Sammy Brooks

Sammy Brooks (10 July 1891 ? 16 May 1951) was an American film actor. He appeared in 218 films between 1916 and 1938. ... more on Wikipedia

Sammy Brooks Filmography

movie 1938 Swiss Miss as Extra
movie 1937 Way Out West as Brushwood Gulch Citizen
movie 1936 On the Wrong Trek as Hitchhiker
movie 1936 Our Relations as Extra in Denker's Beer Garden
movie 1936 The Bohemian Girl as Gypsy Vagabond
movie 1933 Rhapsody in Brew
movie 1931 Catch as Catch Can as Little Wrestling Match Referee
movie 1931 Help Wanted, Female as Job Applicant
movie 1930 The Real McCoy as Hunter
movie 1929 Berth Marks as Short Train Passenger
movie 1929 Movie Night as Man in audience
movie 1929 Snappy Sneezer as Streetcar passenger
movie 1926 A Punch in the Nose
movie 1926 Bromo and Juliet as Bit Role
movie 1926 Dizzy Daddies as Minor Role
movie 1926 Don Key (Son of Burro)
movie 1926 Don't Butt In
movie 1926 Long Fliv the King
movie 1926 Madame Mystery
movie 1926 Never Too Old
movie 1926 Raggedy Rose as Undetermined Role
movie 1926 Say It with Babies
movie 1926 Should Husbands Pay?
movie 1926 The Merry Widower
movie 1926 The Old War-Horse
movie 1926 Thundering Fleas as Short Flea Circus Spectator
movie 1926 Wandering Papas as Construction Worker
movie 1926 Your Husband's Past
movie 1925 All Wool
movie 1925 Is Marriage the Bunk? as Photographer
movie 1925 Isn't Life Terrible?
movie 1925 Laughing Ladies
movie 1925 Looking for Sally as Blind man
movie 1925 Sherlock Sleuth
movie 1925 Should Sailors Marry?
movie 1925 Tame Men and Wild Women
movie 1925 The Rat's Knuckles as Blind man
movie 1925 Tol'able Romeo
movie 1925 Unfriendly Enemies
movie 1925 Whispering Lions as The Sheik
movie 1925 Whose Baby Are You? as Train Passenger
movie 1925 Wild Papa
movie 1924 A Ten-Minute Egg as Lobby Bystander
movie 1924 A Truthful Liar as Townsman
movie 1924 Brothers Under the Chin
movie 1924 Girl Shy as Short Train Passenger
movie 1924 Near Dublin as Barn dance musician
movie 1924 Our Congressman as Tour Bus Driver
movie 1924 Postage Due
movie 1924 Rupert of Hee Haw as Palace guard
movie 1924 Short Kilts as McHungry
movie 1924 Smithy as Man in Employment Line
movie 1924 The Cowboy Sheik
movie 1924 The Poor Fish as Balloon man
movie 1924 Wide Open Spaces
movie 1924 Zeb vs. Paprika
movie 1923 A Man About Town as Minor Role
movie 1923 Before the Public as On Lantern Slide
movie 1923 Bowled Over
movie 1923 Collars and Cuffs as Laundry Worker
movie 1923 For Safe Keeping as Jailer
movie 1923 Frozen Hearts as The general's second
movie 1923 It's a Joy!
movie 1923 Jailed and Bailed
movie 1923 Kill or Cure as Short non-customer
movie 1923 Oranges and Lemons as Worker
movie 1923 Pick and Shovel as Miner
movie 1923 Post No Bills
movie 1923 Scorching Sands
movie 1923 Take the Air
movie 1923 The Champeen as Fruit stand vendor
movie 1923 The Noon Whistle as A millworker
movie 1923 The Smile Wins
movie 1923 The Soilers
movie 1923 The Uncovered Wagon as Runt
movie 1923 The Walkout as The Boss
movie 1923 Tight Shoes
movie 1923 Under Two Jags as Gunner
movie 1922 Blaze Away
movie 1922 Grandma's Boy as Townsman
movie 1922 Loose Change
movie 1922 Shine 'em Up! as Justice of the Peace
movie 1922 Stage Struck
movie 1922 Take Next Car
movie 1922 The Anvil Chorus as One of Marie's Brothers
movie 1922 The Bride-to-Be
movie 1922 The Dumb-Bell as Short actor playing doctor
movie 1922 The Landlubber
movie 1922 The Sleuth
movie 1921 Among Those Present as Guest
movie 1921 At the Ringside as Corner man
movie 1921 Big Game
movie 1921 High Rollers as Skater
movie 1921 Name the Day as Wedding attendee
movie 1921 Now or Never as Short Man on Train
movie 1921 Oh, Promise Me
movie 1921 On Their Way
movie 1921 Rush Orders as Minor Role
movie 1921 Shake 'Em Up as Soldier
movie 1921 Sink or Swim
movie 1921 Stop Kidding
movie 1921 Sweet By and By
movie 1921 The Lucky Number
movie 1921 The Pickaninny
movie 1921 Whirl o' the West as Cowboy
movie 1920 Alias Aladdin
movie 1920 All Lit Up
movie 1920 An Eastern Westerner as Small Role
movie 1920 Any Old Port
movie 1920 Call a Taxi
movie 1920 Fresh Paint as Roman model
movie 1920 Go As You Please
movie 1920 Haunted Spooks
