Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin Filmography

movie 2014 My Eleventh
movie 2013 Ass Backwards as Qwen
movie 2013 Lovelace as Ticket Lady
movie 2012 Plan B as Van Driver
movie 2012 Seven Psychopaths as Tommy's Mother
movie 2012 Sunset Stories as Stu
movie 2011 I Love You Like Crazy as Nurse Dottie Dirty Looks
movie 2010 Annie in the Aisle of Irma as Grams
movie 2010 Beneath the Dark as Colleen
movie 2010 Pickin' & Grinnin' as Aunt Katie
movie 2010 PSA: An Important Message from Women EVERYWHERE as Woman
movie 2009 Kisses Over Babylon as Clerk
movie 2009 My Suicide as Mrs. Ellis
movie 2008 Lower Learning as Olympia Parpadelle
movie 2008 Marley & Me as Lori
tv movie 2008 Speed Freaks as Cop
movie 2008 The Great Buck Howard as Female Hotel Worker
video movie 2006 Glitter in the Dirt: The Making of 'Sparkler' as Herself
movie 2006 Hot Tamale as Ed the Diner Cook
movie 2005 Adam & Steve as Biker Chick
movie 2004 Napoleon Dynamite as Grandma
video movie 2004 Napoleon Dynamite: Still Gallery as Herself
tv series 2003 Astro Boy tetsuwan atomu as Abercrombie
movie 2001 One Night at McCool's as Bingo Vendor Woman
tv movie 2001 Stranger Inside as Mrs. Johnny Cochran
movie 2000 Marlene as Louella Parsons
movie 1999 Jawbreaker as Nurse
movie 1998 Krippendorf's Tribe as Nurse
movie 1998 They Come at Night as Hazel
movie 1997 Guy
tv movie 1997 On the Line as Bartender #1
movie 1997 Sparkler as Ed
movie 1996 Female Perversions as Trudy
movie 1995 Above Suspicion as Waitress
tv movie 1995 Indictment: The McMartin Trial as Deputy Phyllis
movie 1994 China Moon as Gun Saleswoman
movie 1994 Speed as Bartender
movie 1991 Defenseless as Judge
tv movie 1988 Little Girl Lost as Violet Young
tv movie 1988 Police Story: Cop Killer as Mona Ramsey
movie 1987 Barfly as Janice
tv movie 1987 Convicted: A Mother's Story
tv movie 1987 Daddy as Ultrasound Receptionist
tv movie 1987 Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues as Mrs. Dickey
movie 1986 Extremities as Officer Sudow
movie 1986 Vendetta as Kay Butler
tv series 1986 Fresno as Middle Aged Woman
movie 1985 Real Genius as Mrs. Meredith
tv movie 1985 Suburban Beat as Contata
tv movie 1983 Carpool as Peggy Ryan
movie 1982 48 Hrs. as Policewoman
tv movie 1982 Farrell for the People as Newswoman
tv movie 1982 One Shoe Makes It Murder as Gloria
tv movie 1981 Sizzle as Freda's Assistant
tv movie 1981 The Patricia Neal Story as 1st Woman
tv series 1981 Another Life as Blair Simpson
tv movie 1978 The Gift of Love as Jan's Mother
movie 1977 2076 Olympiad as Shiela
movie 1977 False Face as Sandy
movie Low Grounds: The Portal

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