 Adventure Island
movie 1947 Jungle Flight
movie 1947 The Sea Hound
movie 1947 Three on a Ticket
movie 1946 Fight That Ghost
movie 1946 House-Rent Party
movie 1946 Blonde for a Day
movie 1946 Gas House Kids
movie 1946 Gentlemen with Guns
movie 1946 Ghost of Hidden Valley
movie 1946 Lady Chaser
movie 1946 Larceny in Her Heart
movie 1946 Mantan Messes Up
movie 1946 Murder Is My Business
movie 1946 Outlaws of the Plains
movie 1946 Overland Riders
movie 1946 Prairie Badmen
movie 1946 Queen of Burlesque
movie 1946 Terrors on Horseback
movie 1946 The Flying Serpent
movie 1945 Apology for Murder
movie 1945 Border Badmen
movie 1945 Fighting Bill Carson
movie 1945 Gangster's Den
movie 1945 His Brother's Ghost
movie 1945 Lightning Raiders
movie 1945 Prairie Rustlers
movie 1945 Rustlers' Hideout
movie 1945 Shadows of Death
movie 1945 Stagecoach Outlaws
movie 1945 The Kid Sister
movie 1945 The Lady Confesses
movie 1945 White Pongo
movie 1944 Frontier Outlaws
movie 1944 Fuzzy Settles Down
movie 1944 I Accuse My Parents
movie 1944 Nabonga
movie 1944 Oath of Vengeance
movie 1944 Swing Hostess
movie 1944 The Contender
movie 1944 The Drifter
movie 1944 The Monster Maker
movie 1944 Thundering Gun Slingers
movie 1944 Valley of Vengeance
movie 1944 Wild Horse Phantom
movie 1943 My Son, the Hero
movie 1943 Blazing Frontier
movie 1943 Cattle Stampede
movie 1943 Danger! Women at Work
movie 1943 Dead Men Walk
movie 1943 Death Rides the Plains
movie 1943 Devil Riders
movie 1943 Fugitive of the Plains
movie 1943 Harvest Melody
movie 1943 Raiders of Red Gap
movie 1943 The Black Raven
movie 1943 The Kid Rides Again
movie 1943 The Renegade
movie 1943 Tiger Fangs
movie 1943 Western Cyclone
movie 1943 Wild Horse Rustlers
movie 1943 Wolves of the Range
movie 1942 Along the Sundown Trail
movie 1942 Billy the Kid Trapped
movie 1942 Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns
movie 1942 Border Roundup
movie 1942 Jungle Siren
movie 1942 Law and Order
movie 1942 Outlaws of Boulder Pass
movie 1942 Overland Stagecoach
movie 1942 Prairie Pals
movie 1942 Queen of Broadway
movie 1942 Raiders of the West
movie 1942 Rolling Down the Great Divide
movie 1942 Sheriff of Sage Valley
movie 1942 Texas Man Hunt
movie 1942 The Lone Rider and the Bandit
movie 1942 The Lone Rider in Cheyenne
movie 1942 The Lone Rider in Texas Justice
movie 1942 The Mad Monster
movie 1942 The Mysterious Rider
movie 1942 Tumbleweed Trail
movie 1941 Billy the Kid in Santa Fe
movie 1941 Billy the Kid Wanted
movie 1941 Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals
movie 1941 Billy the Kid's Range War
movie 1941 Billy the Kid's Round-Up
movie 1941 Outlaws of the Rio Grande
movie 1941 The Lone Rider Ambushed
movie 1941 The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio
movie 1941 The Lone Rider Fights Back
movie 1941 The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury
movie 1941 The Lone Rider in Ghost Town
movie 1941 The Lone Rider Rides On
movie 1941 The Texas Marshal
movie 1940 Am I Guilty?
movie 1940 Arizona Gang Busters
movie 1940 Billy the Kid in Texas
movie 1940 Billy the Kid Outlawed
movie 1940 Billy the Kid's Gun Justice
movie 1940 Frontier Crusader
movie 1940 Gun Code
movie 1940 Hold That Woman!
