Snooky Filmography

movie 1924 Kid Days as A chimp
movie 1923 A Jungle Romeo as Snooky
movie 1923 Bluebeard of the Jungle as Snooky
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 5 as Himself
movie 1922 Birthday Guests and Jungle Pests
movie 1922 Snooky's Home Run
movie 1921 Beat It
movie 1921 Just in Time
movie 1921 Ladies' Pets
movie 1921 Ready to Serve
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 21 as Himself
movie 1921 Snooky's Fresh Heir
movie 1921 Snooky's Labor Lost
movie 1921 Snooky's Twin Troubles
movie 1921 Snooky's Wild Oats
movie 1920 A Tray Full of Trouble
movie 1920 An Overall Hero as Snooky
movie 1920 Four Times Foiled
movie 1920 The Big Show
movie 1920 The One Best Pet as Snooky
movie 1920 You'll Be S'prised
movie 1919 Mules and Mortgages as Minnie, a Chimp
movie 1919 The Star Boarder

Snooky on Youtube

Funny animation created by Alex the genius.

BLUSANG ITIM (STARRING KYLIE PADILLA) (FULL TEASER / TRAILER) Blusang Itim is a fantasy/drama komiks novel that tells of the story of an ugly woman ...

Directed by Artemio Marquez. With Snooky Serna, Gabby Concepcion, Aiko Melendez, Cristina Gonzales, Eddie Gutierrez, Ricardo Cepeda, Caridad Sanchez, ...