Slim Summerville

Slim Summerville (July 10, 1892 ? January 6, 1946) was an American film actor, best known as a comedy performer. ... more on Wikipedia

Slim Summerville Filmography

tv series 1980 Hollywood as Himself
movie 1951 ¡Qué tiempos aquéllos!
movie 1946 The Hoodlum Saint as Eel
movie 1945 Sing Me a Song of Texas as Happy
movie 1944 Bachelor Daze as Slim Winters
movie 1944 Bride by Mistake as Samuel
movie 1944 I'm from Arkansas as Juniper Jenkins aka Pa
movie 1944 Swing in the Saddle as Northup 'Slim' Bayliss
movie 1943 Garden of Eatin' as Slim
movie 1943 Happy Times and Jolly Moments
movie 1942 The Valley of Vanishing Men as Missouri Benson
movie 1941 Highway West as Gramps Abbott
movie 1941 Miss Polly as Slim Wilkins
movie 1941 Niagara Falls as Sam Sawyer
movie 1941 Puddin' Head as Uncle Lem
movie 1941 Tobacco Road as Henry Peabody
movie 1941 Uncle Joe as Joe Butterworth
movie 1941 Western Union as Herman, called 'Cookie'
movie 1940 Anne of Windy Poplars as Jabez Monkman
movie 1940 Gold Rush Maisie as Fred Gubbins
movie 1940 You Nazty Spy! as Prisoner
movie 1939 Charlie Chan in Reno as Sheriff Fletcher
movie 1939 Henry Goes Arizona as Sheriff Parton
movie 1939 Jesse James as Jailer
movie 1939 Winner Take All as MikeMuldoon
movie 1938 Five of a Kind as Constable Jim Ogden
movie 1938 Kentucky Moonshine as Hank Hatfield
movie 1938 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Homer Busby
movie 1938 Submarine Patrol as Ellsworth 'Spuds' Fickett, cook
movie 1938 Up the River as Slim Nelson
movie 1937 Fifty Roads to Town as Ed Henry
movie 1937 Love Is News as Judge Hart
movie 1937 Off to the Races as Uncle George
movie 1937 The Road Back as Tjaden
movie 1936 Can This Be Dixie? as Robert E. Lee Gurgle
movie 1936 Captain January as Captain Nazro
movie 1936 Pepper as Uncle Ben Jolly
movie 1936 Reunion as Jim Ogden
movie 1936 The Country Doctor as Constable Jim Ogden
movie 1936 White Fang as Slats Magee
movie 1935 Life Begins at Forty as T. Watterson Meriwether
movie 1935 The Farmer Takes a Wife as Fortune Friendly
movie 1935 Way Down East as Constable Seth Holcomb
movie 1934 Love Birds as Henry Whipple
movie 1934 Their Big Moment as Bill Ambrose
movie 1933 Her First Mate as Horner, John
movie 1933 Horse Play as Slim Perkins
movie 1933 Love, Honor and Oh Baby! as Mark Reed
movie 1933 Out All Night as Ronald Colgate
movie 1932 Air Mail as 'Slim' McCune
movie 1932 Eyes Have It
movie 1932 In the Bag
movie 1932 Kid Glove Kisses
movie 1932 Meet the Princess
movie 1932 Officer, Save My Child
movie 1932 Racing Youth as Slim
movie 1932 Sea Soldier's Sweeties
movie 1932 The Unexpected Father as Jasper Jones
movie 1932 They Just Had to Get Married as Sam Sutton
movie 1932 Tom Brown of Culver as Slim
movie 1931 Arabian Knights
movie 1931 Bless the Ladies as Sergeant Slim
movie 1931 El Tenorio del harem as El corneta
movie 1931 Estamos en París
movie 1931 First to Fight as Slim, Company Bugler
movie 1931 Heaven on Earth as Merchant
movie 1931 Hello Russia
movie 1931 Here's Luck
movie 1931 Hotter Than Haiti
movie 1931 Lasca of the Rio Grande as 'Crabapple' Thompson
movie 1931 Let's Play
movie 1931 Many a Slip as Hopkins
movie 1931 Parisian Gaities
movie 1931 Peeking in Peking
movie 1931 Reckless Living as The Drunk
movie 1931 The Bad Sister as Sam
movie 1931 The Front Page as Pincus
movie 1931 The Royal Bluff
movie 1931 The Sargie's Playmate
movie 1931 ¡Hola, Rusia!
movie 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front as Tjaden
movie 1930 Free Love as Gas Inspector
movie 1930 Her Man as The Swede
movie 1930 King of Jazz as Automobile Owner
