Seymour Kneitel

Seymour Kneitel (March 16, 1908 ? July 30, 1964) was an American animator. He is best known for his work with Fleischer Studios and its successor, Famous Studios. ... more on Wikipedia

Seymour Kneitel Filmography

movie 1966 Space Kid
movie 1964 A Friend in Tweed
movie 1964 A Tiger's Tail
movie 1964 Accidents Will Happen
movie 1964 And So Tibet
movie 1964 Call Me a Taxi
movie 1964 Fix That Clock
movie 1964 Fizzicle Fizzle
movie 1964 Goodie Good Deed
movie 1964 Highway Slobbery
movie 1964 Hip Hip Ole
movie 1964 Laddy and His Lamp
movie 1964 Near-Sighted and Far Out
movie 1964 Panhandling on Madison Avenue
movie 1964 Reading, Writhing, and Rithmetic
movie 1964 Robot Rival
movie 1964 Sailing Zero
movie 1964 Service with a Smile
movie 1964 The Bus Way to Travel
movie 1964 The Once Over
movie 1964 Whiz Quiz Kid
movie 1963 Harry Happy
movie 1963 Hobo's Holiday
movie 1963 A Sight for Squaw Eyes
movie 1963 Drum Up a Tenant
movie 1963 Good Snooze Tonight
movie 1963 Gramps to the Rescue
movie 1963 Hiccup Hound
movie 1963 Hound for Pound
movie 1963 Ollie the Owl
movie 1963 One Weak Vacation
movie 1963 Ringading Kid
movie 1963 Sour Gripes
movie 1963 Tell Me a Bedtime Story
movie 1963 The Pig's Feat
movie 1963 The Sheepish Wolf
movie 1963 Trash Program
movie 1962 Cool Cat Blues
movie 1962 Good and Guilty
movie 1962 Perry Popgun
movie 1962 Popcorn and Politics
movie 1962 A Tree Is a Tree Is a Tree?
movie 1962 Crumley Cogwheel
movie 1962 Et Tu Otto
movie 1962 Fiddlin' Around
movie 1962 Frog's Legs
movie 1962 Funderful Suburbia
movie 1962 Giddy Gadgets
movie 1962 Hero's Reward
movie 1962 Hi Fi Jinx
movie 1962 Home Sweet Swampy
movie 1962 It's for the Birdies
movie 1962 Keeping Up with Krazy
movie 1962 Mouse Blanche
movie 1962 One of the Family
movie 1962 Penny Pals
movie 1962 Psychological Testing
movie 1962 Robot Ringer
movie 1962 Snuffy's Song
movie 1962 Take Me to Your Gen'rul
movie 1962 The Hat
movie 1962 The Method and Maw
movie 1962 TV or Not TV
movie 1962 Without Time or Reason
movie 1962 Yule Laff
movie 1961 Bopin' Hood
movie 1961 Cane and Able
movie 1961 Cape Kidnaveral
movie 1961 Goodie, the Gremlin
movie 1961 Hound About That
movie 1961 Kozmo Goes to School
movie 1961 The Inquisit Visit
movie 1961 The Kid from Mars
movie 1961 The Lion's Busy
movie 1961 Turtle Scoop
movie 1961 Abner the Baseball
movie 1961 Alvin's Solo Flight
movie 1961 In the Nicotine
movie 1961 Miceniks
movie 1961 Northern Mites
movie 1961 Phantom Moustacher
movie 1961 Terry the Terror
movie 1961 The Mighty Termite
movie 1961 The Plot Sickens
movie 1961 Trick or Tree
movie 1960 Be Mice to Cats
movie 1960 Bouncing Benny
movie 1960 Busy Buddies
movie 1960 Counter Attack
movie 1960 Disguise the Limit
movie 1960 Electronica
movie 1960 Fiddle Faddle
movie 1960 Fine Feathered Fiend
movie 1960 From Dime to Dime
movie 1960 Galaxia
movie 1960 Mike the Masquerader
movie 1960 Monkey Doodles
movie 1960 Planet Mouseola
movie 1960 Scouting for Trouble
movie 1960 Shootin' Stars
movie 1960 Silly Science
movie 1960 The Shoe Must Go On
movie 1960 Top Cat
