Shane Ryan

Shane Ryan Filmography

movie 2014 Darling Nikki as Peloporo
movie 2014 Jurassic Block as Young Frat Guy
movie 2014 The Owl in Echo Park
movie 2013 American Girls as Danny
movie 2013 Blue Dream as Pillip
movie 2013 Dysmorphia as Donnie
movie 2013 Theatre of the Deranged II
movie 2012 My Name Is 'A' by Anonymous
movie 2011 Anti Matter as Eddie
movie 2011 Breath of Hate as Artsy Strip Club Patron
movie 2011 Statick
movie 2011 Violent Blue as Gustav
video movie 2010 Ill-Fated Lovers
video movie 2010 Loner. Loser. Lover. as Loner
video movie 2010 Reality Sucks!
movie 2010 Waldo the Dog
movie 2009 999 West Z Street: The Movie as Kurt
video movie 2009 Amateur Porn Star Killer 3: The Final Chapter as Brandon
movie 2009 Caged Lesbos A-Go-Go as Dr. Roberts
movie 2009 Silent Night, Zombie Night as Michael J. Fox Zombie
movie 2009 Vaginal Holocaust as Corey
movie 2009 Warning!!! Pedophile Released as Malachi
movie 2008 Amateur Porn Star Killer 2 as Brandon
movie 2008 Drillbit Taylor as High School Student
movie 2007 Blades of Glory as Fan
movie 2007 The Cleansing as Boy
movie 2006 Amateur Porn Star Killer as Brandon
video movie 2006 Big Boobs, Blonde Babes, Bad Blood as Himself
movie 2006 Hallucinations Madness of the Bottle
movie 2005 Bad News Bears as Concert Goer
movie 2005 Love Last Captured as Ryan
movie 2004 A Normal Life as Strange Boy
movie 2004 So, We Killed Our Parents as Donnie
movie 2004 The Cold Heat as Johnny
movie 2003 Isolation as Billy
movie 2003 The Snake's Kiss Good-Bye

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Penn State's Shane Ryan won the 100 Freestyle at the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships.

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The work of Shane Ryan

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