Sarah Collinge

Sarah Collinge Filmography

movie 2014 Westover as Cindy
movie 2013 Glass Eyes as Lilly Devore
video movie 2013 No Going Back
movie 2012 After School Club as Clare
movie 2012 Alex Was a Friend of Mine as June
movie 2012 Don't as Woman
movie 2012 Limbo as Mum
movie 2012 The Harsh Light of Day as Extra
movie 2012 Time in the Day as Jamie's Mum
movie 2011 Tick Tock as Train Passenger
movie 2010 Wannabee as DCI Allen

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HELP US FINISH GLASS EYES! Feature Film. Surreal Drama about a dysfunctional family who have a mysterious ...

Sarah Collinge as Courtney Cox.

Red Dress is a revenge based crime drama which follows the character of Sarah as she coping with the lose of her son and her raging alcohol addiction.