Shirley Patterson

Shirley Patterson Filmography

movie 1958 It! The Terror from Beyond Space as Ann Anderson
movie 1957 The Land Unknown as Margaret 'Maggie' Hathaway
movie 1956 The Bottom of the Bottle as Gossipy Woman
movie 1956 World Without End as Elaine
movie 1955 The Shrike as Celia Johns
movie 1954 The French Line as Model
movie 1954 The Long Wait as Carol Shay
movie 1954 The Silver Chalice as Poppaea
movie 1953 Second Chance
movie 1947 Black Hills as Janet Hadley
movie 1946 Driftin' River as J. C. 'Jenny' Morgan
movie 1946 Stars Over Texas as Terry Lawrence
movie 1946 The Harvey Girls as Harvey Girl
movie 1946 Tumbleweed Trail as Robin Ryan
movie 1945 Between Two Women as Nurse Thorsen
movie 1945 Keep Your Powder Dry as WAC Brooks
movie 1944 Marriage Is a Private Affair as Mary Saunders
movie 1944 Riding West as Alice Morton
movie 1943 A Maid Made Mad as Bellhop at Amazon Hotel for Women
movie 1943 Batman as Linda Page
movie 1943 Dangerous Blondes as Bride
movie 1943 Destroyer as Bigbee's Girl
movie 1943 Good Luck, Mr. Yates as Secretary
movie 1943 Here Comes Mr. Zerk as Josephine
movie 1943 Klondike Kate as Dancer
movie 1943 Law of the Northwest as Michele Darcy
movie 1943 Let's Have Fun as Girl
movie 1943 My Kingdom for a Cook as Elevator Girl
movie 1943 Phony Express as Lola
movie 1943 Redhead from Manhattan as Telephone Operator
movie 1943 Spook Louder as Perkins--Dunkfeather's Secretary
movie 1943 The More the Merrier as Girl
movie 1943 The Texas Kid as Nancy Drew
movie 1943 The Vigilantes Ride as Jane Andrews
movie 1942 A Man's World as Nurse Bentley
movie 1942 Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood as Stewardess
movie 1942 Laugh Your Blues Away as Mrs. Knox
movie 1942 Lucky Legs as Chambermaid
movie 1942 North of the Rockies as Lydia Rogers
movie 1942 Parachute Nurse as Katherine Webb
movie 1942 Riders of the Northland as Sheila Taylor
movie 1942 Riding Through Nevada as Gail Holloway
movie 1942 Sabotage Squad as Miss Cole
movie 1942 The Spirit of Stanford as June Rogers
movie 1942 They All Kissed the Bride as Receptionist

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SHIRLEY PATTERSON sings Ain't Misbehavin' --accompanied by THE RALPH SALT QUARTET at Doncaster Conservative Club 25.04.13. Presented by 'Jazz ...

The Land Unknown (1957) Director: Virgil W. Vogel Starring Jock Mahoney, Shirley Patterson, William Reynolds.

Nissan Juke.

It Breathes. It Hunts. It Kills! The first manned expedition to Mars is decimated by an unknown life form...which stows away on the rescue ship. Starring: Ma...