movie 1930 Ooh La-La
movie 1930 Parlez Vous
movie 1930 See America Thirst as Slim
movie 1930 The Little Accident as Hicks
movie 1930 The Spoilers as Slapjack Simms
movie 1930 Troopers Three as 'Sunny'
movie 1930 Under Montana Skies as Sunshine
movie 1930 We! We! Marie!
movie 1930 Who's the Boss
movie 1929 King of the Rodeo as Slim
movie 1929 One Hysterical Night as Robin Hood
movie 1929 Sailor's Holiday as Midway Photographer
movie 1929 Strong Boy as Slim
movie 1929 The Last Warning as Tommy Wall
movie 1929 The Shannons of Broadway as Newt
movie 1929 Tiger Rose as Heine
movie 1928 Riding for Fame as High-Pockets
movie 1927 Hey! Hey! Cowboy as Spike Doolin
movie 1927 Oh! What a Kick!
movie 1927 Painted Ponies as Beanpole
movie 1927 Red Suspenders as Slim
movie 1927 The Beloved Rogue as Jehan
movie 1927 The Chinese Parrot as Prospector
movie 1927 The Denver Dude as Slim Jones
movie 1927 The Wreck of the Hesperus
movie 1927 Why Mules Leave Home
movie 1927 A Run for His Money
movie 1927 Hop Along
movie 1927 In Again, Out Again
movie 1927 Jailhouse Blues
movie 1927 Meet the Husband
movie 1927 The Honeymoon Quickstep
movie 1927 The Midnight Bum
movie 1926 The Texas Streak as 'Swede' Sonberg
movie 1926 A Bedtime Story
movie 1926 A Dumb Friend
movie 1926 A Swell Affair
movie 1926 Badly Broke
movie 1926 Business Worries
movie 1926 Don't Be a Dummy
movie 1926 Hearts for Rent
movie 1926 In the Air
movie 1926 Oprey House Tonight
movie 1926 Papa's Mama
movie 1926 Switching Sleepers
movie 1926 Taking the Heir
movie 1926 The Perfect Lie
movie 1926 The Village Cut-Up
movie 1926 Tiddly-Winks
movie 1926 Too Much Sleep
movie 1926 Tune Up!
movie 1926 Wanted a Bride
movie 1925 A Peaceful Riot
movie 1925 All Out
movie 1925 Andy Takes a Flyer as Andy Gump
movie 1925 A Free Ride
movie 1925 Absent-Minded
movie 1925 All Tied Up
movie 1925 Back to Nature
movie 1925 Faint Heart
movie 1925 When Dumbells Ring
movie 1924 Case Dismissed
movie 1924 Easy Money
movie 1924 Easy Work
movie 1924 Green Grocers
movie 1924 Hello, 'Frisco as Slim
movie 1924 Keep Healthy
movie 1924 Miners Over 21
movie 1924 My Little Brother
movie 1924 Politics
movie 1924 Ship Ahoy!
movie 1924 The Cry Baby
movie 1924 Why Wait?
movie 1924 William Tell as William Tell
movie 1924 Her Ball and Chain
movie 1924 Sad But True
movie 1924 The Orphan
movie 1924 The Pinhead
movie 1924 The Very Bad Man
movie 1924 Unreal News Reel No. 2
movie 1924 Unreal News Reel No. 3
movie 1924 Unreal News Reel No. 4
movie 1923 The Rivals as Slim
movie 1923 Rough Sailing
movie 1923 The Artist
movie 1923 The Cyclist
movie 1923 The Five Fifteen
movie 1923 The Riding Master
movie 1923 Unreal News Reel
movie 1923 Wet and Weary
movie 1922 High and Dry
movie 1922 Hold the Line
movie 1922 The Barnstormers
movie 1922 The Eskimo
movie 1922 The Ranch Romeo
movie 1921 Skirts
movie 1921 The Singer Midget's Scandal
movie 1921 One Moment, Please
movie 1921 Pardon Me
movie 1920 Hold Me Tight
movie 1920 Mary's Little Lobster
movie 1920 Pretty Lady
movie 1920 Sheriff Nell's Comeback
movie 1920 Ten Nights Without a Barroom as The Hero of the Play
movie 1920 Training for Husbands
movie 1919 A Schoolhouse Scandal
movie 1919 Footballs and Frauds
movie 1919 Her First Kiss
movie 1919 Virtuous Husbands
movie 1919 Wild Waves and Women
movie 1918 A High Diver's Last Kiss
movie 1918 His Hidden Purpose as A Cop
movie 1918 His Smothered Love as 1st Crook
movie 1918 It Pays to Exercise as A Flirt
movie 1918 Roaring Lions on the Midnight Express
movie 1918 The Kitchen Lady as The Landlady's Son
movie 1918 Those Athletic Girls as The Watchman
