Sasha Gabor

"Sasha" Gabor Sarkozi (6 June 1945 - 27 June 2008) was a Hungarian-Norwegian pornographic actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Sasha Gabor Filmography

video movie 2007 Big City Sex
movie 2001 Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy as Himself
video movie 2000 American Bukkake 10
video movie 2000 The Gangbang 2000
video movie 1999 American Bukkake
video movie 1999 Still Insatiable as Party Extra
video movie 1999 The World's Biggest Gang Bang III - The Houston 620 as Himself
video movie 1998 Boogie Knights
video movie 1997 Cock Crazed Blondes
video movie 1995 The Hollywood Starlet Search
tv series 1995 Talking Blue
video movie 1993 Erotic Impulse 15 - 4-Way Fuck Fest
video movie 1992 Deep Inside Viviana
video movie 1992 The Good, the Bad, and the D-Cup
video movie 1991 40 the Hard Way as Husband 1
video movie 1991 Deep Throat V
video movie 1990 Anal Angels
movie 1990 As Cute as They Cum
movie 1990 Blame It on the Heat
movie 1990 Blue Heaven
movie 1990 Camera Shy
movie 1990 Heartless
movie 1990 Jungle Beaver
movie 1990 Ladies' Man as Sash
movie 1990 Making It Big
movie 1990 Money Honey
movie 1990 Night Watch
movie 1990 Playing the Field
movie 1990 Secret Obsession
video movie 1990 Sex and the Single Girl
video movie 1990 Sex Charades
video movie 1990 Sex Sluts in the Slammer as Governor
movie 1990 Space Virgins as Chip's Dad
video movie 1990 The Buttnicks
movie 1990 The Honeymoon: The Bride's Running Behind
movie 1990 Ticket to Ride
video movie 1990 Titillation 2: The More Than Equal Sequel
video movie 1989 Asspiring Actresses
movie 1989 Assuming the Position
movie 1989 Behind the Backdoor 3
video movie 1989 Best of Caught from Behind 3
video movie 1989 Cumshot Revue 5
video movie 1989 Dangerous
video movie 1989 Debbie Does Em' All #3
movie 1989 Deep in Deanna Jones
movie 1989 Dirty Diane
movie 1989 For Your Lips Only
video movie 1989 Making the Grade
movie 1989 Naturally Sweet
video movie 1989 No Man's Land 3 as Dr. Ginsberg
movie 1989 Once Upon a Time
video movie 1989 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Breast
movie 1989 One for the Road
movie 1989 Party in the Rear
movie 1989 Slumber Party
movie 1989 Tamara's Dreams
video movie 1989 The Big Gun as The Utilizer
video movie 1989 The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers as Himself
movie 1989 Up Up and Away as Walter Hibbel
video movie 1989 Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?: Part Two
movie 1988 Angel's Back! as Tommy
video movie 1988 Backdoor to Hollywood 4
video movie 1988 Best of Caught from Behind 2
video movie 1988 Booby Prize Volume 2
movie 1988 Caught from Behind 8 as Sex Surrogate Client
video movie 1988 Dreams in the Forbidden Zone
movie 1988 Erotic Rendezvous
movie 1988 Get Me While I'm Hot
video movie 1988 Kascha & Friends
video movie 1988 Magic Pool
video movie 1988 Pleasure Principle
video movie 1988 Soul Games
video movie 1987 Black Angel
movie 1987 Born for Love as Norbert
movie 1987 Born for Love 2
movie 1987 Deep Inside Rachel Ashley
video movie 1987 Flesh in Ecstasy 10: Dana Lynn
video movie 1987 Flesh in Ecstasy 6: Elle Rio
movie 1987 Hard to Handle
movie 1987 High Rollers
movie 1987 In Charm's Way
movie 1987 In Search of the Golden Bone as Raymond Hugley
video movie 1987 Party Animals
movie 1987 Peek-a-Boo
video movie 1987 Raising Hell
movie 1987 Street Heat as Bandit
movie 1987 Sweet Nothings
movie 1987 Tough Girls Don't Dance
movie 1987 Tracey and the Bandit
video movie 1987 Tracey's Love Chamber
video movie 1986 Anal Angels
movie 1986 Body Games
video movie 1986 Creamy Cheeks
video movie 1986 Dirty Harriet
movie 1986 Dressed to Thrill
movie 1986 E.X.
video movie 1986 Ebony Humpers
video movie 1986 Jane Bond Meets Thunderballs as Thunderballs
movie 1986 Love on the Borderline
movie 1986 Naughty Neighbors
movie 1986 Night Prowlers as Harry
video movie 1986 The Year of the Sex Dragon as Steve
movie 1986 Wild Nurses in Lust
video movie 1986 Immoral Majority
movie 1985 Amber Aroused as The Bandit
movie 1985 Beverly Hills Exposed as Party Extra
video movie 1985 Centerfold Celebrities 5
video movie 1985 Cherry Busters as Bill Benson
video movie 1985 Christy Canyon
video movie 1985 Confessions of a Nymph as Burt Reynolds
video movie 1985 Cumshot Revue 2
video movie 1985 Dirty Pictures as Burt
video movie 1985 Electric Blue 28 as Weightlifter
video movie 1985 Gang Bang as Stud
video movie 1985 Ginger as Roger
movie 1985 Heart Throbs
movie 1985 One Hot Night of Passion as Warren
movie 1985 Oriental Jade
video movie 1985 Peek a Boo Gang
movie 1985 Pleasure Hunt 2 as Guru
video movie 1985 Sky Pies as Pilot
movie 1985 Sounds of Sex as Warren
movie 1985 Tasty as Dick Lark
video movie 1985 The Lusty Adventurer as Director
movie 1985 Vas-o-line Alley
video movie 1984 B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Body)
video movie 1984 Cagney & Stacey
video movie 1984 Centerfold Celebrities 4
video movie 1984 Dr. A. Long's Divan as Dr. A. Long
movie 1984 Every Woman Has a Fantasy as Card Player
movie 1984 Rebecca's
video movie 1983 Battling Beauties as Burt Reynolds Look a Like

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Sasha - student.

Sasha försöker lura en kärring på pengar.


Några roliga filmklipp från filmen Stockholm Boogie med Sasha Mesic som är svarttaxi chaufför.