Sidney De Gray

Sidney De Gray (16 June 1866 ? 30 June 1941), was an English actor of the silent era. He appeared in 72 films between 1913 and 1940. ... more on Wikipedia

Sidney De Gray Filmography

movie 1940 The Great Profile as Critic
movie 1937 Hotel Haywire as Judge
movie 1937 Make Way for Tomorrow as Minor Role
movie 1936 A Son Comes Home as Doctor
movie 1936 Fury as Jury Member
movie 1935 Slightly Static as Janitor
movie 1935 The Whole Town's Talking as Customer
movie 1934 Beggars in Ermine as Davis
movie 1934 Broadway Bill
movie 1934 The World Moves On as Card Player
movie 1934 Upperworld as Jury Foreman
movie 1933 Female as Board Member
movie 1933 Gabriel Over the White House as Cabinet Member
movie 1932 The Gay Buckaroo as Uncle Abner
movie 1931 Arrowsmith as Doctor Hesselink
movie 1931 Fighting Caravans as Minor Role
movie 1930 Just Imagine as AK-44
movie 1930 The Three Sisters as Tito
movie 1927 Bitter Apples as Joseph Blanco
movie 1927 Closed Gates as George Newell Sr
movie 1927 Naughty Nanette as Grandfather Dennison
movie 1926 Forest Havoc
movie 1926 The Amateur Gentleman as Captain Chumley
movie 1926 The Call of the Wilderness as Andrew Horton Sr
movie 1926 The Silver Treasure as Captain Mitchell
movie 1925 American Pluck as Count Birkhaff
movie 1925 Brand of Cowardice
movie 1925 Steele of the Royal Mounted as Colonel Becker
movie 1924 Cheap Kisses as Henry Dillingham
movie 1924 My Man as Christopher Marley
movie 1924 The King of the Wild Horses as John Fielding
movie 1924 Wine of Youth as Doctor
movie 1923 Around the World in Eighteen Days as Hyppolyte Darcy
movie 1923 Other Men's Daughters as Mr. Kane
movie 1923 Rouged Lips as James Patterson II
movie 1923 Single Handed as Rancher
movie 1923 The Gentleman from America as Minor Role
movie 1923 The Love Brand as Miguel Salvador
movie 1923 The Oregon Trail as Hernandez Velasquez
movie 1923 The Wild Party as Paul Cartwright
movie 1923 Trifling with Honor as Dud Adams
movie 1922 Blood and Sand as Dr. Ruiz
movie 1922 One Wonderful Night as A.F. Fane
movie 1922 The Half Breed as Leon Pardeau
movie 1921 The Innocent Cheat as Bruce Stanhope
movie 1921 The Nut
movie 1920 Jes' Call Me Jim as Sam Yates
movie 1920 The Chorus Girl's Romance as Fred Ward
movie 1920 The Mark of Zorro as Don Alejandro
movie 1920 Water, Water, Everywhere as Red McGee
movie 1919 Almost a Husband as John Carruthers
movie 1918 Alias Mary Brown as Carnac
movie 1918 His Birthright as James Barnes
movie 1918 The Reckoning Day as District Attorney
movie 1917 A Bon-Bon Riot
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke's Lively Life
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke, Lawyer
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke, Mechanic
movie 1917 Luke Wins Ye Ladye Faire
movie 1917 Luke's Busy Day
movie 1917 Luke's Lost Liberty
movie 1917 Luke's Trolley Troubles
movie 1916 Luke Locates the Loot
movie 1916 Luke's Fireworks Fizzle
movie 1916 Luke's Shattered Sleep
movie 1915 All Balled Up as Syd
movie 1915 All on Account of a Doughnut as Mr. Newlywed
movie 1915 And Percy Got Married as Betty's Father
movie 1915 Beating Father to It
movie 1915 Happy Awakening
movie 1915 Irresponsible Syd as Syd
movie 1915 Jane as Henry Jardine
movie 1915 Light Fingered Syd as Syd
movie 1915 Pete Goes to War
movie 1915 Syd and His Sweethearts as Syd
movie 1915 Syd's Busy Day as Syd
movie 1915 Syd's Finish as Syd
movie 1915 Syd's Love Affair as Syd
movie 1915 Syd, the Athlete as Syd
movie 1915 Syd, the Bum Detective as Syd
movie 1915 Syd, the Masher as Syd
movie 1915 The Hidden Treasure as Old Scroggs
movie 1915 The Painted Anarchist
movie 1915 The Paradoxical Burglar
movie 1915 The Paris Hat
movie 1915 The Power of Music
movie 1915 The Yankee Girl as Wiggs
movie 1915 When Is a Cousin?
movie 1914 A Riot in Rubeville as Alias Sherlock Holmes
movie 1914 Apollo Fred Becomes a Homeseeker
movie 1914 Apollo Fred Sees the Point
movie 1914 Some Bull's Daughter as Some Bull
movie 1914 The Cheese of Police
movie 1914 The Rival Barbers
movie 1913 A Warm Welcome
movie 1913 Mrs. Brown's Burglar as The Bartender
movie 1913 One Round O'Brien's Flirtation
movie 1913 The Rival Pitchers as Heine - the Pitcher

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