Sharon Mitchell

Sharon Mitchell Filmography

video movie 2012 Lasbian Lunch's of the 80's
tv series 2009 Hardcore Profits as Herself
movie 2008 9 to 5: Days in Porn as Herself
movie 2008 American Swing as Herself
video movie 2008 Assfucking in the 80's
video movie 2008 The Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever, Vol. 2
movie 2008 Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon as Herself - Former Adult Film Star
video movie 2007 Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol as Herself
video movie 2006 Cock Loving Moms
movie 2006 Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star as Herself
video movie 2006 Fun with Chick & Jane
video movie 2005 Pornstar Pets
video movie 2004 John Holmes: The Man, the Myth, the Legend as Herself - Interviewee
movie 2004 Naked Fame as Herself - Ex-porn star
tv movie 2004 Thinking XXX as Herself
tv movie 2004 When Rated X Ruled the World as Herself
tv movie 2003 Centerfold Babylon as Herself
video movie 2003 Deep Inside Ginger Lynn
video movie 2003 Hard Trip as Herself
movie 2003 Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography as Herself
video movie 2003 The Legends of Sex as Herself
movie 2002 1 Giant Leap as Herself
video movie 2002 Adult Video News Awards 2002 as Herself
video movie 2002 Amber Lynn: Up Close & Personal
video movie 2002 Downtown Very Brown
video movie 2002 Sodomania: Slop Shots 11
tv movie 2002 The History of Hardcore as Herself
movie 2002 The Prince of Porn as Rebecca
video movie 2002 Ultimate Ginger Lynn
video movie 2001 Bad Hair Day
movie 2001 Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy as Herself
video movie 2001 Seized & Controlled
tv series 2001 Adults Only: The Secret History of the Other Hollywood as Herself
video movie 2000 Feel My Sting as Whip Woman
movie 2000 Give Me Your Soul... as Herself
video movie 2000 Prisoner of Sex as Herself
video movie 2000 S.M.U.T. 16: Bright Lights/Dark City as Kidnapper
video movie 2000 Shooter
video movie 2000 Splatterhouse #10
video movie 2000 Whispers
video movie 2000 Always Lily White
video movie 1999 75 Nurse Orgy
video movie 1999 Blowjob Tour of Los Angeles 1
video movie 1999 Eyes of Desire 2 as Amy
video movie 1999 High Heeled Dreams
video movie 1999 Knockout as Miss Haze
video movie 1999 Las Vegas Revue '99
video movie 1999 Naked in Tampa Bay 1
video movie 1999 Sex Fun 2
video movie 1999 The Boxer and the Stripper as Miss Haze
movie 1999 The Girl Next Door as Herself
video movie 1999 The Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time
video movie 1999 The World's Luckiest Patient
video movie 1999 Torn as Jayne Manchester
movie 1999 Wadd: The Life & Times of John C. Holmes as Herself
tv series 1999 Sexmodellerne - det andet Hollywood as Herself
video movie 1999 The World's Biggest Gang Bang III - The Houston 620
tv movie 1998 A Change of Heart as Chris Ferraro-D.A.
video movie 1998 Eyes of Desire
tv movie 1998 Fifteen and Pregnant as Receptionist
tv movie 1998 Final Justice as TV Reporter #1
video movie 1998 Ginger Snacks as Sharon
video movie 1998 Masseuse 3
movie 1998 Porn... It's a Living as Herself
video movie 1998 Sinful Desires 2 as NonSex
video movie 1998 The New Girl on the Block as Mitch
video movie 1998 The Pornographer
video movie 1998 Three Brothers as Sarah
video movie 1998 Timeless as Wild Child
video movie 1998 Violation of Chandler
tv series 1998 Kings in Grass Castles as Koorie Jane
video movie 1997 Debbie Does Dallas: The Next Generation as Kathy
video movie 1997 Deep Inside Missy
video movie 1997 Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 29
video movie 1997 Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 30 as Herself
video movie 1997 Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 35
movie 1997 Dr. Sado
video movie 1997 Fountain of Innocence
movie 1997 From the Heart
video movie 1997 Generation Sex Volume One: The Gallery