movie 1960 Trouble Date
movie 1960 Peck Your Own Home
movie 1960 Space Conditioning
movie 1960 The Boss Is Always Right
movie 1960 Trigger Treat
movie 1960 Turning the Fables
movie 1959 Casper's Birthday Party
movie 1959 Doing What's Fright
movie 1959 Down to Mirth
movie 1959 Felineous Assault
movie 1959 Fit to Be Toyed
movie 1959 Fun on Furlough
movie 1959 Houndabout
movie 1959 Huey's Father's Day
movie 1959 Katnip's Big Day
movie 1959 La Petite Parade
movie 1959 Not Ghoulty
movie 1959 Out of This Whirl
movie 1959 Owly to Bed
movie 1959 Spooking of Ghosts
movie 1959 T.V. Fuddlehead
movie 1959 Talking Horse Sense
movie 1959 The Animal Fair
tv series 1959 Matty's Funday Funnies
movie 1958 Chew Chew Baby
movie 1958 Dante Dreamer
movie 1958 Finnegan's Flea
movie 1958 Frighty Cat
movie 1958 Ghost Writers
movie 1958 Good Scream Fun
movie 1958 Grateful Gus
movie 1958 Heir Restorer
movie 1958 Okey Dokey Donkey
movie 1958 Right Off the Bat
movie 1958 Spook and Span
movie 1958 Sportickles
movie 1958 Stork Raving Mad
movie 1958 Travelaffs
movie 1958 Which Is Witch?
movie 1958 You Said a Mouseful
movie 1958 Dawg Gawn
movie 1957 'From Mad to Worse'
movie 1957 Boo Bop
movie 1957 Cat in the Act
movie 1957 Cock-a-Doodle Dino
movie 1957 Fishing Tackler
movie 1957 Ghost of Honor
movie 1957 Hooky Spooky
movie 1957 Ice Scream
movie 1957 Jolly the Clown
movie 1957 Jumping with Toy
movie 1957 L'Amour the Merrier
movie 1957 Mr. Money Gags
movie 1957 Nearlyweds
movie 1957 One Funny Knight
movie 1957 Peek-a-Boo
movie 1957 Pest Pupil
movie 1957 Possum Pearl
movie 1957 Sky Scrappers
movie 1957 Spooking About Africa
movie 1957 Spree Lunch
movie 1957 The Crystal Brawl
movie 1956 A Haul in One
movie 1956 Assault and Flattery
movie 1956 Dutch Treat
movie 1956 Fright from Wrong
movie 1956 Ground Hog Play
movie 1956 Insect to Injury
movie 1956 Line of Screammage
movie 1956 Lion in the Roar
movie 1956 Mousetro Herman
movie 1956 Mouseum
movie 1956 Out to Punch
movie 1956 Pedro and Lorenzo
movie 1956 Penguin for Your Thoughts
movie 1956 Popeye for President
movie 1956 Sir Irving and Jeames
movie 1956 Sleuth But Sure
movie 1956 Swab the Duck
movie 1956 Will Do Mousework
movie 1956 Hill-billing and Cooing
movie 1955 A Job for a Gob
movie 1955 Bicep Built for Two
movie 1955 Boo Kind to Animals
movie 1955 Bull Fright
movie 1955 Car-azy Drivers
movie 1955 Cops Is Tops
movie 1955 Dizzy Dishes
movie 1955 Gift of Gag
movie 1955 Git Along Li'l Duckie
movie 1955 Hide and Shriek
movie 1955 Kitty Cornered
movie 1955 Little Audrey Riding Hood
movie 1955 Mister and Mistletoe
movie 1955 Mousieur Herman
movie 1955 News Hound
movie 1955 Penny Antics
movie 1955 Poop Goes the Weasel
movie 1955 Rabbit Punch
movie 1955 Red White and Boo
movie 1955 Robin Rodenthood
movie 1955 Spooking with a Brogue
movie 1954 Boo Moon
movie 1954 Boo Ribbon Winner
movie 1954 Boos and Arrows
movie 1954 Bride and Gloom
movie 1954 Candy Cabaret
movie 1954 Casper Genie
movie 1954 Crazy Town
movie 1954 Fido Beta Kappa
movie 1954 Fright to the Finish
movie 1954 Gopher Spinach
movie 1954 Greek Mirthology
