Stanley Fields

Stanley Fields is an American biologist best known for developing the yeast two hybrid method for identifying protein-protein interactions . He is currently a professor of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington. ... more on Wikipedia

Stanley Fields Filmography

tv movie 2000 Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs
tv movie 1992 A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel and Hardy
movie 1941 I'll Sell My Life as Bochini
movie 1941 The Lady from Cheyenne as Jerry Stover
movie 1941 Where Did You Get That Girl? as Crandall
movie 1940 King of the Lumberjacks as Dominic Deribault
movie 1940 New Moon as Tambour
movie 1940 Ski Patrol as Birger Simberg
movie 1940 The Great Plane Robbery as Frankie Toller
movie 1940 Viva Cisco Kid as Boss
movie 1940 Wyoming as Curley - Henchman
movie 1939 Blackwell's Island as 'Bull' Bransom
movie 1939 Chasing Danger as Captain of the S.S. Fontaine [AFI Name: Capt. Fontaine]
movie 1939 Exile Express as Tony Kassan
movie 1939 Fugitive at Large as Manning
movie 1939 Hell's Kitchen as Buck
movie 1939 Off the Record as Big Bruiser
movie 1939 Pack Up Your Troubles as Sgt. Walker
movie 1939 The Kid from Kokomo as Muscles Malone
movie 1938 Algiers as Carlos
movie 1938 Arsène Lupin Returns as André - Horse Groom
movie 1938 Flirting with Fate as Fernando
movie 1938 Of Human Hearts as Horse Owner
movie 1938 Painted Desert as Bill
movie 1938 Panamint's Bad Man as Harold 'Black Jack' Deavers
movie 1938 Straight Place and Show as Slippery Sol
movie 1938 The Adventures of Marco Polo as Bayan
movie 1938 The Sisters as Ship's Captain
movie 1938 Wide Open Faces as Duke Temple
movie 1937 Ali Baba Goes to Town as Tramp
movie 1937 All Over Town as Slug
movie 1937 Counsel for Crime as George Evans
movie 1937 Danger: Love at Work as Thug
movie 1937 Maid of Salem as First Mate
movie 1937 Midnight Court as 'Slim' Jacobs
movie 1937 Roll Along, Cowboy as Barry Barker
movie 1937 Souls at Sea as Granley
movie 1937 The Great O'Malley as Convict at Lathe
movie 1937 The Hit Parade as Bedtime Story Man
movie 1937 The Last Train from Madrid as Avila
movie 1937 The Sheik Steps Out as Abu Saal
movie 1937 The Toast of New York as Top Sergeant
movie 1937 Three Legionnaires as Gen. Stavinski
movie 1937 Way Out West as Sheriff
movie 1937 Wells Fargo as Abe - Prospector
movie 1937 Wife, Doctor and Nurse as Deliveryman
movie 1936 Black Gold as Lefty Stevens
movie 1936 It Had to Happen as Mug
movie 1936 O'Malley of the Mounted as Red Jagger
movie 1936 Show Boat as Backwoodsman with Gun
movie 1936 The Devil Is a Sissy as Joe - a Gangster
movie 1936 The Gay Desperado as Butch
movie 1936 The King Steps Out as Bruiser
movie 1936 The Mine with the Iron Door as Dempsey
movie 1936 Ticket to Paradise as Dan Kelly
movie 1935 Baby Face Harrington as Mullens
movie 1935 Helldorado as Truck Driver
movie 1935 Life Returns as Dog Catcher
movie 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty as Muspratt
movie 1935 The Daring Young Man as Rafferty
movie 1934 Kid Millions as Oscar Wilson
movie 1934 Many Happy Returns as Joe
movie 1934 Name the Woman as Dawson
movie 1934 Palooka as Blacky Wolfe
movie 1934 Rocky Rhodes as Harp Haverty
movie 1934 Sing and Like It as Butch - Hood
movie 1934 Strictly Dynamite as Pussy
movie 1933 Destination Unknown as Gattallo
movie 1933 He Couldn't Take It as Sweet Sue
movie 1933 Roman Scandals as Slave Auctioneer
movie 1933 Terror Aboard as Capt. Swanson
movie 1933 The Constant Woman as Beef - Stagehand
movie 1932 Destry Rides Again as Sheriff Jerry Wendell
movie 1932 Girl Crazy as Lank Sanders - The Arizona Heavy
movie 1932 Girl of the Rio as Mike
movie 1932 Hell's Highway as Whiteside
movie 1932 Island of Lost Souls as Captain Davies
movie 1932 One Way Passage as Freighter Captain
movie 1932 Rackety Rax as Gilatti
movie 1932 Sherlock Holmes as Tony Ardetti
movie 1932 The Bride's Bereavement; or, The Snake in the Grass
movie 1932 The Kid from Spain as Jose
movie 1932 The Mouthpiece as Mr. Pondapolis
movie 1932 The Painted Woman as Yank
movie 1932 Two Kinds of Women as Harry Glassman
movie 1931 A Holy Terror as Butch Morgan
movie 1931 Cimarron as Lon Yountis
movie 1931 City Streets as Blackie
movie 1931 Cracked Nuts as General Bogardus
movie 1931 Little Caesar as Sam Vettori
movie 1931 Riders of the Purple Sage as Oldring
movie 1931 Skyline as Captain Breen
movie 1931 Trapped as Tony Valisimo
movie 1931 Traveling Husbands as Dan Murphy - House Detective
movie 1931 Way Back Home as Rufe Turner
movie 1930 Captain of the Guard as Hangman
movie 1930 Dangerous Paradise as Steamer Captain
movie 1930 Her Man as Al
movie 1930 Hook Line and Sinker as McKay - Blackwell Henchman
movie 1930 Ladies Love Brutes as Mike Mendino
movie 1930 Mammy as Pig Eyes
movie 1930 Manslaughter as Peters
movie 1930 See America Thirst as Spumoni
movie 1930 Street of Chance as Dorgan
movie 1930 The Border Legion as Hack Gulden
movie 1930 The Lottery Bride as Bartender
movie 1929 New York Nights as Hood

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The ambitious criminal Rico (Edward G. Robinson) moves from the country to the big city in the east and joins Sam Vettori's (Stanley Fields) gang with his fr...

Trex 500 flying over Stanley fields near Wakefield. 'Key cam' 808#11. First effort with this camera, not bad for a £20 spy camera from Hong Kong!

1933 directed by Victor Schertzinger starring Conrad Nagel, Leila Hyams, Tommy Conlon, Claire Windsor and Stanley Fields. The following revue is from the Int.

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