Sidney Olcott

Sidney Olcott (September 20, 1873 - December 16, 1949) was a Canadian-born film producer, director, actor and screenwriter. ... more on Wikipedia

Sidney Olcott Filmography

movie 1927 The Claw
movie 1926 Screen Snapshots, Series 6, No. 14 as Himself
movie 1926 Ranson's Folly
movie 1926 The Amateur Gentleman
movie 1926 The White Black Sheep
movie 1925 Not So Long Ago
movie 1925 Salome of the Tenements
movie 1925 The Best People
movie 1925 The Charmer
movie 1924 Monsieur Beaucaire
movie 1924 The Humming Bird
movie 1924 The Only Woman
movie 1923 Little Old New York
movie 1923 The Green Goddess
movie 1922 Timothy's Quest
movie 1921 God's Country and the Law
movie 1921 Pardon My French
movie 1921 The Right Way
movie 1920 Scratch My Back
movie 1919 Marriage for Convenience
movie 1918 The Belgian
movie 1916 Diplomacy
movie 1916 My Lady Incog.
movie 1916 Poor Little Peppina
movie 1916 The Daughter of MacGregor
movie 1916 The Innocent Lie
movie 1916 The Smugglers
movie 1915 All for Old Ireland as Con Daly
movie 1915 The Irish in America as Dan Murphy
movie 1915 The Railroad Raiders of '62 as Captain Andrews
movie 1915 Nan o' the Backwoods
movie 1915 Famous Men of Today
movie 1915 Famous Rulers of the World
movie 1915 Great Americans Past and Present
movie 1915 Madame Butterfly
movie 1915 New York and Its People
movie 1915 The Gap of Dunloe
movie 1915 The Ghost of Twisted Oaks
movie 1915 The Moth and the Flame
movie 1915 The Seven Sisters
movie 1915 The Taint
movie 1914 For Ireland's Sake as Father Flanagan
movie 1914 The Eye of the Government as The Detective
movie 1914 The Idle Rich as The Manager of the Mine
movie 1914 The Mother of Men as The Judge
movie 1914 Captured by Mexicans
movie 1914 Come Back to Erin
movie 1914 In the Hands of the Brute
movie 1914 The Little Rebel
movie 1914 Through the Fires of Temptation
movie 1914 Tricking the Government
movie 1914 When Men Would Kill
movie 1913 In the Power of a Hypnotist as Gondorza - the Hypnotist
movie 1913 Lady Peggy's Escape as Father O'Donnell
movie 1913 Perils of the Sea
movie 1913 A Daughter of the Confederacy
movie 1913 In the Clutches of the Ku Klux Klan
movie 1913 The Octoroon
movie 1913 The Wives of Jamestown
movie 1913 Uncle Tom's Cabin
movie 1913 When Men Hate
movie 1912 From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth as Blind Man
movie 1912 Ireland, the Oppressed as Father Falvey
movie 1912 Making Photoplays in Egypt as Himself
movie 1912 The Ancient Port of Jaffa as Himself
movie 1912 The Kerry Gow as Capt. Sidney Keirnan
movie 1912 The O'Kalems' Visit to Killarney as Himself
movie 1912 The O'Neill
movie 1912 The Shaughraun as Conn - the Shaughraun
movie 1912 A Prisoner of the Harem
movie 1912 Along the River Nile
movie 1912 An Arabian Tragedy
movie 1912 Ancient Temples of Egypt
movie 1912 Captain Rivera's Reward
movie 1912 Captured by Bedouins
movie 1912 Conway, the Kerry Dancer
movie 1912 Down Through the Ages
movie 1912 Dust of the Desert
movie 1912 Far from Erin's Isle
movie 1912 His Mother
movie 1912 Luxor, Egypt
movie 1912 Missionaries in Darkest Africa
movie 1912 My Hielan' Lassie
movie 1912 Shaun Rhue
movie 1912 The Darling of the CSA
movie 1912 The Fighting Dervishes of the Desert
movie 1912 The Mayor from Ireland
movie 1912 The Poacher's Pardon
movie 1912 The Vagabonds
movie 1912 The Vengeance Mark
movie 1912 Tragedy of the Desert
movie 1912 Winning a Widow
movie 1912 You Remember Ellen
movie 1911 An Irish Honeymoon as The Groom
movie 1911 Arrah-Na-Pogue as Shaun the Post
movie 1911 Railroad Raiders of '62 as Capt. Andrews
movie 1911 The Colleen Bawn as Danny Mann
movie 1911 The Fiddle's Requiem as Notary
movie 1911 The Love of Summer Morn
movie 1911 A Saw Mill Hero
movie 1911 A War Time Escape
movie 1911 By a Woman's Wit
movie 1911 For Love of an Enemy
movie 1911 Her Chum's Brother
movie 1911 In Blossom Time
