Sarah Buxton

Sarah Buxton Filmography

movie 2014 In Embryo as Cocktail Waitress
movie 2012 Y's Guys
movie 2009 Spread as Helen
movie 2008 Bedtime Stories as Hokey Pokey Woman
movie 2008 Japan as Red's muse
movie 2006 Little Children as Slutty Kay
movie 2005 Devil's Highway as Woman
tv movie 2005 McBride: It's Murder, Madam as Heather Bronson
video movie 2005 Today You Die as Agent Rachel Knowles
movie 2004 Sin's Kitchen as Lou
movie 2002 Drama Queen as Angie
movie 2001 Hollywood Digital Diaries as Herself
movie 1999 Dirty Down Under... Up Here
movie 1997 The Climb as Ruth Langer
movie 1996 Listen as Krista Barron
movie 1994 Cityscrapes: Los Angeles as Actress
video movie 1994 Fast Getaway II as Patrice
movie 1991 Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead as Tess
tv movie 1991 Pink Lightning as Tookie
movie 1991 Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever as Rita Mae
tv movie 1991 Seeds of Tragedy as Amy
movie 1990 Checkered Flag as Concierge
tv movie 1990 Exile as Karen
movie 1990 Instant Karma as Kathy
movie 1989 Nightmare Beach as Gail
movie 1988 Rage, furia primitiva as Debbie
movie 1987 Less Than Zero as Markie
movie 1985 The Sure Thing as Sharon
movie 1984 Lovelines as Cathy
movie 1984 Sam's Son as Cheer Leader #1

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Sarah Buxton's video "Innocence"

Sarah Buxton performs "Big Blue Sky" acoustically with Jedd Hughes. Order the album @ Want to download? Check out the deluxe ...

The US trailer for the Steven Seagal action film Today You Die, co-starring Anthony "Treach" Criss, Sarah Buxton, Mari Morrow, Robert Miano, Nick Mancuso, Ke ...