movie 1954 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
movie 1954 Keep Your Grin Up
movie 1954 No Ifs, Ands or Butts
movie 1954 Of Mice and Menace
movie 1954 Private Eye Popeye
movie 1954 Puss 'n' Boos
movie 1954 Rail Rodents
movie 1954 Ship A-Hooey
movie 1954 Surf and Sound
movie 1954 Taxi-Turvy
movie 1954 The Oily Bird
movie 1954 The Seapreme Court
movie 1954 Zero the Hero
movie 1953 Aero-Nutics
movie 1953 Ancient Fistory
movie 1953 Baby Wants a Battle
movie 1953 Better Bait Than Never
movie 1953 Boos and Saddles
movie 1953 By the Old Mill Scream
movie 1953 Child Sockology
movie 1953 Do or Diet
movie 1953 Drinks on the Mouse
movie 1953 Firemen's Brawl
movie 1953 Frightday the 13th
movie 1953 Herman the Catoonist
movie 1953 Huey's Ducky Daddy
movie 1953 Hysterical History
movie 1953 Invention Convention
movie 1953 Little Boo-Peep
movie 1953 No Place Like Rome
movie 1953 North Pal
movie 1953 Northwest Mousie
movie 1953 Of Mice and Magic
movie 1953 Philharmaniacs
movie 1953 Popeye's Mirthday
movie 1953 Popeye, the Ace of Space
movie 1953 Shaving Muggs
movie 1953 Spook No Evil
movie 1953 Starting from Hatch
movie 1953 Surf Bored
movie 1953 Toreadorable
movie 1953 Winner by a Hare
movie 1952 Big Bad Sindbad
movie 1952 Cage Fright
movie 1952 Cat Carson Rides Again
movie 1952 City Kitty
movie 1952 Clown on the Farm
movie 1952 Dizzy Dinosaurs
movie 1952 Feast and Furious
movie 1952 Forest Fantasy
movie 1952 Friend or Phony
movie 1952 Fun at the Fair
movie 1952 Gag and Baggage
movie 1952 Ghost of the Town
movie 1952 Law and Audrey
movie 1952 Lunch with a Punch
movie 1952 Mice-capades
movie 1952 Off We Glow
movie 1952 Pig-a-Boo
movie 1952 Popalong Popeye
movie 1952 Popeye's Pappy
movie 1952 Snooze Reel
movie 1952 Spunky Skunky
movie 1952 Swimmer Take All
movie 1952 The Awful Tooth
movie 1952 The Case of the Cockeyed Canary
movie 1952 The Deep Boo Sea
movie 1952 Tots of Fun
movie 1952 True Boo
movie 1951 Alpine for You
movie 1951 As the Crow Lies
movie 1951 Audrey the Rainmaker
movie 1951 Boo Hoo Baby
movie 1951 Boo Scout
movie 1951 By Leaps and Hounds
movie 1951 Casper Comes to Clown
movie 1951 Casper Takes a Bow-Wow
movie 1951 Cat Tamale
movie 1951 Cat-Choo
movie 1951 Double-Cross-Country Race
movie 1951 Drippy Mississippi
movie 1951 Hold the Lion Please
movie 1951 Land of Lost Watches
movie 1951 Let's Stalk Spinach
movie 1951 Mice Paradise
movie 1951 Miners Forty-Niners
movie 1951 One Quack Mind
movie 1951 Party Smarty
movie 1951 Pilgrim Popeye
movie 1951 Punch and Judo
movie 1951 Scout Fellow
movie 1951 Sing Again of Michigan
movie 1951 Slip Us Some Redskin
movie 1951 Thrill of Fair
movie 1951 Too Boo or Not to Boo
movie 1951 Tweet Music
movie 1951 Vacation with Play
movie 1951 Vegetable Vaudeville
movie 1950 Baby Wants Spinach
movie 1950 Beach Peach
movie 1950 Blue Hawaii
movie 1950 Casper's Spree Under the Sea
movie 1950 Detouring Thru Maine
movie 1950 Fiesta Time
movie 1950 Fresh Yeggs
movie 1950 Goofy Goofy Gander
movie 1950 Gym Jam
movie 1950 Helter Swelter
movie 1950 How Green Is My Spinach
movie 1950 Jingle, Jangle, Jungle
