Share Cherrie

Share Cherrie Filmography

movie 2014 Heavy Makeup as Edie
movie 2014 Klohn
movie 2013 Jengo Hooper as Shelly
movie 2011 Hollywood Reject as Madison
video movie 2011 Beverly Hills Ghost Club
movie 2010 Trick of the Witch as Krista
movie 2004 Fashion Murder Groove as Daphne
movie 2001 Lipgloss Explosion! as Taffy
movie 2001 Stateless
movie 2000 Superstar Female Serial Killer as Trish

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2nd official movie trailer for the award winning horror film TRICK OF THE WITCH. Written & Directed by Chris Morrissey. Starring Share Cherrie. Trailer edite...

First official movie trailer for the supernatural horror film TRICK OF THE WITCH written, produced & directed by Chris Morrissey. Winner of Best Horror Film ...

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