Samantha Phillips

Samantha Phillips (born 25 February 1966) is an American actress, talk-show host, reality TV host, radio DJ, producer, high-fashion model, popular pin-up girl, and spokesmodel. The name Sam Phillips became a registered service mark in 2008. ... more on Wikipedia

Samantha Phillips Filmography

movie 2013 Hit It as Helena
tv movie 2013 Warning: Men Thinking
tv movie 2009 Busty Cops: Protect and Serve!
tv movie 2008 The Lusty Busty Babe-a-que
video movie 2006 Busty Cops 2
video movie 2005 Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade as Interviewer, End Credits
tv series 2005 Xtreme Fakeovers as Host
video movie 2004 Busty Cops as Interviewer During Closing Credits
video movie 2003 Bare Wench Project: Uncensored as Sam
video movie 2003 Cheerleader Massacre as Officer Phillips
video movie 2003 Rock n' Roll Cops 2: The Adventure Begins as Ophelia
video movie 2003 Treasure Hunt as Sam
tv movie 2002 Behind Closed Doors as Host Herself
movie 2001 Perfect Fit as Girl in bar
video movie 2001 The Bare Wench Project 2: Scared Topless as Sam
video movie 2001 The Regina Pierce Affair as Connie
movie 2000 Passion's Obsession as Angela Moore
movie 2000 Sex Files: Erotic Possessions as Linda
tv series 2000 Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus as Host
movie 1999 Andromina: The Pleasure Planet as Mabel
movie 1999 Armageddon Boulevard as Kid AllMedia
movie 1999 Eve's Beach Fantasy as Beach Model
movie 1999 Scandal: On the Other Side as Melinda Ross
video movie 1999 The Escort III as Lady Cop #1
movie 1998 Butter as Dina
tv series 1998 Sexcetera
movie 1997 Fallen Angel as Michelle
movie 1997 Hollywood Cops as Cop Dancer
movie 1997 Menno's Mind as Candy the Resort's Whore
movie 1997 Moonbase as Gorgeous Woman
movie 1994 Angel 4: Undercover as Jade
video movie 1994 Penthouse: 25th Anniversary Swimsuit Video as Herself
video movie 1994 Penthouse: Party with the Pets as Herself
movie 1994 Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead as Alchemy
movie 1994 Sexual Malice as Nicole
movie 1994 The Dallas Connection as Samantha Maxx
video movie 1993 Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar as Miss September
movie 1993 Weekend at Bernie's II as Pretty Young Thing
tv movie 1992 Casino as Jamie McKenzie
movie 1992 Deceit as Eve Bendibuckle
movie 1992 Rescue Me as Cherie
movie 1992 Sex Crimes as Nevada
video movie 1991 Dollman as Tina
video movie 1991 Rock Video Girls as Herself
movie 1989 Sonny Boy as Wife
movie 1988 Phantasm II as Alchemy
movie 1987 Love Potion as Chrissy

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Phantasm 2 Trailer 1988 Director: Don Coscarelli Starring: Angus Scrimm, James Le Gros, Kenneth Tigar, Paula Irvine, Reggie Bannister, Samantha Phillips Offi ...

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This is a short "mock" trailer for an upcoming horror film, "WHAT IS GOING ON?" This uses traditionally "friendly" footage of family and children playing, an...

Hello, I'm Samantha Phillips. I'm an actress, 26 and live in Brighton, UK. This is my audition for the role of 'Poppy Rogers' in Neighbours. I hope you enjoy...