Sarah Garvey

Sarah Garvey Filmography

movie 2014 To Survive as Dead Body 1
video movie 2012 Your Milkman as Waitress
movie 2011 A Cadaver Christmas as Bar Witch Cadaver
movie 2011 Castle Siege as Lady Lisa
movie 2011 The Ballad of Barbara Allen as Beth Allen
movie 2009 Jessamine as Violet Lee
tv movie 2009 MegaFault as Jerry Blair

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Sunday - Day 2.

Reaction to missing the 90909 kickstarter by one! It went from 90908 to 90910! Somewhat disappointing, but cool to see Jason Dohring's reaction!

This is my dance for PD:08. These girls had 3 and a half rehearsals, and look how good they are!! Yay :)

Castle Siege - Episode 4 - The Long Journey Lord Parsley and his minions seek out the 'Sword of Silence' while Mage Zarcon sets his trap. Please Subscribe!