Sidney Bracey

Sidney Bracey (18 December 1877 ? 5 August 1942) was an Australian-born American film actor. After a stage career in Australia, on Broadway and in Britain, he appeared in 321 films between 1909 and 1942. ... more on Wikipedia

Sidney Bracey Filmography

movie 1942 Larceny, Inc. as Passerby
movie 1942 The Gay Sisters as Penn's Servant
movie 1941 Affectionately Yours as Extra in Lisbon Cafe
movie 1941 Bullets for O'Hara as Lamson the Standish Butler
movie 1941 Dangerously They Live as Sidewalk Onlooker
movie 1941 Knockout as Gloria's Butler
movie 1941 Meet John Doe as Club Member
movie 1941 Passage from Hong Kong as Tourist
movie 1941 Scotland Yard as Train Attendant
movie 1941 Shadows on the Stairs as Watchman
movie 1941 The Body Disappears as Barrett, Lunceford's Butler
movie 1941 The Case of the Black Parrot as Ship's Steward
movie 1941 The Great Mr. Nobody as Beggar
movie 1941 This Woman Is Mine as Clerk
movie 1941 Three Sons o' Guns as Actor
movie 1941 You Belong to Me as Frederick Vandemer's Butler
movie 1940 Brother Orchid as Steward Bringing Briefcase
movie 1940 My Love Came Back as Butler
movie 1940 No Time for Comedy as Waiter at Wyler's Party
movie 1940 South of Suez as Putnam's Butler
movie 1940 Tugboat Annie Sails Again as Limey
movie 1939 A Child Is Born as Third Drugstore Clerk
movie 1939 Dark Victory as Bartender
movie 1939 Devil's Island as Soupy
movie 1939 Dust Be My Destiny as Nick's First Customer
movie 1939 Espionage Agent as Ship Steward
movie 1939 Everybody's Hobby as Mr. Ferris
movie 1939 Fast and Furious as Night Clerk
movie 1939 Four Wives as Extra at Wedding Reception
movie 1939 Indianapolis Speedway as Spectator
movie 1939 Invisible Stripes as Bank Guard
movie 1939 King of the Underworld as Bert - the Farmer
movie 1939 Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter
movie 1939 Naughty But Nice as Professor Listening to Radio
movie 1939 No Place to Go as Jonesy - Repairman
movie 1939 On Trial as Joe Burke
movie 1939 Pardon Our Nerve as Waiter
movie 1939 Secret Service of the Air as John 'Joe' Vicary
movie 1939 Smashing the Money Ring as Pop Dryden
movie 1939 Sons of Liberty as Bookkeeper in Montage
movie 1939 Sweepstakes Winner as Mr. Simpkins
movie 1939 The Bill of Rights as Colonist
movie 1939 The Kid from Kokomo as Janitor
movie 1939 The Little Princess as Pedestrian Discussing the War
movie 1939 The Man Who Dared as Courtroom Spectator
movie 1939 The Old Maid as Charles - the Butler
movie 1939 The Sun Never Sets as Minister of Colonial Affairs
movie 1939 Torchy Runs for Mayor as Dolan's Butler
movie 1939 We Are Not Alone as Ben, the Lamplighter
movie 1939 Women in the Wind as Burbank Race Official
movie 1939 You Can't Get Away with Murder as Tourist on Boat
movie 1938 Angels with Dirty Faces as Convict
movie 1938 Arsène Lupin Returns as Squad Car Driver
movie 1938 Campus Cinderella as Officer on Ship
movie 1938 Comet Over Broadway as English Porter
movie 1938 Hard to Get as Carl - Richards' Butler
movie 1938 Love Is a Headache as Waiter
movie 1938 Merrily We Live as 2nd Butler
movie 1938 Mr. Chump as Theatre Manager
movie 1938 My Bill as Jenner
movie 1938 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse as Police Chemist
movie 1938 The Baroness and the Butler as Member of Parliament
movie 1938 The Dawn Patrol as Major Brand's Orderly
movie 1938 The Declaration of Independence as Congress Clerk
movie 1938 The Girl Downstairs as The Second Butler
movie 1938 The Rage of Paris as Opera House Usher
movie 1938 Valley of the Giants as Man Asking Andy What He Found Out
movie 1938 When Were You Born as Juggler Barrows
movie 1937 A Girl with Ideas as Secretary
movie 1937 A Night at the Movies as Movie Patron
movie 1937 A Star Is Born as Burke's Butler
movie 1937 Breakfast for Two as Clarence - Blair's Butler
movie 1937 Bulldog Drummond's Revenge as Steward
movie 1937 Call It a Day as Flower Shop Owner
movie 1937 Conquest as Polish Servant