movie 1940 I Take This Oath
movie 1940 Marked Men
movie 1940 Riders of Black Mountain
movie 1940 Secrets of a Model
movie 1940 Texas Renegades
movie 1940 The Sagebrush Family Trails West
movie 1939 Six-Gun Rhythm
movie 1939 Code of the Cactus
movie 1939 Death Rides the Range
movie 1939 Fighting Mad
movie 1939 Flaming Lead
movie 1939 Hitler - Beast of Berlin
movie 1939 Outlaws' Paradise
movie 1939 Straight Shooter
movie 1939 Texas Wildcats
movie 1939 The Fighting Renegade
movie 1939 The Invisible Killer
movie 1939 Trigger Fingers
movie 1939 Trigger Pals
movie 1938 Code of the Rangers
movie 1938 Crashing Through Danger
movie 1938 Desert Patrol
movie 1938 Durango Valley Raiders
movie 1938 Frontier Scout
movie 1938 Gunsmoke Trail
movie 1938 Knight of the Plains
movie 1938 Lightning Carson Rides Again
movie 1938 Paroled - To Die
movie 1938 Phantom Ranger
movie 1938 Six-Gun Trail
movie 1938 Songs and Bullets
movie 1938 The Feud Maker
movie 1938 The Rangers' Round-Up
movie 1938 The Terror of Tiny Town
movie 1938 Thunder in the Desert
movie 1937 A Lawman Is Born
movie 1937 Arizona Gunfighter
movie 1937 Bar-Z Bad Men
movie 1937 Boothill Brigade
movie 1937 Colorado Kid
movie 1937 Doomed at Sundown
movie 1937 Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin
movie 1937 Guns in the Dark
movie 1937 Harlem on the Prairie
movie 1937 Lightnin' Crandall
movie 1937 Melody of the Plains
movie 1937 Moonlight on the Range
movie 1937 Ridin' the Lone Trail
movie 1937 The Fighting Deputy
movie 1937 The Gambling Terror
movie 1937 Trail of Vengeance
movie 1936 Aces and Eights
movie 1936 Border Caballero
movie 1936 Burning Gold
movie 1936 Federal Agent
movie 1936 Ghost Patrol
movie 1936 Go-Get-'Em, Haines
movie 1936 Lightnin' Bill Carson
movie 1936 Roarin' Guns
movie 1936 Roarin' Lead
movie 1936 Stormy Trails
movie 1936 The Lion's Den
movie 1936 The Traitor
movie 1935 Branded a Coward
movie 1935 Bulldog Courage
movie 1935 Code of the Mounted
movie 1935 Northern Frontier
movie 1935 Racing Luck
movie 1935 Thoroughbred
movie 1935 Timber War
movie 1935 Trails of the Wild
movie 1935 You Can Be Had
movie 1934 Just We Two
movie 1934 Picnic Perils
movie 1934 Beggar's Holiday
movie 1934 Marrying Widows
movie 1934 Undercover Men
movie 1933 Big Time or Bust
movie 1933 Reform Girl
movie 1933 The Important Witness
movie 1933 Under Secret Orders
movie 1932 Oh! My Operation
movie 1931 Wedding Belles
movie 1930 All Wet
movie 1930 Fellow Students
movie 1930 French Leave
movie 1930 Her Bashful Beau
movie 1930 Peek-A-Boo
movie 1930 She's a He
movie 1930 Sid's Long Count
movie 1930 The Beauty Parade
movie 1929 Buster's Choice
movie 1929 Buster's Spooks
movie 1929 Chaperons
movie 1929 Delivering the Goods
movie 1929 Have Patience
movie 1929 Magic
movie 1929 Night Owls
movie 1929 Out at Home
movie 1929 She's a Pippin
movie 1929 Stop Barking
movie 1929 Take Your Pick
movie 1929 The Newlyweds' Visit
movie 1929 This Way Please
movie 1929 Tige's Girl Friend
movie 1929 Too Many Women
movie 1928 Big Game George
movie 1928 Buster Minds the Baby
movie 1928 Buster Trims Up
movie 1928 Busting Buster
movie 1928 George Meets George
movie 1928 George's False Alarm
movie 1928 George's School Daze
movie 1928 Good Scout Buster
movie 1928 Halfback Buster
movie 1928 High Flyin' George
movie 1928 Man of Letters
movie 1928 Sailor George
movie 1928 She's My Girl
movie 1928 Teacher's Pest
movie 1928 Watch the Birdie
movie 1928 Watch, George!
movie 1928 When George Hops
movie 1927 A Gym Dandy
movie 1927 All Wet
movie 1927 Ask Dad
movie 1927 Auntie's Ante
movie 1927 Jane's Sleuth
movie 1927 My Mistake
movie 1927 On Deck
movie 1927 On Furlough
movie 1927 Rushing Business
movie 1927 The Disordered Orderly
movie 1927 What an Excuse
movie 1927 What's Your Hurry?
movie 1926 Jane's Engagement Party
movie 1926 Jane's Predicament
movie 1926 Please Excuse Me
movie 1926 Which Is Which?

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