Seymour Cassel

Seymour Joseph Cassel (born January 22, 1935) is an American actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Seymour Cassel Filmography

movie 2014 At the Maple Grove as Boyle
movie 2014 Every Night's a Saturday Night as Himself
movie 2014 Lucky Dog as The Real Spencer
movie 2014 Pride of Lions as Dominic Ackers
movie 2014 Six Gun Dead as Dr. Darwin Bishop
movie 2014 Sunset at Dawn as Boxing Trainer
movie 2014 The Algerian as Professor Wright
movie 2014 The Last Beat as Fred Kantor
movie 2013 The Secret Lives of Dorks as Principal
movie 2013 Time Framed as Boris Esla
movie 2012 Booster as Harold
movie 2012 Broken Kingdom as Clayton
movie 2012 Lost Angeles as Film Critic
movie 2011 Across from Finn McCool's as Himself
tv movie 2011 Circling the Drain as Fuzzy Kaye
movie 2011 Faces
movie 2011 Fort McCoy as Father Mivkovek
movie 2011 Freerunner as Gramps
movie 2011 Kingdom Come as Himself
movie 2011 L!fe Happens as Pop Pop
movie 2011 Pass the Salt, Please as Man
movie 2011 Silver Case as Dealer
movie 2011 Without Borders as Detective McKenneth
tv movie 2010 Back Nine as Mondo
movie 2010 Chasing 3000 as Poppy
movie 2010 Kissing Strangers as Mr. Koster
movie 2010 Now Here as Commissioner
movie 2010 Pete Smalls Is Dead as Saco
movie 2010 The Aristofrogs
movie 2009 Not Dead Yet as Francis
movie 2009 Seymour Cassel Hollywood Reporter Acting Achievment Tribute as Himself
movie 2009 Staten Island as Jasper Sabiano
movie 2008 Barbiere, IL as Mort
movie 2008 Beau Jest as Abe Goldman
movie 2008 Big Heart City as Larry
movie 2008 Reach for Me as Alvin
tv movie 2008 To Love and Die as Grandfather
movie 2007 Cosmic Radio as Malcolm Stone
movie 2007 Postal as Paul
movie 2007 The Happiest Day of His Life as Mrd. Jacobs
movie 2006 Beer League as Dirt
movie 2006 Bye Bye Benjamin as Mr. Ruby
movie 2006 Edge of Outside as Himself
movie 2006 Hollywood Dreams as Rupert
movie 2006 Property as The Superintendent
movie 2006 Ray of Sunshine
movie 2006 Sea of Dreams as Tomaso
movie 2005 Before It Had a Name as Jeff
movie 2005 Bittersweet Place as Jack "Pappy" Schaffer
movie 2005 Circadian Rhythm as Hoover
movie 2005 Lonesome Jim as Don
movie 2005 Main Street as Big Business
movie 2005 The Tenants as Levenspiel
movie 2005 The Wendell Baker Story as Boyd Fullbright
video movie 2005 This Is an Adventure as Himself
movie 2005 Welcome to California as Jim's Father
movie 2004 Sweet Underground as Wally
movie 2004 Thanksgiving as Del
movie 2004 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou as Esteban du Plantier
movie 2003 A Good Night to Die as Guy
movie 2003 Stuck on You as Morty O'Reilly
movie 2003 Wishing Time as The Angel
movie 2002 Manna from Heaven as Stanley
movie 2002 Passionada as Daniel Vargas
movie 2002 Sonny as Albert
movie 2002 Stealing Harvard as Uncle Jack
movie 2002 The Biz as Eugene Hinkle
movie 2002 The Burial Society as Sam Goldberg
movie 2002 Time & Again as Steve
tv movie 2001 61* as Sam Simon
movie 2001 Bartleby as Frank Waxman
tv movie 2001 Cassavetes: Claroscuro americano as Himself
movie 2001 The Chameleon as Richard Cavanaugh
movie 2001 The Cure for Boredom as Eddie
movie 2001 The Royal Tenenbaums as Dusty
movie 2001 The Sleepy Time Gal as Bob
movie 2001 Women of the Night as Sally
movie 2000 A Constant Forge as Himself
movie 2000 Animal Factory as Lt. Seeman
video movie 2000 John Cassavetes: A Discussion as Himself
movie 2000 Just One Night as Arthur Imperial
movie 2000 Next Stop, Eternity as Lawrence
movie 2000 The Crew as Tony 'Mouth' Donato
movie 1999 Ballad of the Nightingale
movie 1999 Black and White as Sal
video movie 1999 Easy Rider: Shaking the Cage as Himself
movie 1999 Getting to Know You
movie 1999 Kubanisch rauchen as Dragan
movie 1999 Me and Will as Roy
movie 1999 Temps as Arthur, the studio president
tv movie 1998 Emma's Wish as Harry
movie 1998 Hollywood Salome
movie 1998 Hoods as Pop Martinelli
movie 1998 Relax... It's Just Sex as Emile Pillsbury
movie 1998 Rushmore as Bert Fischer
movie 1998 Snapped as Bob
movie 1998 The Last Call