movie 1937 Criminal Lawyer as Wilson - Walker's Butler
movie 1937 Easy Living as Hornsby - Mary's Chauffeur
movie 1937 Fight for Your Lady as Densmore's Servant
movie 1937 Maid of Salem as Townsman
movie 1937 Rhythm in the Clouds as Second Butler
movie 1937 Rosalie as Conspirator
movie 1937 Shall We Dance as First Steward
movie 1937 She Had to Eat as Waiter
movie 1937 The Emperor's Candlesticks as Maria's Footman
movie 1937 The Firefly as Secretary
movie 1937 The Littlest Diplomat as Adjutant Potter
movie 1937 The Prince and the Pauper as Man in Window
movie 1937 The Wrong Road as Waiter
movie 1937 Three Smart Boys as O.T. Hertz, the veterinary doctor
movie 1937 Venus Makes Trouble as Butler
movie 1937 Wild West Days as Deaf Printer
movie 1936 Changing of the Guard as Grayson, the Butler
movie 1936 Charlie Chan at the Race Track as Ship's Steward
movie 1936 Isle of Fury as Sam
movie 1936 Lloyd's of London as Coster
movie 1936 Murder at Glen Athol as Jenkins - Butler
movie 1936 One Rainy Afternoon as George - Alfredo's Butler
movie 1936 San Francisco as Allen - Burley's Butler
movie 1936 Second Childhood as Hobson, the butler
movie 1936 Sinner Take All as Lampier's Butler
movie 1936 Sutter's Gold as Smythe - Sutter's Accountant
movie 1936 Sworn Enemy as Waiter
movie 1936 The King Steps Out as Peter
movie 1936 The Preview Murder Mystery as DuBeck's Valet
movie 1936 The Voice of Bugle Ann as Court Clerk
movie 1936 Three Live Ghosts as Book Merchant
movie 1936 Trouble for Two as Noel's Henchman
movie 1936 We Went to College as College Room Waiter
movie 1936 White Legion as Yellow Fever Victim
movie 1936 Wife vs. Secretary as Butler at Club
movie 1936 Woman Trap as Andrews the Butler
movie 1935 Anna Karenina as Vronsky's Valet
movie 1935 Eight Bells as Gleason
movie 1935 I've Been Around as Alex, Nick's Man
movie 1935 Les Misérables as Mayor's Clerk
movie 1935 Let 'em Have It as Butler
movie 1935 Magnificent Obsession as Butler
movie 1935 Rendezvous as Jackson's Assistant
movie 1935 The Black Room as Gregor's Hairdresser
movie 1935 The Casino Murder Case as Waiter
movie 1935 The Winning Ticket as Bank Employee
movie 1934 A Very Honorable Guy as Waiter
movie 1934 Broadway Bill as Higgins' 2nd Butler
movie 1934 College Rhythm as Stacey's Chauffeur
movie 1934 Fifteen Wives as The Butler
movie 1934 Forsaking All Others as Paula's Chauffeur
movie 1934 He Was Her Man as Waiter
movie 1934 Hollywood Party as Durante's Butler
movie 1934 I'll Fix It as Reporter
movie 1934 Laughing Boy as White Father
movie 1934 Many Happy Returns as Movie Butler
movie 1934 Massacre as Norma's Butler
movie 1934 Mills of the Gods as Chauffeur
movie 1934 Our Daily Bread as Rent Collector
movie 1934 Outcast Lady as Napier's Butler
movie 1934 The Back Page as Edgar Ashe
movie 1934 The Cat's-Paw as Boarder
movie 1934 The Girl from Missouri as Chris - Cousin's Second Butler
movie 1934 The Ninth Guest as Hawkins, the Butler
movie 1934 The Notorious Sophie Lang as Waiter
movie 1934 The Poor Rich as Arbuthnot
movie 1934 The Vanishing Shadow as Denny
movie 1934 What Every Woman Knows as Constituent Shouting 'Three Cheers'
movie 1933 Air Hostess as John - Sylvia's Butler
movie 1933 Broken Dreams as Hopkins
movie 1933 Corruption as Dr. Robbins
movie 1933 Duck Soup as Mrs. Teasdale's Butler
movie 1933 Flying Down to Rio as Rodrigues - the Chauffeur
movie 1933 Only Yesterday as Second Butler
movie 1933 Phantom of the Air as James Munson
movie 1933 Saturday's Millions as Butler
movie 1933 Sitting Pretty as Studio Manager
movie 1933 The Intruder as Carlo - Valet
movie 1933 The Little Giant as Butler
movie 1933 The Monkey's Paw as Pensioner
movie 1933 The Woman Who Dared as Tom
movie 1933 What-No Beer? as Dr. Smith
movie 1932 Exposure as Praskins - Reporter
movie 1932 Freaks as Hans' Butler
movie 1932 Letty Lynton as Waiter
movie 1932 Little Orphan Annie as Butler
movie 1932 Love Bound as Spriggins
movie 1932 No More Orchids as Holmes
