Shahkrit Yamnarm

Chakrit Yamnam (?????? ???????) (born 25 June 1975 in Bangkok,Thailand) is a Thai film and television actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Shahkrit Yamnarm Filmography

movie 2014 Si Riang Sian Tot as Tot
movie 2012 3 A.M. 3D as Karan
movie 2011 Boy s tenyu 3. Posledniy raund as Jolo
movie 2010 My Best Bodyguard as Thach
movie 2010 Phuchai Lalla as Thaen
movie 2009 My Ex as Ken
movie 2008 A Moment in June as Pakorn
movie 2008 Bangkok Dangerous as Kong
movie 2008 Cris-ka-ja baa sut sut as Kengkat
movie 2008 Fun waan aai joop as Shane
movie 2007 Opapatika as Paison
movie 2004 Bicycles & Radios as Nop
video movie 2003 Belly of the Beast as Brice
movie 2003 February as Jeeradech
movie 2003 Yaowarat
movie 1998 Kon puan sai fah
movie 1998 Rak awk baep mai dai

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Sub Made by kritCN sub team( Chinese Name: 丘比特的被告 English Name: Cupid'sDefendent Thai Name: จำเลยกามเทพ [CH3 2009] Shahkrit ...