movie 1997 Howard
movie 1997 Las Vegas Revue '97
video movie 1997 No Man's Land 16
video movie 1997 Philmore Butts Looking for Lust
video movie 1997 Surveillance
video movie 1996 Adam and Eve's House Party 2
video movie 1996 Bondage Watch 2
video movie 1996 Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 27 as Herself
movie 1996 Max World 6: Rolling and Reaming
movie 1996 Out Call Punishment
movie 1996 Return of Dr. Blacklove
video movie 1995 Best of Female Domination 15
video movie 1995 Horny Throat
video movie 1995 Infamous Crimes Against Nature
video movie 1995 Mechanics bi Day, Lube Job bi Night
video movie 1995 Stiletto as Rachel Hines
video movie 1995 The Ultimate Fantasy
video movie 1995 Dragon Lady
movie 1994 101 Sex Positions
video movie 1994 A Weekend in Bondage
video movie 1994 Best of Flame
video movie 1994 Colossal Orgy 2
video movie 1994 Colossal Orgy 3
video movie 1994 Disciples of Discipline
video movie 1994 Harlem Honies 2: Nasty in New York
video movie 1994 Journal of O: Servant Slave
video movie 1994 Leatherbound Dykes from Hell
video movie 1994 Lesbian Sex, Power & Money
video movie 1994 Oriental Oddballs
video movie 1994 Party Partners
video movie 1994 Succulent Toes
video movie 1994 The Assistant
video movie 1994 The Domination of Summer
video movie 1994 The Domination of Summer 2
video movie 1994 The Queens of Mean
video movie 1994 The Secret Life of Herbert Dingle
video movie 1994 Witchcraft 2000 as Fortune teller
video movie 1994 Women Who Control the Family Jewels 2
video movie 1994 Junkyard Dykes
video movie 1994 Junkyard Dykes 2
video movie 1994 Junkyard Dykes 3
video movie 1993 Adult Video News Awards 1993 as Herself
video movie 1993 Almost Home Alone as Strip Club Dancer
video movie 1993 At the Mercy of Mistress Jacqueline
video movie 1993 Best of Female Domination 10
video movie 1993 Best of Female Domination 11
video movie 1993 Best of Female Domination 12
video movie 1993 Best of Female Domination 8
movie 1993 Bizarre Mistress Series: Sharon Mitchell
video movie 1993 Bondage Across the Border as Dominatrix
video movie 1993 Bossy Mistresses
video movie 1993 Chains of Passion
video movie 1993 Chug-a-Lug Girls 2
video movie 1993 Colossal Orgy
video movie 1993 Dangerous Assignment
video movie 1993 Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 10 as Herself
video movie 1993 Dream Caller
video movie 1993 Dungeon De Sade
video movie 1993 Fantasy Doctor
video movie 1993 I Love L.A. II
video movie 1993 Latex Foot Torture
video movie 1993 Lipstick Lesbians as Masturbation scene
video movie 1993 More Than a Handful
video movie 1993 No Man's Land 8: Eight Women Who Ate Women as Psychic
video movie 1993 Paddled Payoff
video movie 1993 Sodomania 6
video movie 1993 Stasha's Last Kiss
video movie 1993 The Madame's Boudoir
video movie 1993 Threshold of Fear
video movie 1993 Be Careful What You Wish For!
movie 1992 A Girl's Affair
video movie 1992 Adult Video News Awards 1992 as Herself
video movie 1992 Amber Waves
video movie 1992 Anal Future
video movie 1992 Best of Female Domination 6
video movie 1992 Best of Female Domination 7
video movie 1992 Bizarre Mistress Series: Mistress Jacqueline
movie 1992 Buns and Roses
video movie 1992 Defiance, the Spanking Saga
video movie 1992 Defiance, the Spanking Saga Continues
video movie 1992 Dresden Diary 5: Invasion of Privacy
video movie 1992 Enema Obedience
movie 1992 Feast as Brenda Whitlock
video movie 1992 Gangbang Girl 2
video movie 1992 I Remember When...
video movie 1992 Latex Submission
video movie 1992 Latex Submission 2
video movie 1992 Learn Your Lessons
video movie 1992 Legends of Porn III
video movie 1992 Mistress Jacqueline's Slave School
video movie 1992 Play It Again... Samantha!
video movie 1992 Seymore Butts & the Honeymooners
movie 1992 Seymore Butts: In the Love Shack as Sharon
video movie 1992 Spank!
