Stanley Jackson

Sir Francis Stanley Jackson, GCSI, GCIE, PC, KStJ (21 November 1870 ? 9 March 1947), known as the Honourable Stanley Jackson during his playing career, was an English cricketer, soldier and Conservative Party politician. ... more on Wikipedia

Stanley Jackson Filmography

movie 1997 No Turning Back
movie 1980 Unemployment: Voices from the Line as Narrator
movie 1979 A Pinto for the Prince
movie 1979 Canada Vignettes: Helen Law
movie 1979 Prairie Album
movie 1978 Child, Part 5: 4 Years - 6 Years as Narrator
movie 1978 Flash William as Himself - Narrator
movie 1978 John Law and the Mississippi Bubble as Narrator
movie 1978 The Forests and Vladimir Krajina as Narrator
movie 1977 Child, Part 4: Kathy and Ian: Three-Year-Olds as Narrator
movie 1977 The Vacant Lot
movie 1977 The 1 CAG Story
movie 1976 Have I Ever Lied to You Before? as Narrator
movie 1976 The Great Clean-up as Narrator
movie 1976 First Steps
movie 1975 Enemy Alien as Narrator
movie 1975 Jack Rabbit as Narrator
movie 1975 Tax: The Outcome of Income
movie 1974 Child, Part 3: Debbie and Robert: 12-24 Months as Narrator
movie 1974 Freshwater World as Narrator
movie 1974 One Man's Garden as Narrator
movie 1974 The Boat That Ian Built
movie 1974 Mr. Symbol Man
movie 1974 The New Alchemists
movie 1973 Child, Part 1: Jamie, Ethan and Marlon: The First Two Months as Narrator
movie 1973 Child, Part 2: Jamie, Ethan and Keir: 2-14 Months as Narrator
movie 1973 Kainai
movie 1972 Here Is Canada
movie 1972 The Sea
movie 1971 The Conquered Dream
movie 1971 Death of a Legend
movie 1971 People of the Seal, Part 1: Eskimo Summer
movie 1971 People of the Seal, Part 2: Eskimo Winter
movie 1970 Introduction to Labrador as Narrator
movie 1970 Tee-Won Short, Episode #1
movie 1970 Tee-Won Short, Episode #2
movie 1970 Tee-Won Short, Episode #3
movie 1970 Of Many People
movie 1969 Aqua Rondo as Narrator
movie 1969 Helicopter Canada as Narrator
movie 1969 Pathways in the Sky as Narrator
movie 1969 The World of One in Five as Narrator
movie 1969 If He Is Devoured, I Win
movie 1968 Foresters
movie 1968 Standing Buffalo
movie 1967 The Transportation of Ore Concentrate as Narrator
movie 1967 After Eve
movie 1967 Charlie's Day
movie 1967 The Indian Speaks
movie 1966 Paddle to the Sea as Commentary
movie 1966 Island Observed
movie 1966 Steeltown
movie 1966 The Forest
movie 1966 The Long Haul Men
movie 1965 War II: Total War as Narrator
movie 1965 Instant French
movie 1965 Legault's Place
movie 1965 Two Men of Montreal
movie 1964 The Hundredth Summer as Narrator
movie 1964 Above the Horizon
movie 1964 Jet Pilot
movie 1964 The Hutterites
movie 1964 The Transition
movie 1964 Trail Ride
movie 1964 Among Fish
movie 1964 Antigonish
movie 1963 Pour la suite du monde as Narrator
movie 1963 Cornet at Night
movie 1963 The Origins of Weather
movie 1962 My Financial Career as Narrator
movie 1962 The Peep Show as Narrator
movie 1961 Circle of the Sun as Commentator
movie 1961 Mathematics at Your Fingertips as Narrator
movie 1961 The Days of Whiskey Gap
movie 1961 University
movie 1961 The Discovery of Insulin
movie 1960 Roughnecks: The Story of Oil Drillers
movie 1960 The Cars in Your Life
movie 1959 The Canadians as Narrator
movie 1959 Emergency Ward
movie 1959 Glenn Gould: Off the Record
movie 1959 Glenn Gould: On the Record
movie 1959 The Back-breaking Leaf
movie 1959 Tourist Go Home
tv series 1958 The Big Game
movie 1958 Stigma
movie 1958 The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
movie 1958 Trans Canada Summer
movie 1958 A Foreign Language
movie 1958 Memory of Summer
movie 1958 The Days Before Christmas
movie 1958 The Quest
movie 1957 Looking Beyond: Story of a Film Council
movie 1957 Profile of a Problem Drinker
movie 1956 Introducing Canada
movie 1955 The Pony
movie 1955 To Serve the Mind as Narrator
movie 1954 One Little Indian
movie 1954 Paul Tomkowicz: Street-railway Switchman
movie 1953 Shyness
movie 1953 The Ballot-o-Maniac
movie 1952 Summer Is for Kids
movie 1950 Feelings of Depression
movie 1948 Who Will Teach Your Child?
movie 1944 The Plots Thicken

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