Shirley Grey

Shirley Grey Filmography

movie 1935 Circumstantial Evidence as Adrienne Grey
movie 1935 Public Opinion as Joan Nash
movie 1935 The Girl Who Came Back as Gilda Gillespie aka Mary Brown
movie 1935 The Mystery of the Marie Celeste as Sarah Briggs
movie 1935 The People's Enemy as Ann Griffin
movie 1935 The Public Menace as Mimi LaVerne
movie 1934 Beyond the Law as Helen Glenn
movie 1934 Bombay Mail as Beatrice Jones aka Sonia Smeganoff
movie 1934 Girl in Danger as Gloria Gale
movie 1934 Green Eyes as Jean Kester
movie 1934 His Greatest Gamble as Bernice
movie 1934 I Like It That Way as Peggy
movie 1934 One Is Guilty as Sally Grey
movie 1934 Sisters Under the Skin as Gilda Gordon
movie 1934 The Crime of Helen Stanley as Betty Lane
movie 1934 The Defense Rests as Mabel Wilson
movie 1934 Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round as Anya Rosson
movie 1934 Wednesday's Child as Louise
movie 1933 Don't Bet on Love as Goldie Williams
movie 1933 From Hell to Heaven as Winnie Lloyd
movie 1933 Hold the Press as Edith White
movie 1933 Murder on the Campus as Lillian Voyne
movie 1933 Out All Night as Kate
movie 1933 Private Jones as Helen Jones
movie 1933 Terror Aboard as Lili Kingston
movie 1933 The Girl in 419 as Nurse Irene Blaine
movie 1933 The Life of Jimmy Dolan as Goldie West
movie 1933 The Little Giant as Edith Merriam
movie 1933 Too Much Harmony as Lilyan
movie 1933 Treason as Joan Randall
movie 1933 Twin Husbands as Chloe Werrenden
movie 1932 Back Street as Francine
movie 1932 Cornered as Jane Herrick
movie 1932 Drifting as Greta Janson
movie 1932 Get That Girl as Ruth Dale
movie 1932 One Man Law as Grace Duncan
movie 1932 Texas Cyclone as Helen Rawlings
movie 1932 The Hurricane Express as The Secretary
movie 1932 The Riding Tornado as Patsy Olcott
movie 1932 Uptown New York as Patricia Smith
movie 1932 Virtue as Gert Hanlon
movie 1931 Air Eagles as Eve
movie 1931 Secret Service as Miss Edith Varney
movie 1931 The Public Defender as Barbara Gerry
movie 1930 The Golf Specialist as House Detective's Wife
movie 1930 Who's Got the Body?

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