Sandy Foxx

Sandy Foxx Filmography

video movie 1993 Blue Vanities 192
movie 1981 Sunset Strip Girls
movie 1979 French Wives as Brunette Orgy Girl
movie 1977 Fantasy Club of America as Claudine
movie 1976 Gulp as Girl with Daniel
movie 1976 Teenage Beauties as Sandy
movie 1975 Assault of Innocence as Sandy
movie 1975 Baby Oil as Ambassador's Girl - Blue Dress
movie 1975 Satan Was a Lady as Ada
movie 1975 Slip Up as Stewardess Bubbies
movie 1975 SOS: Screw on the Screen as Sally
movie 1975 The Defiance of Good as Inmate
movie 1975 The Fireworks Woman as Orgy Girl
movie 1975 Wild Girls as Det. Lt. Kielbasi
movie 1974 A Touch of Genie as Girl in Fantasy
movie 1974 Angel Number 9 as Final Girl with Jeff
movie 1974 Certified Mail as The Lady Mailman
movie 1974 Lickity-Split as Trailer Girl - Darker Hair
movie 1974 Teenage Nurses as Nurse Lovelace
movie 1974 Teenage Step-mother as Sandi Guildenstern
movie 1974 The Blowhard as First Girl on Rug

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