video movie 1992 The Ultimate Surrender of a Slave... the Final Bond
video movie 1991 B & D Sorority as Housemother of Beta Delta Sorority
movie 1991 Black Balled as Sharon Mitchell
video movie 1991 Bondage Academy
video movie 1991 Bondage Academy 2
video movie 1991 Carnal College
video movie 1991 Catfighting 2
movie 1991 Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown as Bald Subhumanoid
video movie 1991 Climb to Sex-Dome 3
video movie 1991 Girls Gone Bad 3: Back to the Slammer
video movie 1991 Girls Gone Bad 4: Cell Block Riot
video movie 1991 Girls Gone Bad 5: Mexican Justice
video movie 1991 Lessons in Humiliation
movie 1991 Motorcycle Mistress Mamas
video movie 1991 Passion Princess
video movie 1991 Slaves in Heat
video movie 1991 Suburban Dykes
video movie 1991 The Bi Spy
video movie 1991 The Bi-Analist
video movie 1991 The Ultimate
video movie 1991 Trapped by the Mistress
video movie 1990 1-800-TIME as Ms. Hotpanz
movie 1990 B Sorority
video movie 1990 Best of Bruce Seven 2
video movie 1990 Best of Bruce Seven 3
video movie 1990 Best of Bruce Seven 4
movie 1990 Bi Dream of Genie
video movie 1990 Bi-Heat 5
video movie 1990 Bi-Heat 6
video movie 1990 Bi-Heat 7
video movie 1990 Bi-Heat 8
video movie 1990 Big Tit Orgy 1
video movie 1990 Blue Vanities 128
movie 1990 Dirty Books
movie 1990 Female Persuasion
video movie 1990 Ginger Then and Now
movie 1990 Girl Country
movie 1990 Girls, Girls, and More Girls
video movie 1990 Keisha
movie 1990 Kiss Thy Mistress' Feet
movie 1990 Kiss Thy Mistress' Feet 2
movie 1990 Ladies Lovin' Ladies
video movie 1990 Ladies Room as 1980s Transsexual punk
movie 1990 Lick My Lips
movie 1990 Night on the Town
video movie 1990 Night Vibes
video movie 1990 Nights in Black Satin
video movie 1990 Only the Best 3 as Herself
movie 1990 Pure Energy
movie 1990 Swing and Swap Party 2
video movie 1990 Tax Trouble
video movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 2
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 3
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 4
video movie 1990 The Naked Truth
movie 1990 Weekend Blues
movie 1990 Untamed Passion
video movie 1989 Bedtime Stories
movie 1989 Black Bimbos in Heat
movie 1989 Cat on a Hot Sin Roof
movie 1989 Cock Robin
video movie 1989 Coming on Strong
video movie 1989 Dildo Riders as Segment 2 Girl
movie 1989 Dreams Bi-Night
movie 1989 Dresden Diary 3
movie 1989 Dresden Diary 4
video movie 1989 Eye of the Tigress as Lola
video movie 1989 Firestorm 3
movie 1989 Fondle with Care
video movie 1989 Friday the 13th: Part 2 - The Next Generation as Carolyn
movie 1989 Getting Off on Broadway
movie 1989 Girl Crazy
video movie 1989 Girl World: Part III
movie 1989 Have I Got a Girl for You
movie 1989 Hometown Honeys 3
video movie 1989 Hot Service
movie 1989 Inch bi Inch
movie 1989 Invitation Only
movie 1989 Le sex de femme 4
movie 1989 Moonglow
movie 1989 Mystery of the Golden Lotus
video movie 1989 Open House as Tiffany, Sommers Asst.
