Shawnee Smith

Shawnee Smith (born July 3, 1970) is an American film and television actress and singer. Smith is best known for her roles as Amanda Young in the Saw films and Linda in the CBS sitcom Becker. ... more on Wikipedia

Shawnee Smith Filmography

movie 2013 Grace Unplugged as Michelle Trey
movie 2012 Jayne Mansfield's Car as Vicky Caldwell
tv movie 2012 Reel America as Lisa Slotnik
tv movie 2011 FEARnet's Movies with More Brains as Herself
tv movie 2011 Twist & Shout: The Saw Story as Herself
movie 2010 Kill Speed as Honey
movie 2009 Saw VI as Amanda
movie 2009 Tattoos: A Scarred History
movie 2009 The Grudge 3 as Dr. Sullivan
video movie 2009 The Grudge 3: Tokyágöaria
movie 2008 Saw V as Amanda
tv series 2008 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust as Detective Gina Harcourt
movie 2007 Greater Than a Tiger as Alice
movie 2007 Saw IV as Amanda Young
tv movie 2007 Secrets of an Undercover Wife as Lisa
tv movie 2007 Traveling in Packs as Ivy
movie 2006 Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film as Herself
movie 2006 Repo! The Genetic Opera as Heather
movie 2006 Saw III as Amanda Young
tv movie 2006 Scream Awards 2006 as Herself
tv series 2006 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments as Herself
movie 2005 Saw II as Amanda Young
movie 2005 The Island as Suzie
tv movie 2005 Washington Street
movie 2004 Saw as Amanda
movie 2004 The Almost Guys as Bigger
movie 2002 Never Get Outta the Boat as Dawn
tv movie 2001 5th Annual Prism Awards as Herself - Presenter
movie 1999 A Slipping-Down Life as Faye-Jean Lindsay
movie 1999 Breakfast of Champions as Bonnie MacMahon
movie 1999 Every Dog Has Its Day as RedHead
movie 1999 Karen Black: Actress at Work as Herself
movie 1998 Armageddon as Redhead
movie 1998 Carnival of Souls as Sandra Grant
movie 1998 The Party Crashers as Carolyn
tv movie 1998 Twice Upon a Time as Maggie Fowler
movie 1997 Bombshell as Shelly
movie 1997 Dead Men Can't Dance as Sgt. Addy Cooper
movie 1997 Dogtown as Tammy Hayes
movie 1997 Eat Your Heart Out as Nicole
movie 1997 Men as Clara
tv movie 1997 Something Borrowed, Something Blue as Teri
tv series 1997 The Shining as Waitress
tv movie 1996 Face of Evil as Jeanelle Polk
movie 1996 Female Perversions as Make-Up Salesgirl
movie 1995 Leaving Las Vegas as Biker Girl
movie 1995 The Low Life as 'Little Tramp' Woman
movie 1990 Desperate Hours as May Cornell
tv series 1990 Lucky Chances as Olympia Stanislopolous
movie 1989 Who's Harry Crumb? as Nikki Downing
tv movie 1988 Bluegrass as Alice Gibbs
tv movie 1988 I Saw What You Did as Kim Fielding
movie 1988 The Blob as Meg Penny
movie 1987 Summer School as Rhonda Altobello
tv movie 1986 Easy Prey as Tina Marie Risico
movie 1986 Iron Eagle as Joenie
tv movie 1985 Crime of Innocence as Jodi Hayward
tv movie 1985 Not My Kid as Carol
movie 1982 Annie as Dancer

Shawnee Smith on Youtube

Shawnee Smith in patent leather pants.

With his new apprentice Amanda (Shawnee Smith)|the puppet-master behind the cruel|intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has ...

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