Standish Lawder

Standish Lawder Filmography

movie 2013 Hans Richter: Everything Turns, Everything Revolves as Himself
tv movie 2011 FilmFestSpezial as Himself
movie 1972 Raindance
movie 1971 Color Film
movie 1971 Necrology
movie 1970 Corridor
movie 1970 Dangling Participle
movie 1969 Diaries Notes and Sketches
movie 1969 Runaway

Standish Lawder on Youtube

Iz autorova found foootage ciklusa "Filmske intervencije". Predmet obrade je film Standisha D. Lawdera "Runaway" (1969). From author's found footage cyclus ". for full film details. From Cinema16: American Short Films.

People ascending to heaven. Grand Central Station, NY.

album: Hospital Murders (2004) clip: Corridor by Standish Lawder (1970)