movie 1911 In Old Florida
movie 1911 Last Day of School
movie 1911 Losing to Win
movie 1911 Molly Pitcher
movie 1911 Robbie and the Redskins
movie 1911 Rory O'More
movie 1911 Sailor Jack's Reformation
movie 1911 Special Messenger
movie 1911 Tangled Lives
movie 1911 The Carnival
movie 1911 The Fishermaid of Ballydavid
movie 1911 The Franciscan Friars of Killarney, Ireland
movie 1911 The Lass Who Couldn't Forget
movie 1911 The Open Road
movie 1911 The Romance of a Dixie Belle
movie 1911 To the Aid of Stonewall Jackson
movie 1911 When the Dead Return
movie 1911 When Two Hearts Are Won
movie 1910 A Lad from Old Ireland as Terry O'Connor
movie 1910 The Deacon's Daughter
movie 1910 The Engineer's Sweetheart
movie 1910 The Little Spreewald Maiden as Hans - Frieda's Peasant Sweetheart
movie 1910 Her Indian Mother
movie 1910 The Indian Scout's Vengeance
movie 1910 A Colonial Belle
movie 1910 Confederate Spy
movie 1910 For a Woman's Honor
movie 1910 Her Soldier Sweetheart
movie 1910 Seth's Temptation
movie 1910 The Aztec Sacrifice
movie 1910 The Bravest Girl in the South
movie 1910 The Canadian Moonshiners
movie 1910 The Castaways
movie 1910 The Cliff Dwellers
movie 1910 The Conspiracy of Pontiac; or, At Fort Detroit in 1763
movie 1910 The Cow Puncher's Sweetheart
movie 1910 The Education of Elizabeth
movie 1910 The Egret Hunter
movie 1910 The Feud
movie 1910 The Forager
movie 1910 The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy
movie 1910 The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg
movie 1910 The Heart of Edna Leslie
movie 1910 The Miser's Child
movie 1910 The Perversity of Fate
movie 1910 The Romance of a Trained Nurse
movie 1910 The Sacred Turquoise of the Zuni
movie 1910 The Seminole Halfbreeds
movie 1910 The Seminole's Trust
movie 1910 The Stepmother
movie 1910 The Stranger
movie 1910 The Wanderers
movie 1909 The Old Soldier's Story
movie 1909 The Seminole's Vengeance: or, The Slave Catchers of Florida
movie 1909 Tis an Ill Wind That Blows No Good
movie 1909 The Cardboard Baby
movie 1909 A Brother's Wrong
movie 1909 A Florida Feud: or, Love in the Everglades
movie 1909 Dora
movie 1909 Hiram's Bride
movie 1909 Out of Work
movie 1909 Queen of the Quarry
movie 1909 Rally 'Round the Flag
movie 1909 The Cattle Thieves
movie 1909 The Conspirators: An Incident of a South American Revolution
movie 1909 The Cracker's Bride
movie 1909 The Geisha Who Saved Japan
movie 1909 The Girl Scout: or, The Canadian Contingent in the Boer War
movie 1909 The Girl Spy: An Incident of the Civil War
movie 1909 The Governor's Daughter
movie 1909 The Hand-Organ Man
movie 1909 The Law of the Mountains
movie 1909 The Man and the Girl
movie 1909 The Mystery of the 'Sleeper' Trunk
movie 1909 The Octoroon: The Story of the Turpentine Forest
movie 1909 The Pay Car
movie 1909 The Tom-Boy
movie 1909 The Winning Boat
movie 1908 David and Goliath
movie 1908 Florida Crackers
movie 1908 Hannah Dustin: The Border Wars of New England
movie 1908 Henry Hudson
movie 1908 The Days of '61
movie 1908 The Scarlet Letter
movie 1908 Way Down East
movie 1907 Pony Express
movie 1907 Ben Hur
movie 1907 The Wooing of Miles Standish
movie 1906 The Village Cutup

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Ben Hur is a 1907 silent film, the first film version of Lew Wallace's novel Ben-Hur, one of the best-selling books at that time. The film was directed by Ca...

"Salome of the Tenements" est un film Paramount (1925), réalisé par Sidney Olcott avec Jetta Goudal et Godfrey Tearle, d'après un livre d'Anzia Yezierska. Le...

The Claw est le dernier film réalisé par Sidney Olcott. Le pionnier du cinéma a choisi les meilleures cartes dans son jeu. Une compagnie prestigieuse: Univer...

1923. Depuis deux ans, Rudolph Valentino est absent des écrans. Le Latin Lover revient dans un film Paramount: "Monsieur Beaucaire" réalisé par Sidney ...