movie 1989 Orgies
movie 1989 Outrageous Housewife 1
video movie 1989 Sharon Mitchell Non-stop
video movie 1989 Simply Irresistible
video movie 1989 Sinners 3 as Alba
movie 1989 Split Decision
video movie 1989 The Big Gun
movie 1989 The Golden Gals
movie 1989 The Ultimate Climax
video movie 1989 The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers as Herself
video movie 1989 This Bun's for You
movie 1989 Trans Europe Express
video movie 1989 UninhiBIted
movie 1989 Wet Pink
movie 1989 Wet Tails
video movie 1989 Wicked Women
video movie 1989 Making the Grade
movie 1989 Retail Slut
video movie 1989 Snow Black & the Seven Wienies
video movie 1989 Space Cadet
movie 1989 Wives of the Rich and Famous
movie 1988 69 Pump Street
movie 1988 A Taste of Money as Anne
movie 1988 A Woman's Touch
video movie 1988 Amorous Adventures of Janette Littledove
movie 1988 Barbara Dare's Bad
video movie 1988 Barbii Bound
movie 1988 Bionca on Fire
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 57
movie 1988 Both Ends Burning
video movie 1988 Bound to Tease 2
video movie 1988 Bound to Tease 3
movie 1988 Crocodile Blondee 2 as Teri
video movie 1988 Days Gone Bi
movie 1988 Her Every Wish as Kim
movie 1988 HHHHot! TV
movie 1988 HHHHot! TV 2
video movie 1988 Hotel California
video movie 1988 Insatiable
movie 1988 Krystal Balling as Krystal
video movie 1988 Liquid Love as Madam Zola
movie 1988 Mammary Lane
video movie 1988 Maxine as Helena Rox
video movie 1988 No Man's Land 2 as Madame Woo
video movie 1988 Only the Best of Oral
video movie 1988 Oral Majority: Part Five
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 2
movie 1988 Perfect Stranger
video movie 1988 Rear Busters
movie 1988 Rhine Waltz
movie 1988 She-Male Sanitarium
movie 1988 Showdown as Crystal
video movie 1988 Sinners as Alba
video movie 1988 Sinners 2 as Alba
movie 1988 Skin Dive
video movie 1988 Soul Kiss This
video movie 1988 Starlets 12: Sharon Mitchell
video movie 1988 Tail for Sale
movie 1988 The Joys of Masturbation as Masturbating Woman
movie 1988 Who Dun Who
video movie 1988 With Love, Littledove
video movie 1987 Amazing Sex Stories: Part 2
video movie 1987 Back to Back
movie 1987 Barbara Dare's Roman Holiday as Gabriella
video movie 1987 Bare Essentials
video movie 1987 Blazing Bedrooms as Jasmine
movie 1987 Born to Be Bad
movie 1987 Careena: Young and Restless
movie 1987 China White
video movie 1987 Dangerous Women as Zoey
video movie 1987 Diamond Collection Double X 12
video movie 1987 Dr. Blacklove
movie 1987 Dream Lovers
movie 1987 Firestorm II: The Angel Blade as Elise Paul
video movie 1987 Flesh for Fantasies
video movie 1987 Furburgers (Home of the Box Lunch)
video movie 1987 Girl World: Part I
movie 1987 Grand Prixxx as Angelica
video movie 1987 Hard Rockin' Babes as Boomer
movie 1987 Head Clinic
video movie 1987 Hotline 976
movie 1987 In Charm's Way
video movie 1987 Innocent Seduction
movie 1987 Kinky
movie 1987 Leather and Lace
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
video movie 1987 Load Warrior II: The Second Coming as Wet
movie 1987 Loose Morals
video movie 1987 Lust Italian Style as Maria
movie 1987 Lust Weekend
movie 1987 Mitzi's Honor as Mitzi
video movie 1987 Nasty Lovers
video movie 1987 Oral Majority 2: The Big Gulp.
video movie 1987 Oral Majority 3: The Lust Continues...
movie 1987 Phone Sex Girls
video movie 1987 Porsche: The Girl... the Car... the Legend as Dina
movie 1987 Princess Charming as Terri
movie 1987 San Fernando Valley Girls as Jami
video movie 1987 Sex Maniacs
movie 1987 She Comes in Colors
movie 1987 Snake Eyes II as Sybil
video movie 1987 Star Ship Intercourse
video movie 1987 Summer Lovers
movie 1987 Surf, Sand and Sex
movie 1987 Sweet Things
video movie 1987 Talk Dirty to Me: Part 4 as Mermaid
video movie 1987 The $50,000,000 Cherry as Aunt Emily
video movie 1987 The Best Little Whorehouse in Hong Kong
video movie 1987 The Load Warrior
movie 1987 The Penetration of Elle Rio
movie 1987 Touch Me
movie 1987 Traci's Big Trick
video movie 1987 Tres riche as Connie
movie 1987 Wet Dreams 2001
tv series 1987 Foreign Bodies as Cabaret Dancer
movie 1986 52 Pick-Up as Party Goer
video movie 1986 Aerobics Girls Club as Rocky
movie 1986 Amber Pays the Rent
video movie 1986 Another Kind of Love
video movie 1986 Backside to the Future as Mrs. Claypool
movie 1986 Beverly Hills Cox as Karen's Partner
video movie 1986 Blacks and Blondes 37
video movie 1986 Breakin In
movie 1986 C Hunt
movie 1986 Chuck & Di in Heat
video movie 1986 Club Exotica
video movie 1986 Club Exotica II: Part Two - The Next Day...
