Shawn C. Phillips

Shawn C. Phillips Filmography

movie 2016 Community Service's Bloody Island
movie 2015 Vengeance Wears a Skirt as Roosevelt Blair
movie 2014 American Slaughter as Wade
movie 2014 Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami as Luke Aldin
movie 2014 Ghoulish Tales as Skip Baxter
movie 2014 Grave Robbers from Outer Space as Undead
movie 2014 Jersey Shore Massacre as Keith
video movie 2014 Nazi Dawn as Allan
movie 2014 Redlight Kate as Luke
movie 2014 Sasquatch vs. Yeti as Milo St. Claire
movie 2014 Scream Queen Campfire as Don
movie 2014 The Dinner Guest as Kris
movie 2014 Vampire Club 3D as Nerdy Man
movie 2013 All American Christmas Carol
movie 2013 Blue Dream as Jr Milney
movie 2013 Dracula's Orgy of the Damned as Werewolf
movie 2013 Dysmorphia as Shawn
movie 2013 Fat Planet as Jester
tv movie 2013 Ghost Shark as Mick
movie 2013 Kung Fu and Titties as The Instructor
movie 2013 Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies as Carlos the Vlogger
movie 2013 Terror Vortex as News Reporter
movie 2013 Treasure Chest of Horrors II as The Girl
movie 2013 Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood as Barista
movie 2012 Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer as Preacher
video movie 2012 Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake as Dick Wrinkeson
movie 2012 Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas as Shawn
movie 2012 Girls Gone Dead as Jared
movie 2012 Grave Encounters 2 as Vlogger
tv movie 2012 Haunted High as Blake
movie 2012 Mountain Mafia as Fat Tv Character
movie 2012 Porkchop 3D as Presenter
movie 2012 The Haunting of Whaley House as Matthew 'Meathouse' Carter
movie 2012 Theatre of the Deranged as Kid at Fair
movie 2012 Treasure Chest of Horrors as Colin
movie 2011 Bloody Mary 3D as Officer Stevens
movie 2011 Chillerama as Terrified Citizen
video movie 2011 Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare Part IV as Dare committer
movie 2011 Demon of Castlebury as Wally Gosler
movie 2011 Finger Bang as Behemoth
movie 2011 Insignificant Celluloid as Don
movie 2011 Mary Horror as Andy Riley
video movie 2011 Monitor as Patient on Screen
movie 2011 Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical as Bartender
movie 2011 Porkchops
movie 2011 PUTA: People for the Upstanding Treatment of Animals as Monster
movie 2011 Red River as Man in Informercial
movie 2011 The Los Angeles Ripper as Guy on TV
movie 2011 Witch's Brew as Cosmo
video movie 2011 Zombie Babies as Louis
movie 2010 Around the Country as Shawn
movie 2010 Fell as Radio Announcer
movie 2010 Geek War as Simore
movie 2010 President's Day as Dennis
movie 2010 Slaughter Weekend as Don Wowson
tv movie 2010 The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special as Lord Coolduder
tv series 2010 Look as Video Blogger
movie 2009 Hell House as Shawn
video movie 2009 Macabre Medicine as Stefan Sarris
movie 2009 Sasquatch Assault as Don
movie 2009 Skittin Across America as Don
movie 2009 The Limb Collector as Louie
movie 2008 12-24 as Tree lights zombie
movie 2008 Banshee!!! as Don
movie 2008 Body in a Dumpster as Fat Tv Cop
video movie 2008 The Caged Girl? as The Girl
movie Blood Wings
movie The Lashman as Bobby Douglas
movie The Melon Heads as Doug

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