Shone Taylor

Shone Taylor Filmography

video movie 1994 Let's Face It
video movie 1990 A Taste of Nikki Charm
video movie 1990 Only the Best of Barbara Dare
movie 1989 Black Bimbos in Heat
video movie 1989 Miss Adventures as Guy on Pool Table
video movie 1989 No Holes Barred
video movie 1989 Wild Women 41: Samantha Strong
video movie 1988 Abracadabra
movie 1988 Addicted to Love
movie 1988 Deep Inside Ginger Lynn
movie 1988 Hyapatia Lee's Arcade Series 1
movie 1988 Joanna's Dreams as Joanna's Boyfriend
video movie 1988 Liquid Love as Craig
movie 1988 Lust Connection
video movie 1988 Oral Majority Black 2
video movie 1988 Samantha I Love You
video movie 1988 Sophisticated Lady as Guy Looking for Love
video movie 1988 The Screwdriver Saloon
video movie 1988 The Sleazy Detective
video movie 1987 Barbara Dare's Prime Choice
movie 1987 Barbara the Barbarian as Taurus
movie 1987 Born to Be Wild
movie 1987 Brat on the Run as Shandra
video movie 1987 Broadway Fanny Rose
video movie 1987 Captain Hooker & Peter Porn
movie 1987 Debbie Does the Devil in Dallas
movie 1987 Deep Obsession
movie 1987 Doctor Lust as Johnny
movie 1987 Dream Lovers
movie 1987 Dynamic Vices as Dominated Stripper in Collar
video movie 1987 Holiday for Angels as Mark Radner
movie 1987 Jacqueline as Tom
movie 1987 Nightfire
video movie 1987 Older Women with Young Boys
video movie 1987 Oral Mania! as Guy at Party
movie 1987 Pleasure Game
movie 1987 Princess Charming
video movie 1987 Raising Hell
video movie 1987 Satin Angels
movie 1987 She Comes in Colors
video movie 1987 Tailspin
movie 1987 The Chocolate Fudge Factory
video movie 1987 The Torrid Zone
movie 1987 Tight Fit
video movie 1987 Yiddish Erotica: Volume 1
movie 1986 Beverly Hills Cox as Guest in Hothtub
movie 1986 Chastity Johnson
video movie 1986 Chocolate Kisses
video movie 1986 Corporate Affairs
movie 1986 Crazy with the Heat as Mr. W
movie 1986 Debbie Goes to College as Runner
movie 1986 Double Dare
video movie 1986 Gettin' Ready
video movie 1986 Girl Toys as Male Stripper
video movie 1986 Hot Gun as NonSex
video movie 1986 Jewels of the Night
video movie 1986 Mad Sex
movie 1986 Mouth Watering
movie 1986 Naughty Girls in Heat
movie 1986 Revenge of the Babes
movie 1986 Sailing Into Ecstasy
movie 1986 Scandals: Tracey Adams as Second Client
video movie 1986 St. X-Where
movie 1986 Swedish Erotica 72
video movie 1986 Taboo V as Son
video movie 1985 Beverly Hills Heat
movie 1985 Blondie as John
video movie 1985 Campus Cuties as Mr. Lasky
movie 1985 Confessions of a Candy Striper as Patient
movie 1985 Confessions of Candy
video movie 1985 Cumshot Revue 2
video movie 1985 Dance Fever
movie 1985 Evils of the Night as First Guy Having Sex
video movie 1985 Freeway Honey
movie 1985 Girls of the Third Reich
movie 1985 Gold Diggers
movie 1985 Late After Dark
movie 1985 Loose Ends
movie 1985 Lucky in Love as Bartender
video movie 1985 Lust in America
movie 1985 My Pretty Go Between
video movie 1985 Naked Eyes
movie 1985 Naughty Nanette as Bartender
movie 1985 Raffles
movie 1985 Rubdown
video movie 1985 Sex Waves as Gary
video movie 1985 Star Gazers as Phil
movie 1985 Swedish Erotica 67
movie 1985 Terms of Employment
video movie 1985 The Good the Bad & the Horny
movie 1985 The Perfect Weekend
video movie 1985 Treasure Box as Dave
movie 1985 Wild Toga Party
movie 1984 Babylon Nights as Frat Boy
movie 1984 Before She Says 'I Do' as Bachelor Partier
video movie 1984 Breaking It... A Story About Virgins
video movie 1984 Changing Places as Mr. James
video movie 1984 Daddy Doesn't Know as Chine
video movie 1984 Dial 'F' for Fantasy
movie 1984 Good Girls Do
movie 1984 Hot Flashes
video movie 1984 Hot Tails
movie 1984 Inside China Lee as Grocery Boy
movie 1984 Little Girls of the Streets
video movie 1984 Little Girls... Dirty Desires
movie 1984 Little Often Annie as Mailman
movie 1984 More Reel People, Part 2 as Himself
movie 1984 Naughty Angels
movie 1984 One Night at a Time as Dan
movie 1984 Passionate Lee
video movie 1984 Sinful Pleasures as Shone
movie 1984 Sister Dearest as Frat Boy
movie 1984 Sizzling Summer
movie 1984 Swinging Shift
movie 1984 Taking Off as Jack Kirby
video movie 1984 The Woman Who Loved Men
movie 1984 Tongue 'n Cheek
movie 1984 Up Desiree Lane
movie 1984 Up in the Air
video movie 1984 What Gets Me Hot! as Mark Radner
video movie 1984 Wild Weekend as Shone Tee
movie 1984 Young Nurses in Love
movie 1983 Lady Dynamite as Husband
movie 1983 Love Roots

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Ginger Lynn Allen Ginger Lynn Allen and Shone Taylor 1986 in Beverly Hills Cox. Edited trailer for "Beverly Hills Cox," an adult take-off of Beverly Hills C...

Making of Vice Academy 2.