movie 1950 Jitterbug Jive
movie 1950 Land of the Lost Jewels
movie 1950 Mice Meeting You
movie 1950 Once Upon a Rhyme
movie 1950 Pleased to Eat You
movie 1950 Popeye Makes a Movie
movie 1950 Quack-a-Doodle Do
movie 1950 Quick on the Vigor
movie 1950 Riot in Rhythm
movie 1950 Saved by the Bell
movie 1950 Sock-a-Bye Kitty
movie 1950 Tarts and Flowers
movie 1950 Teacher's Pest
movie 1950 The Farmer and the Belle
movie 1950 Ups an' Downs Derby
movie 1950 Voice of the Turkey
movie 1950 Win, Place and Showboat
movie 1949 A Balmy Swami
movie 1949 A Mutt in a Rut
movie 1949 A-Haunting We Will Go
movie 1949 Barking Dogs Don't Fite
movie 1949 Boos in the Night
movie 1949 Campus Capers
movie 1949 Comin' Round the Mountain
movie 1949 Farm Foolery
movie 1949 Gobs of Fun
movie 1949 Heap Hep Injuns
movie 1949 Hep Cat Symphony
movie 1949 Hot Air Aces
movie 1949 Leprechauns Gold
movie 1949 Little Red Schoolmouse
movie 1949 Lumberjack and Jill
movie 1949 Marriage Wows
movie 1949 Our Funny Finny Friends
movie 1949 Popeye's Premiere
movie 1949 Shortenin' Bread
movie 1949 Snow Foolin'
movie 1949 Song of the Birds
movie 1949 Spring Song
movie 1949 Strolling Thru the Park
movie 1949 Tar with a Star
movie 1949 The Big Drip
movie 1949 The Big Flame Up
movie 1949 The Emerald Isle
movie 1949 The Fly's Last Flight
movie 1949 The Funshine State
movie 1949 The Little Cut-Up
movie 1949 The Lost Dream
movie 1949 The Ski's the Limit
movie 1949 The Stork Market
movie 1949 Toys Will Be Toys
movie 1948 A Wolf in Sheik's Clothing
movie 1948 Base Brawl
movie 1948 Butterscotch and Soda
movie 1948 Camptown Races
movie 1948 Cat o'Nine Tails
movie 1948 Flip Flap
movie 1948 Hector's Hectic Life
movie 1948 Land of the Lost
movie 1948 Little Brown Jug
movie 1948 Olive Oyl for President
movie 1948 Popeye Meets Hercules
movie 1948 Pre-Hysterical Man
movie 1948 Readin', Writin', and Rhythmetic
movie 1948 Robin Hood-Winked
movie 1948 Sing or Swim
movie 1948 Snow Place Like Home
movie 1948 Spinach vs Hamburgers
movie 1948 Symphony in Spinach
movie 1948 The Bored Cuckoo
movie 1948 The Dog Show-Off
movie 1948 The Golden State
movie 1948 The Lone Star State
movie 1948 The Mite Makes Right
movie 1948 The Old Shell Game
movie 1948 There's Good Boos To-Night
movie 1948 We're in the Honey
movie 1948 Wigwam Whoopee
movie 1948 Winter Draws On
movie 1947 A Bout with a Trout
movie 1947 A Scout with the Gout
movie 1947 Abusement Park
movie 1947 All's Fair at the Fair
movie 1947 Cad and Caddy
movie 1947 I'll Be Skiing Ya
movie 1947 Much Ado About Mutton
movie 1947 Naughty But Mice
movie 1947 Popeye and the Pirates
movie 1947 Santa's Surprise
movie 1947 Super Lulu
movie 1947 The Baby Sitter
movie 1947 The Circus Comes to Clown
movie 1947 The Enchanted Square
movie 1947 The Mild West
movie 1947 The Stupidstitious Cat
movie 1947 The Wee Men
movie 1947 Wotta Knight
movie 1947 Madhattan Island
movie 1947 The Royal Four-Flusher
movie 1946 Bargain Counter Attack
movie 1946 Bored of Education
movie 1946 Cheese Burglar
movie 1946 Chick and Double Chick
movie 1946 House Tricks?
