Sam Williams

Sam Williams Filmography

video movie 1998 Young Hercules as Charioteer
tv movie 1994 Where Angels Tread
movie 1993 Desperate Remedies as Maori Warrior
movie 1990 Any Man's Death as Abselom
movie 1989 Moonstalker as Female Deputy
movie 1988 Back to Freedom as Bus Driver
movie 1988 Headhunter as Samuel Juru
movie 1988 Tusks as Poacher
movie 1985 King Solomon's Mines as Scragga
movie 1985 Morenga as Johannes Christian
movie 1982 Safari 3000 as Dirty Hahurry
movie 1982 Victor Victoria as Chorus Boy
movie 1979 Game for Vultures as Schooteacher
movie 1979 King Solomon's Treasure as High Priest
movie 1978 Slavers as Otschola
movie 1976 Albino as Katchemu
movie 1974 Funeral for an Assassin as Umzinga

Sam Williams on Youtube

'Evie.', official trailer (2014) Enjoy :)

The first song from the set Sam Williams & The Flock Of Bats played for Indie Kitchen. Indie Kitchen homepage: Facebook: https://ww...

Mr. Rodriguez Candide trailer 2013 Samantha Jackson Phillip Isabella.