Shu An Oon

Shu An Oon Filmography

movie 2013 Mister John as Janjira
tv series 2013 Who Is Max? as Jill
movie 2011 Band of Mischief as Samantha
movie 2011 Made Up
movie 2011 Old Married Couple as Sexy Girl
movie 2010 Hello, Goodbye as Wen
movie 2010 Hot! as Melinda
movie 2010 Left Hook as Sonya
movie 2010 So Far Removed
movie 2010 Watching Pan as Pan
movie 2009 Kitchen Quartet as Shu An
movie 2007 Becoming Royston as Ah Girl

Shu An Oon on Youtube

Happy and Bobo - Meet Their Agent - Ep 2 Written by Jason Chan. Directed. Edited, Shot by Jason Chan and Christian Lee. Produced by Natasha Wahap.