video movie 1986 Club Ginger as Cheesecake
movie 1986 Confessions of a Middle-Aged Nympho as Prudish neighbor
video movie 1986 Dangerous Curves as Rose - The Maid
movie 1986 Deep Throat Girls
video movie 1986 Ginger's Greatest Boy/Girl Hits as Sharon
video movie 1986 Ginger's Sex Asylum as Nurse Pyle
video movie 1986 Girl Toys as Elaine Evans
video movie 1986 Greatest All Girl Hits
video movie 1986 Hannah Does Her Sisters as Marian
movie 1986 Heidi
video movie 1986 Honeymoon Harlots
movie 1986 Jewel of the Nite as Barb
video movie 1986 Joanna Storm on Fire as Dr. Allen
movie 1986 Kamikaze Hearts as Mitch
video movie 1986 Like a Virgin 2 as The Beaver
video movie 1986 Living Doll as Robot
video movie 1986 Nymphette
movie 1986 Rough Draft
movie 1986 Sacrificed to Love
movie 1986 Sex Game
movie 1986 Sexually Altered States
video movie 1986 Star Cuts 21: Sharon Mitchell
movie 1986 The Autobiography of Herman Flogger
video movie 1986 The Devil in Miss Dare
video movie 1986 The End of Innocence
video movie 1986 The Girls on F Street
movie 1986 The Kiss
video movie 1986 The World According to Ginger as Cleo
video movie 1986 Triple Xposure as Kitty
movie 1986 West Coast Girls
movie 1986 Wet Kisses
video movie 1986 With Love, Lisa
movie 1985 2002: A Sex Odyssey
movie 1985 Amber & Sharon Do Paris
movie 1985 Amber & Sharon Do Paris 2 as Sharon
movie 1985 Backdoor to Paris
movie 1985 Blue Ribbon Blue as Molly
movie 1985 Dames
movie 1985 Desperate Women as Carla
movie 1985 From Paris with Lust
movie 1985 Getting Personal as Sylvia
video movie 1985 Glory
movie 1985 How Do You Like It? as Midge
video movie 1985 Jawbreakers
movie 1985 Les Lesbos of Paris
movie 1985 Les Lesbos of Paris 2
video movie 1985 Magic Girls as Darker-Haired Girl on Raft
video movie 1985 Physical II as Girl #2
video movie 1985 Poonies as Mother Lode
movie 1985 She's So Fine!
movie 1985 Snake Eyes as Biker girl
movie 1985 Spitfire as Brenda Gleem
video movie 1985 Surfside Sex
movie 1985 Taija: Sizzling Hot
video movie 1985 Teacher's Favorite Pet
movie 1985 The Lust Bug
video movie 1985 The Reincarnation of Don Juan as Girl Outdoors
movie 1985 Thought You'd Never Ask as Depressed Woman
movie 1985 When She Was Bad as Model
movie 1985 With Love, Loni
movie 1985 Women at Play as Priscilla Parks
video movie 1985 X-Rated Bloopers Outtakes & Embarassing Moments as Herself
video movie 1985 D.O.D.: Dick of Death
video movie 1985 Little Muffy Johnson
movie 1984 Bizarre Thunder
video movie 1984 Blue Voodoo as Stripper with Black Widow
video movie 1984 Cagney & Stacey
movie 1984 Dirty Blonde as Karen's Taller Cousin
movie 1984 Firestorm as Elise Paul
movie 1984 Good Girls, Bad Girls as Elaine Random
video movie 1984 Hot Ones
movie 1984 Lady Lust
movie 1984 Passionate Lee
video movie 1984 Space Virgins as Delta
movie 1984 Sulka's Wedding as Sue
video movie 1984 The Seduction of Lana Shore
movie 1984 Throat... 12 Years After as The Hooker
movie 1984 Wild in the Sheets
movie 1983 Bold Obsession
movie 1983 Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
movie 1983 Feels Like Silk as Carol
movie 1983 Hot Dreams as Lisa Curtis
movie 1983 Maneaters as Show World Performer
movie 1983 Midnight Heat as Alan's Wife
movie 1983 Nasty Girls as Carol
movie 1983 Never Sleep Alone as Dominatrix
movie 1983 Night Hunger as Lillith Blair
movie 1983 Sexcapades as Miriam
movie 1983 Show Your Love as Kim
movie 1983 Smoker as Madame Suque
movie 1983 Suze's Centerfolds 7
movie 1983 Suzie Superstar as Opan Kincaid
movie 1983 Swedish Erotica 46
video movie 1983 The Personal Touch as Herself
