Sophia Pino

Sophia Pino Filmography

movie 2013 Pacific Mood
movie 2012 Eclipse
movie 2012 Midnight Tango
movie 2012 Complicated
movie 2011 Bleak as Niki
movie 2011 Split Seconds as Ruth
movie 2011 Warm Planet
movie 2011 Blue Rain
video movie 2011 The Field
movie 2010 Dreamscape as Elena's Voice
movie 2010 TriggerPoint as Student
video movie 2010 A Gum's Life

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USC Mashup.

By Carter Shults and Sophia Pino USC Project.

By Sophia Pino. After Effects For more of my films, visit

Blue Rain, a surrealist film written and directed by Sophia Pino. A man is haunted by a dark memory of his past as he's filled with guilt and must learn to f...