Sid Marcus

Sid Marcus Filmography

tv movie 1979 Bugs Bunny's Valentine
movie 1979 Doctor Pink
movie 1979 Pink Pull
movie 1979 Toro Pink
tv series 1978 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show
movie 1978 Dietetic Pink
movie 1978 Pink Arcade
movie 1978 Pink in the Drink
movie 1978 Pink S.W.A.T.
movie 1978 Pink Z-Z-Z
movie 1978 To Catch a Halibut
movie 1978 Yankee Doodle Pink
tv series 1976 The Pink Panther Laugh and a Half Hour and a Half Show
movie 1976 Mama
movie 1976 Pinky Doodle
movie 1976 Sweat Hog Shark
movie 1974 Giddy Up Woe
movie 1974 Mesa Trouble
movie 1973 Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow
movie 1972 The Rude Intruder
movie 1971 Chilly's Hide-a-Way
movie 1971 Rough Brunch
movie 1971 Trick or Retreat
movie 1970 A Gooney Is Born
movie 1970 All Hams on Deck
movie 1970 Chilly's Cold War
movie 1970 Odd Ant Out
movie 1970 The Foul Kin
movie 1970 War and Pieces
movie 1969 Think Before You Pink
tv series 1969 The Pink Panther Show
tv series 1969 Here Comes the Grump
movie 1967 Chilly and the Woodchopper
movie 1967 Hot Time on Ice
movie 1967 The Nautical Nut
movie 1966 A Squeak in the Deep
movie 1966 Swing Ding Amigo
movie 1966 Operation Shanghai
movie 1966 Rough Riding Hood
movie 1966 Teeny Weeny Meany
tv series 1966 The Marvel Super Heroes
movie 1965 Birds of a Feather
movie 1965 Fractured Friendship
movie 1965 Half Baked Alaska
movie 1965 Pesty Guest
movie 1965 Sioux Me
movie 1965 Three Little Woodpeckers
movie 1964 Deep Freeze Squeeze
movie 1964 Dumb Like a Fox
movie 1964 Get Lost! Little Doggy
movie 1964 Lighthouse-keeping Blues
movie 1964 Ski-napper
movie 1964 Skin Folks
movie 1964 Woody's Clip Joint
movie 1963 Coy Decoy
movie 1963 Greedy Gabby Gator
movie 1963 Pesky Pelican
movie 1963 Salmon Loafer
movie 1963 Science Friction
movie 1963 Stowaway Woody
movie 1963 Tepee for Two
movie 1963 The Tenant's Racket
tv series 1960 Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse
movie 1955 All Fowled Up
movie 1955 Dime to Retire
movie 1955 Lighthouse Mouse
movie 1955 The Hole Idea
movie 1954 Devil May Hare
movie 1954 Gone Batty
movie 1954 No Parking Hare
movie 1954 The Oily American
movie 1949 A Ham in a Role
movie 1949 Bye, Bye Bluebeard
movie 1949 Cat-Tastrophy
movie 1949 Coo-Coo Bird Dog
movie 1948 Topsy Turkey
movie 1947 Boston Beanie
movie 1947 Kitty Caddy
movie 1947 Swiss Tease
movie 1947 Up N' Atom
movie 1946 Cagey Bird
movie 1946 Mysto-Fox
movie 1946 Unsure Runts
movie 1945 Booby Socks
movie 1945 Goofy News Views
movie 1945 Hot Foot Lights
movie 1945 Phoney Baloney
movie 1944 A Pee-kool-yar Sit-chee-ay-shun
movie 1944 Amoozin' But Confoozin'
movie 1944 Kickapoo Juice
movie 1944 Mr. Moocher
movie 1941 The Crystal Gazer
movie 1941 A Helping Paw
movie 1941 Land of Fun
movie 1941 Red Riding Hood Rides Again
movie 1941 The Cuckoo I.Q.
movie 1941 The Streamlined Donkey
movie 1941 Tom Thumb's Brother
movie 1940 Barnyard Babies
movie 1940 Tangled Television
movie 1940 The Greyhound and the Rabbit
movie 1940 The Mad Hatter
movie 1939 Dreams on Ice
movie 1939 Jitterbug Knights
movie 1939 Peaceful Neighbors
movie 1939 The House That Jack Built
movie 1938 Poor Elmer
movie 1938 Window Shopping
movie 1938 Little Moth's Big Flame
movie 1937 Hollywood Picnic
movie 1937 Indian Serenade
movie 1937 Let's Go
movie 1937 Mother Hen's Holiday
movie 1937 Scary Crows
movie 1937 The Air Hostess
movie 1937 The Little Match Girl
movie 1936 A Boy and His Dog
movie 1936 In My Gondola
movie 1936 Spark Plug
movie 1935 Tetched in the Head
movie 1935 The Gold Getters
movie 1935 Let's Ring Doorbells
movie 1935 Neighbors
movie 1934 Holiday Land
movie 1934 Scrappy's Expedition
movie 1933 The World's Affair
movie 1931 Aces Up
movie 1931 Halloween
movie 1931 Toby the Milkman
movie 1930 The Museum

Sid Marcus on Youtube

Sid Marcus celebrates his 90th birthday with family and friends. An amazing man that spreads smiles of joy everywhere he goes.

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