Shawn Lawrence

Shawn Lawrence Filmography

movie 2013 The Babysitter as Father
movie 2013 With Truelove Showers as George
movie 2012 The Tape as Pawn Shop Owner
movie 2011 Conduct Unbecoming as Veteran
movie 2011 Down the Road Again as Sammy
tv movie 2011 Silent Witness as John Taylor
tv movie 2010 Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf as Oliver Walthrop
movie 2010 Re-Wire as Dr. Vanuz
movie 2010 Rosie Takes the Train as Man
movie 2010 Living on Stilts
tv movie 2009 A Nanny's Secret as Kurt
tv movie 2009 Before You Say 'I Do' as Justice of the Peace
movie 2009 Boxed In
movie 2009 The Disconnection of Cyrus Bent as Dr. Jim
movie 2008 Hair of the Dog as Wickens
video movie 2008 The Last Hit Man as Fuller
tv movie 2006 Shades of Black: The Conrad Black Story as Dixon Chant
tv movie 2006 The Great Polar Bear Adventure as Krakush
tv movie 2005 Christmas in Boston as Mr. Dugan
tv movie 2005 Devil's Perch as Jackson
movie 2004 Against the Ropes as Philadelphia Fight Official
video movie 2004 Out of Reach as Agent Shepherd
movie 2004 Safe as Mr. Grey
movie 2004 The Good Shepherd as Bishop Sorano
tv movie 2004 Written on My Hand
movie 2003 Crime Spree as Agent Pogue
movie 2003 Darkness Falling as Senior Lawyer
movie 2003 It All Happens Incredibly Fast as Stan Billings
movie 2002 Between Strangers as Marty
tv movie 2002 Gleason as William S. Paley
tv movie 2002 The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire as Brother Marstoke
movie 2002 Triggermen as Roger Deschamps
tv movie 2001 Brian's Song as Doctor O'Conner
movie 2001 Exit Wounds as O'Malley
tv movie 2001 Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot as Alex Carter
tv movie 2001 Jewel as Larry Tindle
movie 2001 Tart as Fred the Doorman
movie 2001 True Blue as Bass
movie 2000 Bait as Warden Clay
tv movie 2000 On Hostile Ground as Andre
tv movie 2000 Run the Wild Fields as Mr. Thurman
movie 2000 Steal This Movie as Stahl
tv movie 2000 Who Killed Atlanta's Children? as Motel Clerk
movie 1999 Dogmatic as Priest
movie 1999 Pushing Tin as Pilot Voice
tv movie 1999 Rocky Marciano as Irish Worker
movie 1998 Airborne as Cop #1
tv movie 1998 Aldrich Ames: Traitor Within as Johnson
movie 1998 Blind Faith as Prosecuting Attorney
tv movie 1998 Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Families as Postman
tv movie 1998 The Fixer as Earl Landry
video movie 1998 Valentine's Day as Mr. Fred Hamilton
tv movie 1997 The Defenders: Payback as Judge Bach
tv movie 1996 Beyond the Call as Bartender
tv movie 1996 Cagney & Lacey: True Convictions as Andrew
tv movie 1996 Captive Heart: The James Mink Story as Horse auctioneer
tv movie 1996 Escape Clause as Charles Ives
tv movie 1996 The Morrison Murders: Based on a True Story as Garth
tv movie 1995 At the Midnight Hour as Cabbie
tv movie 1995 Sugartime as Pit boss
tv movie 1995 The Wharf Rat as Armored Car Guard
tv movie 1994 Incident in a Small Town as Backslapper
movie 1994 Tafelspitz as Barkeeper
movie 1993 Back in Action as Police Investigator
movie 1993 Change of Heart as Commercial Director
tv movie 1992 A Town Torn Apart as McCarthy
tv movie 1992 To Catch a Killer as Mr. Gant
tv movie 1990 Clarence as Clarence's Cabbie
tv movie 1990 On Thin Ice: The Tai Babilonia Story
tv movie 1990 Personals as Vince
movie 1987 Keeping Track as Pierre de Beaufort
movie 1987 Street Smart as Bartender
tv movie 1986 Barnum as R.W.Lindsay
tv movie 1986 Mafia Princess as Photographer
tv movie 1986 Sword of Gideon as Bank Manager
movie 1986 The Trumpeter as Colonel
tv movie 1981 The July Group as Ken Quimby
movie 1981 Threshold as Tall O.R. Visitor
movie 1979 Running as Kenny's Trainer

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[VoidElsword] (Though it's more of a showcase than a trailer, ahuehue) Website link: Thanks to my friend, Shawn Lawrence, for the song! Time t. 8D Now in a trailer-ish way! My friend, Shawn Lawrence, made this song!

Zocalo Toronto presents the official trailer for it's third original production, a hilarious new stage comedy which premiered at the Tarragon Theatre as part...

The All Veteran Veteran Group is a unique collection of highly experienced parachutists who represent the essence of what it means to be an American: patriot...