Sinclair Hill

Sinclair Hill was a British film director and screenwriter. He directed nearly fifty films between 1920 and 1939. He was born as George Sinclair-Hill in London in 1894. He was awarded an O.B.E for his services to film. ... more on Wikipedia

Sinclair Hill Filmography

movie 1938 Follow Your Star
movie 1937 Command Performance
movie 1937 Midnight Menace
movie 1937 Take a Chance
movie 1936 The Cardinal
movie 1936 The Gay Adventure
movie 1935 Hyde Park Corner
movie 1934 My Old Dutch
movie 1933 Britannia of Billingsgate
movie 1933 The Man from Toronto
movie 1932 The First Mrs. Fraser
movie 1931 Other People's Sins
movie 1931 The Great Gay Road
movie 1931 A Gentleman of Paris
movie 1930 Dark Red Roses
movie 1930 Greek Street
movie 1930 Such Is the Law
movie 1929 Mr. Smith Wakes Up
movie 1929 Peace and Quiet
movie 1929 The Unwritten Law
movie 1929 C.O.D.: A Mellow Drama
movie 1928 The Guns of Loos
movie 1928 The Price of Divorce
movie 1927 A Woman Redeemed
movie 1927 The King's Highway
movie 1926 Boadicea
movie 1926 Sahara Love
movie 1926 The Chinese Bungalow
movie 1925 The Secret Kingdom
movie 1925 The Qualified Adventurer
movie 1925 The Squire of Long Hadley
movie 1925 The Honourable Member for the Outside Left
movie 1925 The Presumption of Stanley Hay, MP
movie 1924 Holloway's Treasure
movie 1924 The Acid Test
movie 1924 The Conspirators
movie 1924 The Drum
movie 1924 The Prehistoric Man
movie 1924 White Slippers
movie 1924 Port of Lost Souls
movie 1923 Don Quixote
movie 1923 One Arabian Night
movie 1923 The Indian Love Lyrics
movie 1922 Expiation
movie 1922 Open Country
movie 1922 Petticoat Loose
movie 1922 The Nonentity
movie 1922 Half a Truth
movie 1922 The Experiment
movie 1922 The Lonely Lady of Grosvenor Square
movie 1922 The Truants
movie 1921 One Week to Live
movie 1921 The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown
movie 1921 The Place of Honour
movie 1920 The Amateur Gentleman as Jerningham
movie 1920 A Question of Trust
movie 1920 At the Villa Rose
movie 1920 The Hundredth Chance
movie 1920 The Tavern Knight
movie 1920 The Tidal Wave

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SweetLeaf @ CxCW '14 "Back in 10", "Glory Hole" & "Smile and Nod" Live up on Sinclair Hill, Cadboro Bay, Victoria BC for Couch by CouchWest 2014 Debut LP ...

A comedy/drama film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Gordon Harker, Binnie Hale, Henry Tate and Robert Holmes. Harker portrays a policeman investigatin.

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