Shayan Mannan

Shayan Mannan Filmography

video movie 2011 Dominion: The Web Series as Frank
movie 2011 Symbiosis as Bennie
movie 2010 Dreamt as Jason
movie 2010 Fight Like a Man as Billy
video movie 2010 Massive as Squealing Man
video movie 2010 Orders as G-Man

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Chris Allman is in the race for his girlfriend's life as the implant in his head has unforeseen consequences... Starring: Steve Kasan, Julia MacPherson, Jame...

The prologue episodes launch April 2, 2013 STARRING: Steve Kasan, Julia Macpherson, Robert Nolan, Katie MacTavish, Dulce Felix, James Dalzell ...

Official Production Day #7. Steve Kasan (Chris) is joined by Shayan Mannan (Arthur), for a new scene in a parking garage. Getting back on track! And an exclu...

CAST Shayan Mannan (George The Curious) Steve Kasan (Sebastian, The Manager) Christopher L. Fizo (Fizzy) Rodney V. Smith (Bajin Cajun)