movie 1932 Red-Headed Woman as Man Wanting to Use Phone Booth
movie 1932 Shopworn as Photographer
movie 1932 Speak Easily as Jenkins
movie 1932 Tangled Destinies as McGinnis, posing as Professor Marmont
movie 1932 The Airmail Mystery as Driscoll
movie 1932 The Greeks Had a Word for Them as The Waiter
movie 1932 The Monster Walks as Herbert Wilkes
movie 1932 The Washington Masquerade as Benedict - Consuela's Butler
movie 1932 Those We Love
movie 1931 A Dangerous Affair as Plunkett
movie 1931 Dance, Fools, Dance as Albert
movie 1931 Inspiration as Waiter with Coffee and Cream Pitchers
movie 1931 Maker of Men as Curtis the Lawyer
movie 1931 New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford as Joe the Waiter
movie 1931 Parlor, Bedroom and Bath as Butler
movie 1931 Reducing as Beasley's Butler
movie 1931 Shanghaied Love as The Rat
movie 1931 Sporting Blood as The Tout
movie 1931 Subway Express as Herman Stevens
movie 1931 Ten Cents a Dance as Wilson, Carlton's Butler
movie 1931 The Avenger as Windy
movie 1931 The Big Gamble as Wedding Witness
movie 1931 The Deceiver as Barney
movie 1931 The Lion and the Lamb as Stanton
movie 1931 The Phantom of Paris as Volunteer from Audience
movie 1931 The Ruling Voice as Marley the Stanton Butler
movie 1931 Thundering Tenors as The Butler
movie 1930 A Lady's Morals as Jenny's Butler
movie 1930 Along Came Youth as Bit Role
movie 1930 Anybody's Woman as Butler
movie 1930 Children of Pleasure as Miles - Butler
movie 1930 Doughboys as Recruiter
movie 1930 Follow Thru as Doctor
movie 1930 Free Love as Butler
movie 1930 Monte Carlo as Hunchback at Casino
movie 1930 Not So Dumb as Photographer
movie 1930 Oh Darling
movie 1930 Outside the Law as Assistant District Attorney
movie 1930 Playboy of Paris as Irate Customer
movie 1930 Redemption as Waiter
movie 1930 The Bad One
movie 1930 The Bishop Murder Case as Pyne
movie 1930 The Flirting Widow as The Second Butler
movie 1930 The Second Floor Mystery as Alfred
movie 1930 The Unholy Three as Arlington's Butler
movie 1930 Wild Company as Waiter
movie 1929 His Captive Woman as Means
movie 1929 Queen Kelly as Prince Wolfram's Lackey
movie 1929 Sioux Blood as Cheyenne Jones
movie 1928 Home, James as Haskins
movie 1928 Man-Made Women as Owens
movie 1928 Show People as Dramatic Director
movie 1928 The Cameraman as Éditor
movie 1928 The Cossacks as Koozma - Prince Olenin's Orderly
movie 1928 The Crowd as John's Supervisor
movie 1928 The Haunted House as Tully
movie 1928 The Matinee Idol as Don's Valet
movie 1928 The Wedding March as Navratil
movie 1928 While the City Sleeps as Short Order Cook
movie 1928 Win That Girl as Larry Brawn I
movie 1927 Birds of Prey as Gaston
movie 1927 Chicago as Bill collector
movie 1927 Her Wild Oat as Philip's Valet
movie 1927 My Best Girl as Butler Serving Dinner
movie 1927 Painting the Town as Secretary
movie 1927 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans as Dance Hall Manager
movie 1927 The Thirteenth Juror as The Butler
movie 1927 The Woman on Trial as Brideaux
movie 1926 A Bankrupt Honeymoon as The Butler
movie 1926 A Man Four-Square as Homer Webb
movie 1926 My Official Wife as Valet to Sascha
movie 1926 Paris as Bit
movie 1926 The Blackbird as Bertie's No. 1 Man
movie 1926 The Mystery Club as Detective
movie 1926 You Never Know Women as Manager
movie 1925 A Slave of Fashion as Hobson
movie 1925 Her Market Value as Banks
movie 1925 The Golden Bed as Party guest
movie 1925 The Merry Widow as Danilo's Footman
movie 1925 The White Desert
movie 1925 Wandering Footsteps as Dobbins
movie 1924 Being Respectable as Philip Deaby
movie 1924 By Divine Right as The Hireling
movie 1924 Her Night of Romance as Butler
movie 1924 Leap Year as Loris Keene's Press Agent
movie 1924 So This Is Marriage? as Hawkins
movie 1924 Why Men Leave Home as Sam Neilson
movie 1923 Merry-Go-Round as Gisella's Groom
movie 1923 Nobody's Bride as Smithy
movie 1923 Ruggles of Red Gap as Sam Henshaw
movie 1923 The Courtship of Myles Standish
