Severn Darden

Severn Teakle Darden, Jr. (November 9, 1929 ? May 27, 1995) was a comedian and actor, and an original member of The Second City Chicago-based comedy troupe as well as its predecessor, the Compass Players. He is probably best known in the film industry for playing the Himmler-like Kolp in the Planet of the Apes films. ... more on Wikipedia

Severn Darden Filmography

movie 1989 Aram as Rabbi Durshowitz
movie 1988 The Telephone as Max
movie 1986 Back to School as Dr. Borozini
movie 1985 Real Genius as Dr. Meredith
tv movie 1984 The Cowboy and the Ballerina as Mike
movie 1983 A Minor Miracle as Seminary Provincial
tv movie 1983 Quarterback Princess as Mr. Hobart
tv movie 1982 Rooster as Conway
tv movie 1981 Evita Peron as Alfredo Suero
tv movie 1981 Homeroom as Mr. Mellish
movie 1981 Saturday the 14th as Van Helsing
movie 1981 Soggy Bottom, U.S.A. as Horace Mouthamush
tv movie 1980 A Cry for Love as Paul
movie 1980 A Small Circle of Friends as Art Professor
movie 1980 Hopscotch as Maddox
movie 1980 In God We Tru$t as Priest
movie 1980 Why Would I Lie? as Dr. Barbour
tv movie 1979 Love for Rent as Fred Hallem
tv movie 1979 Orphan Train as Barrington
tv movie 1979 Rendezvous Hotel as Albert Church
movie 1979 Wanda Nevada as Merlin Bitterstix
tv movie 1978 Outside Chance as Sheriff Dempsey
tv movie 1977 Never Con a Killer as Cap
tv series 1977 Forever Fernwood as Dr. Popesco
movie 1976 Jackson County Jail as Sheriff Dempsey
movie 1976 Mother, Jugs & Speed as Moran
tv movie 1976 The Disappearance of Aimee as S.I. Gilbert
tv movie 1976 Victory at Entebbe as Moshe Meyer
tv series 1976 Captains and the Kings as Plover
tv series 1976 Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman as Popesco
movie 1975 I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now? as Mr. Fletch
tv movie 1974 Skyway to Death as Steve Kramer
movie 1974 The Legend of Hillbilly John as Mr. Marduke
movie 1973 Battle for the Planet of the Apes as Governor Kolp
movie 1973 The Day of the Dolphin as Schwinn
tv movie 1973 The Man Who Died Twice as Harry
movie 1972 Cisco Pike as Lawyer
movie 1972 Conquest of the Planet of the Apes as Kolp
movie 1972 Dirty Little Billy as Big Jim McDaniel
movie 1972 Every Little Crook and Nanny as Dominic
movie 1972 Play It As It Lays as Hypnotist
tv movie 1972 Playmates as Roger, Man in Gallery
movie 1972 The War Between Men and Women as Dr. Harris
tv movie 1971 Big Fish, Little Fish
movie 1971 The Hired Hand as McVey
movie 1971 The Last Movie as Mayor
movie 1971 Vanishing Point as J. Hovah
movie 1971 Werewolves on Wheels as One
tv series 1971 Story Theatre
movie 1970 Bongo Wolf's Revenge
movie 1970 Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You as Dr Fahrquardt
tv movie 1970 The Movie Murderer as Jimmy Apache
movie 1969 Justine as Bathazar
movie 1969 Model Shop as Portly Man
movie 1969 The Mad Room as Nate
movie 1969 The Virgin President as U.S. President
movie 1969 They Shoot Horses, Don't They? as Cecil
movie 1969 To See or Not to See as Narrator
movie 1968 P.J. as Shelton Quell
movie 1967 Fearless Frank as Doctor
movie 1967 Luv as Vandergist
movie 1967 The President's Analyst as V.I. Kydor Kropotkin
movie 1966 Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round as Miles Fisher
movie 1965 The Double-Barrelled Detective Story as H.S. Stevens
movie 1964 Goldstein as Doctor

Severn Darden on Youtube

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1973 trailer for Battle For The Planet Of The Apes starring Roddy McDowall, Natalie Trundy, Severn Darden, Paul Williams, Claude Akins, John Huston.

More great comedy from Second City. Parodies the age before college football became big stuff.