Sheila Florance

Sheila Florance (24 July 1916 ? 12 October 1991) was an Australian film and television actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Sheila Florance Filmography

movie 1991 A Woman's Tale as Martha
movie 1990 Golden Braid as Lady with clock
movie 1990 Nirvana Street Murder as Molly
video movie 1990 The Great Escape as Herself
tv series 1990 Col'n Carpenter
tv movie 1988 Becca as Old Becca
movie 1987 Hungry Heart as Grandmother
movie 1987 The Tale of Ruby Rose as Grandma
movie 1986 Cactus as Martha
tv movie 1986 Handle with Care as Margaret's Mother
tv movie 1981 Prisoner in Concert as Lizzie Birdsworth
movie 1979 Mad Max as May Swaisey
movie 1977 Summerfield as Miss Gleeson
movie 1976 End Play as Mavis Lipton
movie 1976 Illuminations
movie 1976 The Devil's Playground as Mrs.Sullivan
movie 1974 Petersen as Tony's Mother
movie 1971 Country Town as Old Mrs Bacon
tv series 1967 Bellbird as Dossie Rumsey
movie 1965 Clay as Deaf-mute
tv movie 1965 Dangerous Corner
tv movie 1965 Romanoff and Juliet

Sheila Florance on Youtube

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Here is a little tribute video I put together, with clips of Sheila starring in a number of TV series and films.

Facts on Sheila Florance aka Lizzie Birdworth!

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