movie 1923 The Social Buccaneer as Bentley Craven
movie 1923 The Wild Party as Jasper Johnston
movie 1922 Is Matrimony a Failure? as Bank President
movie 1922 Manslaughter as Member of the Jury
movie 1922 Midnight as Dodd
movie 1922 One Wonderful Night as Juggins
movie 1922 The Dictator as Henry Bolton
movie 1922 The Radio King as Marnee
movie 1921 Crazy to Marry as Col. Landis
movie 1921 His Four Fathers
movie 1921 Morals as Stinson
movie 1921 Passion Fruit as The Ancient
movie 1921 The March Hare as Meadows
movie 1921 The Outside Woman as Mr. Cambridge
movie 1920 An Amateur Devil as His Valet
movie 1920 Food for Scandal as Padre
movie 1920 The Invisible Ray as Jean Deaux
movie 1919 Reclaimed: The Struggle for a Soul Between Love and Hate as Cadet
movie 1918 A Man's World as Emile Grimeaux
movie 1918 My Own United States as Capt. Rene Gautier
movie 1918 The House of Mirth as Percy Gryce
movie 1917 A Dangerous Double as Stuart Warren
movie 1917 Crime and Punishment as Andreas Valeskoff
movie 1917 The Deemster as Bishop, Father of Dan
movie 1917 The Long Trail as Paul Graham
movie 1917 The Masked Cupid
movie 1917 When Thieves Fall Out
movie 1916 A Knight of the Night
movie 1916 Caprice of the Mountains
movie 1916 Elusive Isabel as Luiigi
movie 1916 Little Miss Happiness as Jim Butterfield
movie 1916 Merely Mary Ann
movie 1916 Sporting Blood as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 Temptation and the Man as Temple Vaughn
movie 1916 The Crystal's Warning
movie 1916 The Doctor of the Afternoon Arm
movie 1916 The Highway of Fate
movie 1916 The Huntress of Men as Ned Ashley
movie 1916 The Latest in Vampires
movie 1916 The Man Inside as Winthrop
movie 1916 The Path of Happiness as Grekko
movie 1916 The Ragged Princess as Toby Rice
movie 1916 The Rogue with a Heart
movie 1916 Won by Valor
movie 1915 God's Witness as Leo Darcy
movie 1915 Graft vs. Love as Lawyer Newell
movie 1915 In the Jury Room as Caleb Breen
movie 1915 On the Brink of the Abyss as Jim Watson - Mary's Brother
movie 1915 The Baby Benefactor as The Grandfather
movie 1915 The Finger Prints of Fate as The Slayer
movie 1914 Adrift in a Great City as Pat Moran - The Blind Girl's Prosperous Father
movie 1914 An Hour of Youth
movie 1914 From the Flames as Bill - Fleming's Clerk
movie 1914 Mrs. Pinkhurst's Proxy as Tom - a Rural Station Agent
movie 1914 Sid Nee's Finish as Sid Nee
movie 1914 The Elevator Man as Williams - the Chief Clerk
movie 1914 The Emperor's Spy as The Emperor's Emissary
movie 1914 The Million Dollar Mystery as Jones - Hargreave's Butler
movie 1914 The Miser's Reversion as John Grisley - the Miser
movie 1914 The Skating Master as Green - Manager of the skating course
movie 1914 The Somnambulist as Tom - a Hotel Transient
movie 1914 The Success of Selfishness as Strand - a Wall Street Operator
movie 1914 Their Golden Wedding as William - Enna's Husband
movie 1914 Twins and a Stepmother as Lewis - the Father
movie 1914 When Algy Froze Up as Gray - the Village Banker
movie 1914 Zudora as Tom Hunt, Detective
movie 1913 A Twentieth Century Farmer as The Farmer's Butler
movie 1913 An Amateur Animal Trainer as Jack Crane, an Amateur Animal Trainer
movie 1913 An Orphan's Romance as Tom Sinks, the Orphan's Stepfather
movie 1913 His Sacrifice
movie 1913 Lawyer, Dog and Baby as The Lawyer
movie 1913 Little Dorrit
movie 1913 Love in the Dark
movie 1913 Omens and Oracles as The New Roomer
movie 1913 Robin Hood as The Baron
movie 1913 The Coming of Gretchen
movie 1913 The Hoodoo Umbrella as The Umbrella Dealer
movie 1913 The Medium's Nemesis
movie 1913 The Milkman's Revenge as The Milkman
movie 1913 The Other Woman
movie 1913 The Problem Love Solved as Dick, a Safecracker
movie 1913 Uncle's Namesakes as Uncle John Henry Carson
movie 1911 Soldiers Three; or, When Scotch Soldier Laddies Went in Swimming
movie 1911 The Strategy of Ann
movie 1909 Cohen at Coney Island

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