movie 1920 His Royal Slyness
movie 1920 Little Miss Jazz as Gallery visitor
movie 1920 Mamma's Boy
movie 1920 Number, Please? as Little Man in Telephone Booth
movie 1920 The Dippy Dentist as A Patient
movie 1920 The Sleepyhead
movie 1919 A Jazzed Honeymoon
movie 1919 A Sammy in Siberia as Short Soldier
movie 1919 All at Sea
movie 1919 Ask Father as Small Office Worker
movie 1919 At the Old Stage Door
movie 1919 Be My Wife
movie 1919 Before Breakfast
movie 1919 Billy Blazes, Esq.
movie 1919 Bumping Into Broadway
movie 1919 Captain Kidd's Kids as Small Pirate
movie 1919 Chop Suey & Co.
movie 1919 Count the Votes
movie 1919 Count Your Change
movie 1919 Crack Your Heels
movie 1919 Don't Shove as Party Guest
movie 1919 From Hand to Mouth
movie 1919 Going! Going! Gone!
movie 1919 He Leads, Others Follow
movie 1919 Heap Big Chief
movie 1919 His Only Father
movie 1919 I'm on My Way
movie 1919 Just Neighbors as Short Man in Bank
movie 1919 Look Out Below
movie 1919 Looking for Trouble as The champ's second
movie 1919 Love's Young Scream
movie 1919 Never Touched Me as Little Man
movie 1919 Next Aisle Over
movie 1919 Off the Trolley
movie 1919 On the Fire
movie 1919 Pay Your Dues
movie 1919 Pistols for Breakfast
movie 1919 Ring Up the Curtain as Troup Manager
movie 1919 Si, Senor
movie 1919 Soft Money
movie 1919 Spring Fever
movie 1919 Swat the Crook
movie 1919 The Floor Below
movie 1919 The Marathon
movie 1919 The Rajah
movie 1919 Wanted - $5,000
movie 1919 Young Mr. Jazz
movie 1918 A Gasoline Wedding
movie 1918 An Ozark Romance
movie 1918 Are Crooks Dishonest?
movie 1918 Beat It
movie 1918 Bees in His Bonnet
movie 1918 Fireman Save My Child
movie 1918 Follow the Crowd
movie 1918 Here Come the Girls
movie 1918 Hey There as Short Prop Man
movie 1918 Hit Him Again
movie 1918 It's a Wild Life
movie 1918 Kicked Out
movie 1918 Let's Go
movie 1918 Look Pleasant, Please
movie 1918 On the Jump
movie 1918 Pipe the Whiskers
movie 1918 She Loves Me Not
movie 1918 Sic 'Em, Towser
movie 1918 Somewhere in Turkey
movie 1918 Swing Your Partners
movie 1918 Take a Chance
movie 1918 The City Slicker
movie 1918 The Lamb
movie 1918 The Non-Stop Kid as Short bearded man
movie 1918 The Tip
movie 1918 Two-Gun Gussie
movie 1918 Why Pick on Me?
movie 1917 All Aboard as Midget crew member
movie 1917 Bashful
movie 1917 Birds of a Feather
movie 1917 Bliss as Short musician
movie 1917 By the Sad Sea Waves as Spectator at Beach
movie 1917 Clubs Are Trump
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke Loses Patients
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke's Honeymoon
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke's Lively Life
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke's Wild Women
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke, Lawyer
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke, Mechanic
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke, Messenger as Short messenger
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke, Plumber
movie 1917 Love, Laughs and Lather
movie 1917 Luke's Lost Liberty
movie 1917 Luke's Trolley Troubles
movie 1917 Move On
movie 1917 Over the Fence
movie 1917 Pinched
movie 1917 Rainbow Island
movie 1917 Step Lively
movie 1917 Stop! Luke! Listen!
movie 1917 The Big Idea
movie 1917 The Flirt
movie 1917 We Never Sleep
movie 1916 Luke and the Bang-Tails
movie 1916 Luke and the Mermaids
movie 1916 Luke Does the Midway
movie 1916 Luke Joins the Navy as Jewish man
movie 1916 Luke Laughs Last
movie 1916 Luke Locates the Loot
movie 1916 Luke Pipes the Pippins
movie 1916 Luke Rides Roughshod
movie 1916 Luke's Double
movie 1916 Luke's Fireworks Fizzle
movie 1916 Luke's Late Lunchers
movie 1916 Luke's Lost Lamb
movie 1916 Luke's Movie Muddle
movie 1916 Luke's Newsie Knockout
movie 1916 Luke's Preparedness Preparations
movie 1916 Luke's Shattered Sleep
movie 1916 Luke's Society Mixup
movie 1916 Luke's Speedy Club Life
movie 1916 Luke, Crystal Gazer
movie 1916 Luke, Patient Provider
movie 1916 Luke, Rank Impersonator
movie 1916 Luke, the Candy Cut-Up
movie 1916 Luke, the Chauffeur
movie 1916 Luke, the Gladiator

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