Scott Sidney

Scott Sidney Filmography

movie 1929 The Rocket Bus
movie 1927 No Control
movie 1927 The Wrong Mr. Wright
movie 1926 The Nervous Wreck
movie 1925 Charley's Aunt
movie 1925 Madame Behave
movie 1925 Seven Days
movie 1925 Stop Flirting
movie 1925 The Million Dollar Handicap
movie 1924 A Fat Chance
movie 1924 Getting Gertie's Goat
movie 1924 Hold Your Breath
movie 1924 Reckless Romance
movie 1924 Savage Love
movie 1924 Stay Single
movie 1923 Babies Welcome
movie 1923 Back to the Woods
movie 1923 Call the Wagon
movie 1923 Done in Oil
movie 1923 Green as Grass
movie 1923 Hazel from Hollywood
movie 1923 Hold Everything
movie 1923 Kidding Katie
movie 1923 Roll Along
movie 1923 Take Your Choice
movie 1922 The Son of Sheik
movie 1922 A Rambling Romeo
movie 1922 Bucking Broadway
movie 1922 Chop Suey
movie 1922 Ocean Swells
movie 1922 Oh, Promise Me
movie 1921 Rest in Peace
movie 1921 Spooners
movie 1921 A Handy Husband
movie 1921 Afraid of His Wife
movie 1921 Blondes
movie 1921 Chicken Hearted
movie 1921 Eat and Be Happy
movie 1921 How She Lied
movie 1921 Kiss and Make Up
movie 1921 Let Me Explain
movie 1921 Mixed Bedrooms
movie 1921 Money Talks
movie 1921 No Parking
movie 1921 Nobody's Wife
movie 1921 Red Hot Love
movie 1921 Saving Sister Susie
movie 1921 Say Uncle
movie 1921 Sweet Revenge
movie 1921 The Adventures of Tarzan
movie 1921 Turkey Dressing
movie 1921 Wild and Willie
movie 1921 Zero Love
movie 1920 813
movie 1920 Dining Room, Kitchen and Sink
movie 1920 Mr. Fatima
movie 1920 Queens Are Trumps
movie 1920 The Smart Aleck
movie 1919 'Twas Henry's Fault
movie 1919 Dangerous Nan McGrew
movie 1919 Go West, Young Woman
movie 1919 Hard Luck
movie 1919 Kiss the Bride
movie 1919 Oh, Susie, Be Careful
movie 1918 Beware of Blondes
movie 1918 Her Slumbering Hero
movie 1918 On Her Account
movie 1918 She Almost Proposed
movie 1918 Tarzan of the Apes
movie 1918 The High Cost of Weddings
movie 1918 What Will Father Say?
movie 1917 The Lone Point Feud
movie 1917 A Two-Cylinder Courtship
movie 1917 Her Own People
movie 1917 The College Boys' Special
movie 1917 The Mystery of the Burning Freight
movie 1917 The Railroad Smugglers
movie 1916 Bullets and Brown Eyes
movie 1916 The Green Swamp
movie 1916 The Road to Love
movie 1916 The Waifs
movie 1916 Willie's Wobbly Ways
movie 1915 The Shoal Light as Adamson
movie 1915 A Case of Poison
movie 1915 A Lucky Blowout
movie 1915 College Days
movie 1915 Matrimony
movie 1915 Never Again
movie 1915 Shorty Among the Cannibals
movie 1915 Shorty's Ranch
movie 1915 The Bottomless Pit
movie 1915 The Deadly Spark
movie 1915 The Painted Soul
movie 1915 The Scrub
movie 1915 The Toast of Death
movie 1915 The Winged Idol
movie 1914 Shorty's Sacrifice as The Sheriff
movie 1914 The Adventures of Shorty as The Sheriff
movie 1914 A Crook's Sweetheart
movie 1914 A Flower in the Desert
movie 1914 Desert Gold
movie 1914 Desert Thieves
movie 1914 Freckles
movie 1914 From Out of the Dregs
movie 1914 Jimmy
movie 1914 Narcotic Spectre
movie 1914 Not of the Flock
movie 1914 Parson Larkin's Wife
movie 1914 Romance of Sunshine Alley
movie 1914 Stacked Cards
movie 1914 The Card Sharps
movie 1914 The Curse of Humanity
movie 1914 The Friend
movie 1914 The Gangsters and the Girl
movie 1914 The Hateful God
movie 1914 The Old Love's Best
movie 1914 The Play's the Thing
movie 1914 The Spark Eternal
movie 1914 The Thunderbolt
movie 1914 The Wharf Rats
movie 1914 The Worth of a Life
movie 1913 The Gambler's Pal

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Una piccola commedia deliziosa, dove Dorothy Devore e il suo cagnetto sono costretti a fare da moglie e cane di compagnia, contemporaneamente, a due ...

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Tarzan of the Apes is a 1918 American action/adventure silent film directed by Scott Sidney starring Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey, George B. French and Gordon ...

Tarzan of the Apes Cast: Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey, Trae Boardman, Kathleeen Kirkham, George French, Gordon Griffith, Colin Kenny, Thomas Jefferson, ...