movie 1917 A Bedroom Blunder as Counter Attendant
movie 1917 A Dog Catcher's Love as The Dog Catcher
movie 1917 Are Waitresses Safe? as Gang Leader Rival - Who Had Objections
movie 1917 Are Witnesses Safe?
movie 1917 Her Fame and Shame as Audience Spectator
movie 1917 His Precious Life as Beechnut's Assistant
movie 1917 Roping Her Romeo as Black Pete - the Leading Scoundrel
movie 1917 Villa of the Movies as Mr. Hawk - a Boarder
movie 1916 Cinders of Love as The Police Chief
movie 1916 Gypsy Joe as Stage Passenger
movie 1916 Hearts and Sparks as The Moneylender's Pit Crewman
movie 1916 His Bread and Butter as The Cafe Proprietor
movie 1916 His Busted Trust as Arto the Artist
movie 1916 The Snow Cure as Minor Role
movie 1916 The Three Slims
movie 1916 The Winning Punch as Slim
movie 1915 A Bird's a Bird
movie 1915 A Game Old Knight as Brigand Chief's Valet
movie 1915 Caught in a Park as The Boy Friend
movie 1915 Caught in the Act as The Elevator Operator
movie 1915 Droppington's Devilish Deed as Audience Member
movie 1915 Fatty and the Broadway Stars as Striking Carpenter
movie 1915 Fatty's New Role as Bartender
movie 1915 Gussle's Day of Rest as The Park Girl's Boyfriend
movie 1915 Her Painted Hero as A Bill Poster
movie 1915 Her Winning Punch
movie 1915 No One to Guide Him as The Bartender
movie 1915 Rum and Wall Paper
movie 1915 Saved by Wireless as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1915 That Little Band of Gold as Waiter
movie 1915 The Beauty Bunglers as Soda Jerk
movie 1915 The Great Vacuum Robbery as 2nd Detective
movie 1915 The Home Breakers as The Janitor
movie 1915 Their Social Splash as Harold - the Groom
movie 1915 Those College Girls as The Bellboy
movie 1914 A New York Girl
movie 1914 A Rowboat Romance
movie 1914 Ambrose's First Falsehood as Café Patron
movie 1914 Among the Mourners as Pallbearer
movie 1914 An Incompetent Hero as Man in Police Station
movie 1914 Caught in the Rain as Cop
movie 1914 Cursed by His Beauty as 2nd Model
movie 1914 Dough and Dynamite as Striking Baker
movie 1914 Fatty and Minnie He-Haw as Railroad Guard
movie 1914 Fatty and the Heiress
movie 1914 Fatty's Magic Pants as Cop
movie 1914 Gentlemen of Nerve as Spectator
movie 1914 Gussle, the Golfer as Drunk in Jail
movie 1914 He Loved the Ladies
movie 1914 High Spots on Broadway
movie 1914 His Talented Wife as Actor
movie 1914 Laughing Gas as Pedestrian
movie 1914 Leading Lizzie Astray as Dancing Cafe Patron
movie 1914 Love and Bullets as Henchman
movie 1914 Lover's Luck as Villager
movie 1914 Mabel's Busy Day as Policeman
movie 1914 Mabel's Latest Prank
movie 1914 Soldiers of Misfortune
movie 1914 Stout Hearts But Weak Knees as Cop
movie 1914 The Anglers
movie 1914 The Knockout as Spectator
movie 1914 The Plumber
movie 1914 The Property Man as Man in Second Row Audience
movie 1914 Their Fatal Bumping as The Sheriff
movie 1914 Those Country Kids as Cop
movie 1914 Those Happy Days as Annoyed Neighbor
movie 1914 Those Love Pangs as Movie Patron
movie 1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance as Policeman
movie 1914 Wild West Love
movie 1914 Zip, the Dodger as Baseball Player
movie 1912 Hoffmeyer's Legacy as Keystone Kop

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THEIR SOCIAL SPLASH Keystone-Mutual 1 reel, rel. May 26, 1915 (The Fatal Wedding) dir. Arvid Gillstrom cast: Charles Murray, Polly Moran, Slim Summerville ...

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The town of Pitchfork, Arkansas makes national headlines when Esmeralda the sow gives birth to 18 piglets. Among the visitors to Pitchfork are a troupe of sh...