movie 1983 The Widespread Scandals of Lydia Lace as Lydia Lace
movie 1982 Blue Jeans as Cindy
movie 1982 Brief Affair as Molly
movie 1982 Consenting Adults as Girl with Headband
movie 1982 Dirty Looks
movie 1982 Foxtrot as Faith
movie 1982 Luscious as Nanette
movie 1982 Marathon
movie 1982 Scoundrels as Mary Lou
movie 1982 That's My Daughter as Angel
movie 1982 The Devil in Miss Jones Part II as Marie Antoinette
movie 1982 The Starmaker as Herself
movie 1982 The Taming of Rebecca as Rebecca
movie 1982 Touch Me in the Morning as Margie
movie 1982 Undercovers as Enema
movie 1982 Valerie
movie 1982 Wanda Whips Wall Street as Girl with Janie and Biff
movie 1982 Wild Dallas Honey as Sandra
movie 1981 All the King's Ladies
movie 1981 Every Which Way She Can as Randy Often
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 40
movie 1981 Trashi as Ingrid
video movie 1981 Wet Shots
movie 1981 World of Henry Paris
movie 1980 A Place Beyond Shame as Girl Walking Down Street
movie 1980 Fascination as Audrey
movie 1980 Intimate Desires as Girl with Alfred - Hair Up
movie 1980 Maniac as Second Nurse
movie 1980 Night of the Juggler as Susie
movie 1980 The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue as Hostess
movie 1980 The Seduction of Cindy
movie 1980 Times Square as Audience Member in Nightclub
movie 1979 Chorus Call as Girl with Hat Entering Building
movie 1979 Little Blue Box as Channel 69 Girl - Long Hair
movie 1978 A Taste of Bette as Girl on TV
movie 1978 Carnal Games
movie 1978 Daughters of Discipline as Girl in Phone Booth
movie 1978 Dial 'P' for Pleasure as Cherry
movie 1978 Dirty Lily as Miss Tits
movie 1978 Doogan's Woman as Model in Tub
movie 1978 Skin-Flicks as Susan
movie 1977 Barbara Broadcast as Waitress with Harvey
movie 1977 Breaker Beauties as Debby
movie 1977 Captain Lust as Sweet Anne
movie 1977 Exploring Young Girls as Sharon
movie 1977 French Classmates as Orgy Girl
movie 1977 French-Teen as Bebe
movie 1977 Heat Wave as Secretary
movie 1977 Jail Bait as June Baker
movie 1977 Joint Venture as Mirror Girl
movie 1977 Joy as Joy
movie 1977 Lisa Meets Mr. Big as Lisa Duval
movie 1977 My Sex-Rated Wife as Fay
movie 1977 Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip as Cross-Dresser
movie 1977 Portraits of Pleasure
movie 1977 Teenage Pajama Party as Betsy's Partner
movie 1977 The Night Bird as Girl on Dance Floor
movie 1977 The Passion Seekers as Ellen
movie 1977 The Secret Dreams of Mona Q as Forest Nymph
movie 1977 The Violation of Claudia as Claudia
movie 1977 Two Timer
movie 1977 Visions as Trapeze Girl
movie 1977 Water Power as Eve
movie 1976 Blonde Velvet as Nurse with Therapy Patient
movie 1976 Cracked Ice as Police Sgt. April
movie 1976 Domination Blue as Wanda
movie 1976 Les Nympho Teens
movie 1976 She's No Angel as Angel Starbuck
movie 1976 Sin of Lust as Margot - The Third Wife
movie 1976 Teenage Housewife
movie 1976 That Lady from Rio as Darla
movie 1976 The Travails of June as Helga
movie 1975 Too Young to Care as Carrie

Sharon Mitchell on Youtube

Raucous romp starring the legendary Sharon Mitchell as the insatiable Joy! Check out my blog at:!

Sharon Mitchell - Grindhouse Panel at Cinema Wasteland October 6th 2012 Hosted by: 42nd St. Pete and Ed Demko.

I sourced this from my Blue Video Beta tape and this is as good as it's gonna get. I think there are better quality versions out there from other sources, bu...

Adult Film legend and AIM Healthcare founder Sharon Mitchell interviewed in LA, September 2000, and discussing her lengthy film career, the adult industry, H...