movie 1946 Klondike Casanova
movie 1946 Loose in a Caboose
movie 1946 Old MacDonald Had a Farm
movie 1946 Peep in the Deep
movie 1946 Rocket to Mars
movie 1946 Rodeo Romeo
movie 1946 Service with a Guile
movie 1946 Sheep Shape
movie 1946 Spree for All
movie 1946 Sudden Fried Chicken
movie 1946 The Fistic Mystic
movie 1946 The Island Fling
movie 1945 A Lamb in a Jam
movie 1945 A Self-Made Mongrel
movie 1945 Beau Ties
movie 1945 Magica-Lulu
movie 1945 Man's Pest Friend
movie 1945 Mess Production
movie 1945 Pop-Pie a la Mode
movie 1945 Scrappily Married
movie 1945 Shape Ahoy
movie 1945 Snap Happy
movie 1945 The Friendly Ghost
movie 1945 Tops in the Big Top
movie 1945 When G.I. Johnny Comes Home
movie 1945 Daffidilly Daddy
movie 1944 Cilly Goose
movie 1944 Eggs Don't Bounce
movie 1944 Gabriel Churchkitten
movie 1944 Henpecked Rooster
movie 1944 Hullaba-Lulu
movie 1944 I'm Just Curious
movie 1944 It's Nifty to Be Thrifty
movie 1944 Lucky Lulu
movie 1944 Lulu at the Zoo
movie 1944 Lulu Gets the Birdie
movie 1944 Lulu in Hollywood
movie 1944 Lulu's Birthday Party
movie 1944 Lulu's Indoor Outing
movie 1944 Moving Aweigh
movie 1944 Pitchin' Woo at the Zoo
movie 1944 Puppet Love
movie 1944 She-Sick Sailors
movie 1944 Spinach Packin' Popeye
movie 1944 Suddenly It's Spring
movie 1944 The Anvil Chorus Girl
movie 1944 W'ere on Our Way to Rio
movie 1944 Yankee Doodle Donkey
movie 1943 A Jolly Good Furlough
movie 1943 Cartoons Ain't Human
movie 1943 Happy Birthdaze
movie 1943 Her Honor the Mare
movie 1943 Jungle Drums
movie 1943 No Mutton fer Nuttin'
movie 1943 Ration Fer the Duration
movie 1943 Secret Agent
movie 1943 Seein' Red, White 'n' Blue
movie 1943 Spinach Fer Britain
movie 1943 The Hungry Goat
movie 1943 The Marry-Go-Round
movie 1943 The Mummy Strikes
movie 1943 The Underground World
movie 1943 Too Weak to Work
movie 1943 Wood-Peckin'
movie 1942 A Hull of a Mess
movie 1942 Alona on the Sarong Seas
movie 1942 Destruction Inc.
movie 1942 Eleventh Hour
movie 1942 Japoteurs
movie 1942 Me Musical Nephews
movie 1942 Scrap the Japs
movie 1942 Showdown
movie 1942 You're a Sap, Mr. Jap
movie 1942 Billion Dollar Limited
movie 1942 Electric Earthquake
movie 1942 Pip-eye, Pup-eye, Poop-eye an' Peep-eye
movie 1941 Superman
movie 1941 The Mechanical Monsters
movie 1941 The Mighty Navy
movie 1939 Customers Wanted
movie 1939 Leave Well Enough Alone
movie 1938 Cops Is Always Right
movie 1938 Goonland
movie 1938 I Yam Lovesick
movie 1938 Let's Celebrake
movie 1938 The House Builder-Upper
movie 1938 The Jeep
movie 1937 Hospitaliky
movie 1937 I Likes Babies and Infinks
movie 1937 Lost and Foundry
movie 1937 My Artistical Temperature
movie 1937 Protek the Weakerist
movie 1937 The Football Toucher Downer
movie 1937 The Twisker Pitcher
movie 1936 A Clean Shaven Man
movie 1936 Bridge Ahoy!
movie 1936 Brotherly Love
movie 1936 Christmas Comes But Once a Year
movie 1936 Little Swee' Pea
movie 1936 Never Kick a Woman
movie 1936 Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky
movie 1936 What -- No Spinach?
movie 1935 An Elephant Never Forgets
movie 1935 For Better or For Worser
movie 1935 The 'Hyp-Nut-Tist'
movie 1935 The Spinach Overture
movie 1934 A Dream Walking
movie 1934 Axe Me Another
movie 1934 Sock-a-Bye, Baby
movie 1934 Strong to the Finich
movie 1933 I Eats My Spinach
movie 1933 I Yam What I Yam
movie 1933 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
movie 1933 Popeye the Sailor
movie 1933 Seasin's Greetinks!
movie 1933 Sing, Babies, Sing
video movie Mid-Century Modern Animation: Volume 1

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