Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell Filmography

movie 2013 Man of Steel as Bar Buddy
movie 2012 Girl in Progress as Uniformed Officer
tv movie 2011 Goodnight for Justice as Man
movie 2011 In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds as Court Announcer
movie 2011 Quest for Zhu as Chunk
movie 2011 Sucker Punch as Police Officer #2
movie 2010 Gunless as Constable #2
tv series 2009 The Troop as John Collins
tv movie 2008 Ogre as John
tv movie 2008 Storm Cell as Police Officer
tv movie 2006 A Little Thing Called Murder as Alan Katje
tv movie 2006 Flight 93 as Fire Captain
movie 2006 Max Havoc: Ring of Fire as Andy Bigelow
movie 2005 Alone in the Dark as First Mate
tv movie 2005 Best Friends as Police officer
movie 2005 It Waits as Lt. Morris Black
tv movie 2004 A Beachcombers Christmas as Teddy
tv series 2004 Traffic as Hospital Cop
movie 2002 Brother's Keeper as Bous
tv movie 2002 He Sees You When You're Sleeping as Golfing Buddy
movie 2002 Ignition as Chapman
movie 2001 Blackwoods as Jack Franklin
movie 2001 Suddenly Naked as John
tv movie 2001 The Miracle of the Cards as Coach
video movie 2000 Crash and Byrnes as Chuck
movie 2000 Suspicious River as Open your mouth Man
tv movie 1999 Aftershock: Earthquake in New York as Firefighter at apartment
tv movie 1999 Atomic Train as Desperate Man
movie 1999 Tail Lights Fade as Onlooker
tv series 1999 Mugen no rivaiasu as Kevin Green
movie 1998 Firestorm as Deputy
tv movie 1998 The Hunted as Jogger
tv movie 1998 Voyage of Terror as Racal Military Man
tv movie 1997 Dead Man's Gun as Sy Odom
tv movie 1997 Doomsday Rock as Redmond
tv movie 1996 The Prisoner of Zenda, Inc. as Cop #1
movie 1995 Junkers Come Here as Shintaro Nozawa
movie 1970 The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker as Boy on Crutches

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