Sotos Petrides

Sotos Petrides Filmography

movie 2014 A Safe Place as Doctor
movie 2013 A Hot Mess as Callum
movie 2013 Finding Mr. Right as The Priest
video movie 2013 Foxtrot as Taxi Driver
movie 2013 Scammerhead as Commodities Trader #2
movie 2013 The Beginnings of My Heart
movie 2013 Bad Ink
movie 2012 Big Boy as Cashier
movie 2012 Don't Speak at Funerals as The Guy
movie 2012 Fraternal: Episode 1 as Security Guard
movie 2012 Friend Request as Officer Schultze
movie 2012 Stockholders as Pedrag
movie 2012 The Book of Life
movie 2012 The Devil's Bill
movie 2012 Van Man as Mr. Kowalski
movie 2012 What If He Was Already Like That...? as Zombie Extra 5
movie 2011 Analyze What?
movie 2011 Foreclosed
movie 2011 Landing as Sam

Sotos Petrides on Youtube

This is a scene adaptation from a police take down. Cop played by Sotos Petrides.

Schindler ( Liam Neeson's role ) is trying to convince Stern to work with him.

Sotos Petrides in role of Sean played in film by Robin Williams. This is the park scene with Matt Damon's character.

Schindler is upset with Stern.