Sherman Bainbridge

Sherman Bainbridge Filmography

movie 1917 The Girl Who Won Out as Jack Beal
movie 1916 A Daughter of Dixie
movie 1916 Married on the Wing as Jay Lee Bean
movie 1916 The Dawn Road as Fred Armstrong
movie 1916 The Heart of Tara as Rajah Selim
movie 1916 The Powder Trail
movie 1915 A Daughter of the Jungles as Col. Price
movie 1915 A Double Deal in Pork
movie 1915 Coral as Paul Dore
movie 1915 Custer's Last Scout as Alfred L. Chapman - Custer's Last Scout
movie 1915 His Real Character as Klint Martin
movie 1915 In the Sunset Country as Kal McCloud
movie 1915 Ridgeway of Montana as The Wolf of Wall Street
movie 1915 Terrors of the Jungle as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Blood of His Brother as Kingsley
movie 1915 The Blood of the Children as Senator Woodward
movie 1915 The Cards Never Lie
movie 1915 The Circus Girl's Romance as Fischer - Circus Manager
movie 1915 The Connecting Link as Phillip Markham
movie 1915 The Crime of Thought as Paula's Brother
movie 1915 The Ghost Wagon
movie 1915 The Governor Maker
movie 1915 The Jungle Queen
movie 1915 The Lost Ledge
movie 1915 The Oaklawn Handicap
movie 1915 The Queen of Jungle Land
movie 1915 The Superior Claim as Martin Stavnow
movie 1915 The Test of a Man
movie 1915 The Toll of the Sea
movie 1915 The Torrent as The Foreman
movie 1915 What the River Foretold as Jim Titus
movie 1914 A Daughter of the Plains
movie 1914 A Mexican Spy in America as Capt. Huraz - the Mexican Spy
movie 1914 A Nation's Peril as Bainbridge
movie 1914 A Redskin Reckoning
movie 1914 Cast Adrift in the South Seas
movie 1914 From the Lion's Jaws as Sherman
movie 1914 Her Father's Guilt
movie 1914 In the Wolves' Fangs as Pierre
movie 1914 Isle of Abandoned Hope as Captain Bainbridge
movie 1914 Olana of the South Seas
movie 1914 Our Enemy's Spy
movie 1914 Rescued by Wireless as Bainbridge
movie 1914 The Boy Mayor as Thief
movie 1914 The Eleventh Hour
movie 1914 The Flash of Fate
movie 1914 The Half-Breed
movie 1914 The Law of the Lumberjack
movie 1914 The Law of the Range
movie 1914 The Legend of the Phantom Tribe as Bearclaw
movie 1914 The Lure of the Geisha
movie 1914 The Phantom Light
movie 1914 The Silent Peril
movie 1914 The Trail Breakers as Bainbridge - Clifford's Rival
movie 1914 The Vagabond Soldier as Maj. Bainbridge
movie 1914 The Yaqui's Revenge
movie 1914 Tribal War in the South Seas
movie 1913 A Black Conspiracy
movie 1913 An Indian's Honor
movie 1913 At Shiloh as Lt. Brice
movie 1913 Banzai
movie 1913 Campaigning with Custer as Wolf Fang
movie 1913 In the Coils of the Python as Capt. Bainbridge
movie 1913 In the Wilds of Africa as Ali Ben Abdul - an Arab Chief
movie 1913 Love, Life and Liberty
movie 1913 Old Mammy's Secret Code
movie 1913 The Coward's Atonement
movie 1913 The Cowboy Magnate as Bainbridge
movie 1913 The Flame in the Ashes
movie 1913 The Girl and the Tiger
movie 1913 The God of Girzah as Bainbridge - the Footman
movie 1913 The Grand Old Flag
movie 1913 The Green Shadow
movie 1913 The Greenhorn
movie 1913 The Harvest of Sin
movie 1913 The Iron Trail as Sly Fox
movie 1913 The Long Portage
movie 1913 The Pitfall as John Hern
movie 1913 The Prairie Trail
movie 1913 The Raid of the Human Tigers as Maj. Bainbridge
movie 1913 The Sign of the Snake as Col. Crewe
movie 1913 The Water War as Woodward
movie 1913 The Werewolf as Stone Eye
movie 1913 The White Squaw as Chief of the Utes
movie 1913 War of the Cattle Range as The Range Boss
movie 1912 An Indian Legend
movie 1912 His Squaw
movie 1912 The Renegade as Dr. Gilbert