Shannon Welles

Shannon Welles Filmography

movie 2014 It's So Easy and Other Lies
movie 2013 Crawlspace as Mrs. Milz
tv movie 2012 West Side Stories as Old Cane Lady
movie 2010 Inception as Old Mal
movie 2008 Blinded as Housekeeper
movie 2006 Robert and Theresa as Theresa
movie 2004 A Little Bit of Heart
movie 2004 Escape to Grizzly Mountain as Gardener
movie 2003 Half-Laughing as Grandma
video movie 2001 Air Rage as Elderly Woman
tv movie 2001 Boycott as Porch Lady
movie 2001 Daybreak Berlin as Frau Braun
tv movie 2000 A Family in Crisis: The Elian Gonzales Story as Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin
movie 2000 Dinner as Baba Yaga
video movie 2000 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: Neptune's Daughter as Grandmother Winslow
movie 1999 Angel's Dance as Crabby Woman
movie 1999 Forces of Nature as Lady in Wheelchair
movie 1998 The Night Caller as Customer
tv movie 1997 A Match Made in Heaven as Ida Chomsky
movie 1997 Girl Crazy as Emily
video movie 1997 The Midas Touch as Witch Lady
video movie 1996 The Sweeper as Grandmother
video movie 1995 Last Man Standing as Mrs. Kane
movie 1995 Raging Angels as Old Woman

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Written, Performed, edited/directed by Barbara Burgio. (Some Photography by Ronnie Porter) Deveoped for the Seattle Slideluck V Organized by Shannon ...

Written, performed and edited/directed by Barbara Burgio Developed for the Seattle IV Slideluck. Organized by Shannon Welles and hosted by Jed Dunkerley.

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