Scott Rosendall

Scott Rosendall Filmography

movie 2013 Kill Millie as Chef
movie 2013 Sheikh Chilli and His Three Wives as Publisher
movie 2013 The Impotence of Being Earnest as Franz
movie 2013 The PC Zone as Patron #4
movie 2013 Three Guys Walk Into a Bar as Suave Handsome Man
movie 2012 Hancock of 1776 as Secretary
movie 2012 Hear No Evil as Party Goer
movie 2012 Sunlight for the Wild
movie 2011 Horrible Bosses as Hank Preston
movie 2011 Irving J. Koppermelt as Aquinas
movie 2011 Talking with the Taxman About Poetry as Coleman the Principal
movie 2011 Unfinished Business as Scott
movie 2010 Mariah Everyday Ordinarily as Homeless Guy 2
movie 2009 Black Gloves as Buddy #2
movie 2009 Reconciliation as Patient in Wheelchair
movie 2008 Safety First: The Rise of Women! as Wheelchair miracle walker
movie 2007 Cattle Call as Assistant Director
movie 2007 Loaded as Grocery Store Customer 3

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Latest comedy reel.

A ranting man who posts videos showing the effects of GMO's on the population. ............!

Horrible Bosses Movie Trailer - watch all clips click to subscribe Three friends conspire to murder their horrible boss...

Scott Rosendall's Demo Reel 2012.