Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts (born 2 April 1984) is a Canadian actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Shawn Roberts Filmography

movie 2014 Feed the Gods as Will
tv movie 2014 The Girl He Met Online as Andy Collins
tv movie 2013 Her Husband's Betrayal as Riley Coulter
movie 2012 A Little Bit Zombie as Craig
video movie 2012 Back from the Afterlife: Making 'Resident Evil: Retribution' as Himself
tv movie 2012 Broken Trust as Eric Robinson
movie 2012 Resident Evil: Retribution as Albert Wesker
tv movie 2012 The Music Teacher as Jace
video movie 2012 Wyatt Earp's Revenge as Wyatt Earp - 1878
tv movie 2011 Reel Love as Jay
video movie 2011 Undead Evolution: Making 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' as Albert Wesker
movie 2010 Edge of Darkness as Burnham
movie 2010 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief as Camp Demigod
video movie 2010 Program Alice: Activated as Himself
movie 2010 Resident Evil: Afterlife as Albert Wesker
tv movie 2009 Black Rain as Jack Webster
movie 2009 I Love You, Beth Cooper as Kevin
movie 2009 Survival of the Dead as Tony
movie 2008 Jumper as English Bartender
tv movie 2007 Betrayals as George Watnick
movie 2007 Diary of the Dead as Tony Ravello
movie 2007 Left for Dead as Clark
tv movie 2007 Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming as Luke
movie 2006 Man of the Year as Pick-Up Truck Driver
movie 2006 Shock to the System as Larry Phelps
movie 2006 Skinwalkers as Adam Kilmer
movie 2005 Cheaper by the Dozen 2 as Calvin Murtaugh
movie 2005 Land of the Dead as Mike
tv movie 2005 Stone Cold as Bo Marino
movie 2005 Thralls as Jim
movie 2004 A Home at the End of the World as Club Boy
movie 2004 Going the Distance as Tyler
tv movie 2004 Mrs. Ashboro's Cat as Kurt
movie 2004 Siblings as Tom Muster
movie 2004 Taking Lives as Desk Clerk
movie 2004 Zeyda and the Hitman as Alpha Boy
movie 2003 Detention as Corey Washington
tv movie 2003 Fallen Angel as Terry at 18 Years
tv movie 2003 Word of Honor as Young PFC. Sadowski
tv movie 2002 We Were the Mulvaneys as Zachary Lundt
movie 2001 Get Over It as Colin
movie 2000 X-Men as Rogue's Boyfriend
movie 1999 Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang as Daniel
tv movie 1999 Sea People as Peter Warner
movie Somebody Else as Ryan

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