Simon Reynolds

Simon Reynolds (born 1963 in London, England; raised in Hertfordshire) is an English music critic who is well-known for his writings on electronic dance music and for coining the term "post-rock".[citation needed] Besides electronic dance music, Reynolds has written about a wide range of artists and musical genres, and has written books on post-punk and rock. He has contributed to Melody Maker (where he first made his name), The New York Times, Village Voice, Spin, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, T ... more on Wikipedia

Simon Reynolds Filmography

movie 2013 I'll Follow You Down as Dr. Reynolds
movie 2012 The Conspiracy as Drunk Man
movie 2012 The Truth as Tom Delmonte
movie 2011 i am a good person/i am a bad person as Doug
movie 2009 Jenny as Son
movie 2009 Gitch
movie 2008 Bull as Jay Valentine
movie 2008 Flash of Genius as Angry Driver
movie 2008 Only as Doug
tv movie 2008 The Two Mr. Kissels as David Pariser
movie 2008 Traitor as Ted Blake
movie 2007 P2 as Jim Harper
movie 2007 Saw IV as Lamanna
movie 2006 The Sentinel as Tom DiPaola
tv movie 2006 Time Bomb as Richard Zawadski
movie 2005 Dark Water as Man in Elevator
tv movie 2005 Riding the Bus with My Sister as Morris
movie 2005 The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio as Ray the Milkman
movie 2005 White Light
movie 2004 R.U.U. as Seth
movie 2003 Cold Creek Manor as Ray Pinski
tv movie 2002 Escape from the Newsroom as The Writer
video movie 2002 The Skulls II as Dr. Phillip Sprague
movie 2002 Undercover Brother as Frank the Golfer
tv movie 1998 His Bodyguard as Riles
movie 1997 Hostile Intent as Crowther
tv movie 1996 Critical Choices as David
movie 1996 Extreme Measures as Simon
tv movie 1996 Losing Chase as Instructor
tv movie 1995 Where's the Money, Noreen? as Teddy
tv movie 1993 Family Pictures as Al Baker
tv movie 1993 Lifeline to Victory as Mac McNaughton
tv movie 1993 Survive the Night as Cat
tv movie 1992 Quiet Killer as Dr. David Bergman
tv movie 1991 Deadly Betrayal: The Bruce Curtis Story as Bruce Curtis
movie 1990 Defy Gravity as Patrick
movie 1990 The Gate II: Trespassers as Moe
tv series 1989 Maxie's World as Rob
tv series 1987 Dinosaucers as Ryan
tv series 1987 My Pet Monster
movie 1985 Martin's Day as Jim
tv movie 1984 The Guardian as Robbie Hyatt
tv series 1983 Vanderberg as Patrick Vanderberg

Simon Reynolds on Youtube

Book trailer de "Retromanía. La adicción de la cultura pop a su propio pasado", de Simon Reynolds, publicado por Caja Negra Editora en mayo 2012.

Andrew Keen interviews Simon Reynolds, author of Retromania.

Shot by The Drone @ Point Ephémère, Paris Watch & read more :

Simon Reynolds, one of the most influential writers on music and popular culture, visited by:Larm to talk about his recently published book; Retromania.