movie 1998 The Treat as Chip O'Herlihee
movie 1997 Motel Blue as Capistrano Minister
movie 1997 Obsession as Jacob Frischmuth
movie 1997 Seed as First Client
tv movie 1997 The Player
movie 1997 This World, Then the Fireworks as Detective Harris
tv series 1997 The Last Don as Alfred Gronevelt
movie 1996 Caméléone as Francis
movie 1996 Cannes Man as Sy Lerner
movie 1996 Cosas que nunca te dije as Frank
movie 1996 Dead Girl as Ira Golub
movie 1996 Dream for an Insomniac as Uncle Leo
movie 1996 I sfagi tou kokora as Ahilleas
movie 1996 John Cassavetes: To Risk Everything to Express It All
movie 1996 Juicehead as Dr. Watt
movie 1996 Les frères Gravet as Himself
movie 1996 The Last Home Run as Older Jonathan
movie 1996 Trees Lounge as Uncle Al
movie 1996 Turnpike as Older man
movie 1995 Dead Presidents as Saul
movie 1994 Chasers as Master Chief Bogg
movie 1994 Dark Side of Genius as Samuel Rourke
movie 1994 Hand Gun as Jack McCallister
movie 1994 Imaginary Crimes as Eddie
movie 1994 It Could Happen to You as Jack Gross
movie 1994 Ouf!
movie 1994 There Goes My Baby as Pop
movie 1994 Tollbooth as Larry
tv movie 1993 Anything for John
movie 1993 Boiling Point as Virgil Leach
movie 1993 Indecent Proposal as Mr. Shackleford
tv movie 1993 Partners
movie 1993 Trouble Bound as Santino
movie 1993 When Pigs Fly as Frank
movie 1992 Adventures in Spying as Ray Rucker
movie 1992 Chain of Desire as Mel
movie 1992 Honeymoon in Vegas as Tony Cataracts
movie 1992 In the Soup as Joe
movie 1992 Love Is Like That as Uncle Bud
movie 1992 What Happened to Pete as Bartender
movie 1991 Cold Heaven as Tom Farrelly
tv movie 1991 Dead in the Water as Lt. Frank Vaness
movie 1991 Diary of a Hitman as Koenig
tv movie 1991 Face of a Stranger as Ralph
movie 1991 Mobsters as Father Bonotto
movie 1991 White Fang as Skunker
movie 1990 Cold Dog Soup as Jojo
movie 1990 Dick Tracy as Sam Catchem
movie 1990 Hollywood Mavericks as Actor 'Faces'
tv movie 1989 Sweet Bird of Youth
movie 1989 Wicked Stepmother as Feldshine, Magick Shop Owner
movie 1988 Colors as Officer Sullivan
movie 1988 Johnny Be Good as Wallace Gibson
movie 1988 Track 29 as Dr. Bernard Fairmont
movie 1987 Best Seller as Carter
movie 1987 Plain Clothes as Ed Malmburg
movie 1987 Survival Game as Dave Forrest
movie 1987 Tin Men as Cheese
tv movie 1986 Beverly Hills Madam as Tony
movie 1986 Eye of the Tiger as Sheriff
movie 1984 I'm Almost Not Crazy: John Cassavetes - the Man and His Work as Himself
movie 1984 Love Streams as Jack Lawson
tv movie 1983 Blood Feud as Frank Kierdorff
movie 1983 Double Exposure as Dr. Frank Curtis
tv movie 1983 I Want to Live as John Santo
tv movie 1983 Rage
movie 1981 King of the Mountain as Barry Tanner
tv movie 1980 Angel on My Shoulder as Smiley Mitchell
movie 1980 The Mountain Men as La Bont
movie 1979 California Dreaming as Duke Slusarski
movie 1979 Ravagers as Blind Lawyer
movie 1979 Sunburn as Dobbs
movie 1978 Convoy as Governer Jerry Haskins
tv movie 1978 Ringo
movie 1977 Black Oak Conspiracy as Homer Metcalf
movie 1977 Death Game as George Manning
movie 1977 Opening Night as Cameo appearance
tv movie 1977 Scott Joplin as Dr. Jaelki
movie 1977 Valentino as George Ullman
movie 1976 The Killing of a Chinese Bookie as Mort Weil
movie 1976 The Last Tycoon as Seal Trainer
movie 1975 Moment to Moment as Wise Guy
tv movie 1973 Nightside as Ralph
movie 1971 Minnie and Moskowitz as Seymour Moskowitz
movie 1970 The Revolutionary as Leonard II
tv movie 1969 The 41st Annual Academy Awards as Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in Supporting Role
movie 1968 Coogan's Bluff as Young Hood
movie 1968 Faces as Chet
movie 1968 The Sweet Ride as Surfer
tv movie 1964 The Hanged Man as Bellboy
movie 1964 The Killers as Postal Clerk
movie 1962 The Webster Boy as Vic
movie 1961 Too Late Blues as Red
movie 1960 Juke Box Racket as Seymour
movie 1960 Man on a String as Hotel Pageboy
movie 1960 Murder, Inc. as Teenager
movie 1959 Shadows
movie Mis-Fits
movie The Next Cassavetes as Seymour Cassel

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