Shepperd Strudwick

Shepperd Strudwick (born John Shepperd, September 22, 1907 ? January 15, 1983) was an American actor of film, television, and stage. ... more on Wikipedia

Shepperd Strudwick Filmography

movie 2011 Reagan as Himself
movie 1992 Legends of the West as Actor from 'The Kid from Texas'
tv movie 1981 Kent State as Professor Warren
movie 1973 Cops and Robbers as Mr. Eastpoole
tv movie 1973 The Man Without a Country as Secretary of the Navy
movie 1969 Slaves as Mr. Stillwell
movie 1969 The Monitors as Tersh Jeterax
movie 1968 Daring Game as Dr. Henry L. Carlyle
tv series 1968 One Life to Live as Victor Dalby Lord #2
tv movie 1966 Barefoot in Athens as Lycon
tv series 1964 Another World as James 'Jim' Matthews #3
movie 1963 Violent Midnight as Adrian Benedict
movie 1958 Girl on the Run as James McCullough
movie 1957 That Night! as Dr. Bernard Fischer
movie 1957 The Sad Sack as Major General Vanderlip
movie 1956 Autumn Leaves as Dr. Malcolm Couzzens
movie 1956 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt as Jonathan Wilson
movie 1956 The Eddy Duchin Story as Sherman Wadsworth
tv series 1956 As the World Turns as Dr. Field #1
tv movie 1954 Lady in the Dark as Dr. Alexander Brooks
movie 1951 A Place in the Sun as Anthony 'Tony' Vickers
movie 1951 Under the Gun as Milo Bragg
tv series 1951 Love of Life as Professor Timothy McCauley
movie 1950 Let's Dance as Timothy Bryant
movie 1950 The Kid from Texas as Roger Jameson
movie 1950 Three Husbands as Arthur Evans
movie 1949 All the King's Men as Adam Stanton
movie 1949 Chicago Deadline as Edgar 'Blacky' Franchot
movie 1949 Reign of Terror as Napoleon Bonaparte
movie 1949 The Reckless Moment as Ted Darby
movie 1949 The Red Pony as Mr. Fred Tiflin
movie 1948 Enchantment as Marchese Del Laudi
movie 1948 Fighter Squadron as Brig. Gen. Mel Gilbert
movie 1948 It Can't Be Done as Dr. Semmelweis
movie 1948 Joan of Arc as Father Massieu
movie 1946 Home, Sweet Homicide as Mr.Wallace Sanford
movie 1946 Strange Triangle as Earl Huber aka Mathews
movie 1943 Chetniks as Lt. Aleksa Petrovic, Mihailovitch's aide
movie 1942 Dr. Renault's Secret as Dr. Larry Forbes
movie 1942 Rings on Her Fingers as Tod Fenwick
movie 1942 Ten Gentlemen from West Point as Henry Clay
movie 1942 The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe as Edgar Allan Poe
movie 1941 Belle Starr as Ed Shirley
movie 1941 Cadet Girl as Bob Mallory
movie 1941 Know for Sure as Dr. Morton
movie 1941 Remember the Day as Dewey Roberts
movie 1941 The Men in Her Life as Roger Chevis
movie 1940 A Way in the Wilderness as Dr. Joseph Goldberger
movie 1940 Congo Maisie as Dr. John McWade
movie 1940 Dr. Kildare's Strange Case as Dr. Gregory 'Greg' Lane
movie 1940 Flight Command as Lieut. Jerry Banning
movie 1938 Fast Company as Ned Morgan
movie 1938 Joaquin Murrieta as Joaquin Murrieta
movie 1938 That Mothers Might Live as Dr. Semmelweis

Shepperd Strudwick on Youtube

Trailer for the 1949 screen classic, THE RED PONY, starring Myrna Loy, Robert Mitchum. Shepperd Strudwick, Louis Calhern and Peter Miles. Subscribe to ...

An overlooked horror gem. B-feature with A-feature production values directed by Harry Lachman, starring George Zucco, J. Carrol Naish and Shepperd ...

trailer for the film Strange Triangle. Signe Hasso, Preston Foster, Anabel Shaw, Shepperd Strudwick (as John Shepperd)

Director: Harry Lachman Stars: Linda Darnell, Shepperd Strudwick, Virginia Gilmore.