Scott Pembroke

Scott Pembroke (13 September 1889 ? 21 February 1951) was an American director, actor and screenwriter. He directed 73 films between 1920 and 1937. ... more on Wikipedia

Scott Pembroke Filmography

movie 1942 Hold 'Em Jail
movie 1937 Cotton Queen
movie 1937 Telephone Operator
movie 1936 The Lawless Nineties
movie 1936 The Oregon Trail
movie 1933 King for a Night
movie 1932 Okay, America!
movie 1930 The Jazz Cinderella
movie 1930 Should a Girl Marry?
movie 1930 The Last Dance
movie 1930 The Medicine Man
movie 1929 Brothers
movie 1929 Shanghai Rose
movie 1929 Two Sisters
movie 1928 Gypsy of the North
movie 1928 My Home Town
movie 1928 Sisters of Eve
movie 1928 Sweet Sixteen
movie 1928 The Black Pearl
movie 1928 The Branded Man
movie 1928 The Divine Sinner
movie 1928 The Law and the Man
movie 1927 A Light in the Window
movie 1927 Cactus Trails
movie 1927 For Ladies Only
movie 1927 Galloping Thunder
movie 1927 George Runs Wild
movie 1927 George's Many Loves
movie 1927 Jane's Honeymoon
movie 1927 Jane's Hubby
movie 1927 Jane's Relations
movie 1927 Keeping His Word
movie 1927 Plain Jane
movie 1927 Please Don't
movie 1927 Polly of the Movies
movie 1927 Ragtime
movie 1927 Some More Excuses
movie 1927 That's No Excuse
movie 1927 The Terror of Bar X
movie 1926 Back Fire
movie 1926 Hard Boiled Yeggs
movie 1926 Raisin' Trouble
movie 1926 Too Many Babies
movie 1926 A Fraternity Mixup
movie 1926 Adorable Dora
movie 1926 And George Did!
movie 1926 Black and Blue Eyes
movie 1926 Danger Ahead
movie 1926 Grandma's Child
movie 1926 Heavy Love
movie 1926 Honeymooning with Ma
movie 1926 Motor Trouble
movie 1926 Vamping Babies
movie 1926 Why Pay Rent?
movie 1925 Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde
movie 1925 Navy Blue Days
movie 1925 Oh, What a Flirt!
movie 1925 Pie-Eyed
movie 1925 Somewhere in Wrong
movie 1925 The Snow Hawk
movie 1925 Twins
movie 1924 Never Say Never
movie 1924 Love and Learn
movie 1924 Bottle Babies
movie 1924 Detained
movie 1924 Heebie Jeebie
movie 1924 Mandarin Mix-Up
movie 1924 Monsieur Don't Care
movie 1924 One of the Family
movie 1924 Rupert of Hee Haw
movie 1924 West of Hot Dog
movie 1923 Her Dangerous Path as Dr. Harrison
movie 1923 The Social Buccaneer as Undetermined Role
movie 1923 Gas and Air
movie 1923 Hustlin' Hank
movie 1923 Kill or Cure
movie 1923 Let's Build
movie 1923 Short Orders
movie 1922 A Small Town Derby
movie 1922 A Treacherous Rival as Ned Hargraves - the Star Reporter
movie 1922 The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
movie 1922 The Call of Courage as Ned Hargraves - the Star Reporter
movie 1922 The Night Attack
movie 1922 The Trail of the Wolf as The Northwest Mounted Policeman
movie 1922 Two Men as Tommy Coles
movie 1921 On with the Show
movie 1921 Seeing Is Believing
movie 1921 Tee Time
movie 1921 The Adventures of Tarzan as Clayton
movie 1921 The Girl in the Saddle as The Ranch Foreman
movie 1921 The Heart of Arizona
movie 1921 The Room of Death
movie 1921 The Shadow of Suspicion as The Secret Service Man
movie 1921 Winners of the West as Louis Blair
movie 1920 The Girl in the Saddle
movie 1920 June Madness
movie 1919 Sue of the South as Donald Peyton
movie 1918 The Law That Divides as Jack Baggot
movie 1918 Whatever the Cost as Steve Douglas
movie 1917 A Country Hero
movie 1917 Officer, Call a Cop
movie 1917 The Girl Who Won Out as Chester Noble
movie 1917 The Mogul Mountain Mystery
movie 1917 The Sidetracked Sleeper
movie 1916 A Daring Chance
movie 1916 A Mystery of the Rails
movie 1916 A Plunge from the Sky
movie 1916 A Race for a Life as The Son of the President of the Railroad
movie 1916 A Race Through the Air
movie 1916 A Race with Death
movie 1916 Ablaze on the Rails
movie 1916 At Danger's Call
movie 1916 Defying Death
movie 1916 Hurled Through the Drawbridge
movie 1916 In Death's Pathway
movie 1916 One Chance in a Hundred
movie 1916 The Blocked Track
movie 1916 The Bridge of Danger
movie 1916 The Broken Brake
movie 1916 The Capture of Red Stanley
movie 1916 The Death Swing
movie 1916 The Engineer's Honor
movie 1916 The Forgotten Train Order
movie 1916 The Gate of Death
movie 1916 The Girl Who Dared as The Wireless Operator
movie 1916 The Governor's Special
movie 1916 The Hoodoo of Division B
movie 1916 The Human Telegram
movie 1916 The Lineman's Peril
movie 1916 The Lone Point Mystery
movie 1916 The Lost Messenger
movie 1916 The Midnight Express
movie 1916 The Mysterious Cipher
movie 1916 The Race for a Siding
movie 1916 The Record Run
movie 1916 The Runaway Sleeper
movie 1916 The Secret of the Box Car
movie 1916 The Spiked Switch
movie 1916 The Trail of Danger
movie 1916 The Trapping of 'Peeler' White
movie 1916 The Treasure Train
movie 1916 The Trial Run
movie 1916 The Vanishing Box Car
movie 1916 To Save the Road
movie 1916 To Save the Special
movie 1916 With the Aid of the Wrecker
movie 1915 Lone Larry
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen

Scott Pembroke on Youtube

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An American comedy film directed by Scott Pembroke and starring Shane Johnsen, Betty Bronson and Eva Novak. This was a early role for Jack Benny.

directores: Ralph Ceder, Scott Pembroke guiĆ³n: Hal Roach cast: Stan Laurel, Marie Mosquini, Eddie Baker, Jack Ackroyd, Mark Jones, George Rowe, Charles ...

Original Title : The Hazards of Helen : The Governor's Special Country : United States Language : Silent Release Dates : 22 April 1916 Directed by James Davi...